Friday, December 31, 2010

Gloomynya hari ni..

is it true that when a person is important to'll take each and every word that person said seriously? I need serious advice...sometimes I just felt like walkin away for the sake of not lettin myself go thru all these shits..

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fat post

Fat. I felt so super fat of myself =(

For the past five years I've grown fat. On going in fact. The nevertheless increase of fats in my body just doesn't stop. Look at my face it's getting more and more rounded. *boohooooo* fml

You may notice that most of my pics where my head will usually be in a tilted angle (so that my face'd look thinner wtf) Crystal once ask why is my head senget in most of my pictures in FB lol.

See that? Sorry for the pink tint. Guess it was the reflection of iphone4 flash via the speck's pink phone cover.

I've been telling myself to go on a diet for years now - diet before Chinese new year. Same old story every year which, bull's eye, failed. Again and again I'd lie to myself. CNY is like when? One months' time wtf. Even my waist line have grown, I'd (and am still doing it) buy the same size five years back. Shame on me. So much so for the self deceive method. For the past five years I've grown from 45kg to 50kg now. Holy mofo. Pif.

Someone better not get slimmer or else you'd get it. Forget bout the four or six packs. You know who you are and you know what the consequences will be. *evil laugh*

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Moving on...

Ever wondered if you've really moved on after a break up?

We've all had lovers and ex-lovers. Some are easier to move on from while others will agonize you for years to come. If you have never had a hard time moving on from a lover, then no, your two-week relationship was not oh my god love. Sorry. 

To me, it depends on how the relationship was ended. Example, due to unforseen circumstances which caused the relationship to end reluctantly, for some reason there's regret whereby even when you've moved on, your heart still misses 'the ex', or comes next the forbidden love, whereby you tried moving on by seeing someone else, but when your ex comes back looking for you, there goes the beginning of an affair. Does time frame really matters? I totally do not believe in that. Unless I think that by just sitting around and wait, a magical wake up will come to you and *poof* all of a sudden you have no feelings for your ex. Why the cling? Prolly, you can't find what you wanted or somehow similar traits which your ex had, and your current partner doesn't compliment your wish list. 

There are times when you're dying to know what's on your partner's mind. Does her ex randomly weasel into her mind throughout the day and you wanted to ask her so much. Of course, you could've predicted her answer. So what's wrong with having your ex coming into your thoughts? A song, a tulip, a color or a dog can simply work. Thinking bout your ex doesn't mean that you haven't moved on either. Hope I'm right to say that.

To some, it might be hard for them to move on. Questions after questions - could have, would have, should have. *kicks* An ex-girlfriend was probably an important part of your life. Did you get the keywords there? It's okay if you didn't; I was trying to be subtle. You can't win everyone over, but she can still be an important part of your life. Instead of pondering about the could/would/should have happenings, think instead of what you want and what you can give, and think of what will happen when you find your next significant other. 

Ask youself. Are you okay with your ex dating other guys? Or girls if you were so charming that you turned her into a lesbo. There is a difference, however, between claiming you're okay while clenchin your first and grindin your teeth, and having a small smirk while you continue talking to that long legged hot chick at the bar.

Bare in mind, if you two made such a great team, then she wouldn't be an ex and you wouldn't have to be moving on.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jealousy Kills...

Not only relationships..friendships too. Why said so? I'd experienced it myself. Someone closer than a friend. Closer than you can imagine.

Imagine someone having everything that you could ever want. A pretty face, in perfect health. Loadsa cash and friends. Drives a luxurious vehicle. Dines in the finest restaurants. Travels frequently to some of the most breath-taking exotic locations.  Nothing is out of their price range. Seemingly happy. Would you be jealous of this person? Most of you guys would say YES without hesitatin'.

Define jealousy.

IMHO, it's much more than just wantin what someone else has. It includes anger, hate and a lil passion of negativity in there. You long to have that they own and tend to feel angry when you do not have the same. They have something else instead of you. A lil too intense on this you'll be led to being called an attention whore. Isn't it? Ask yourself.Being jealous affirms that you are without and that there is no room for you to have. Don’t believe me? Then why do you think it is so difficult for people to admit to being jealous? Can you? It is because of the fact that being jealous shows that they do not believe that they could ever have the same. Worse, admitting being jealous is admitting they could never have the same. Jealousy is a double-edged blade. It is so toxic that it not only kills the object of its hate but also the heart of the person who is doing the hating. When you are jealous of someone else, your heart is damaged as much as the person of whom you are jealous.The worst thing which jealousy may lead you to be in a state of ungratefulness. Devaluing the things you own, and the people who loves you. Open your eyes wide and look around. Observe those who are true to you and those who aren't. Once you start to devalue things you run the risk of them slipping away.

Why do you have to be jealous? 

On relationship wise, hoomans tend to be dramatic with their own life at times. They search high and low for that special person that they want to spend their lifes with, then once found, that's when the drama begins. Doing silly things to push them away. (Whoa, this sound seriously familiar.) Any great relationship is built on trust, and not giving your significant other the trust will eventually turn it into a burden. Agree? If you don’t trust the person that you’re with, then hopefully you have a good reason for it. But if that’s the case, then why are you still with them?  

Or maybe the issue is that while you trust your partner, but you don’t trust the people he’s around with. Wild drinking buddies for example? Or his friends may put him in situations where he’s more likely to do somethin? Even worse, he’s still close friends with one of his exes and you know she still has feelings for him. These are common fears, and the best way to get passed them is to talk (not debate) about them. Let them know your concerns and how it makes you feel, and hopefully they will be understanding and ensure you that it’s not a big deal. The next time they get in that situation, they’ll know how you feel about it and be less likely to let anything happen. Easier said than done.

Personally, I think that when someone has cheated (or being cheated) in a relationship there’s really no way to totally get over it. Be it in the current or past relationships. If a person has the damn guts to cheat, the history might repeat itself again. It’s really one of the hardest things. Can you ever go back to completely trusting someone when you’ve already been there and had it happen again? If you’re in a relationship where there has been a history of cheating, I would suggest that you think REAL hard about what you expect to gain out of the relationship. If you decide to stay, you need to understand that you’re going to have to let go of a lot of angry feelings and try to be trusting again. Controlling their actions won’t work in the long-run, so you’d have to be able to let go of the past in order to make it work. For some people (like me) that’s not possible. Proceed with caution? How long can you bare with this? It's so stressful that you've to be worry at all times, fearing that your partner will cheat on you.

Think, think and think again. Having a jealous significant other completely destroys relationships. After a while it just becomes a big point of contention, and a lot of times it can actually cause promiscuous behavior where none existed before. This is the whole “if she keeps thinking I’m cheating then I might as well cheat anyway” routine. Believe it or not, it does happen. The more you worry, the most likely that it's going to happen. Bottomline is, doesn't matter if this happens within a friendship or a relationship, make sure you are solid in your feelings for each other and can have open communication about how things make you feel. Being open and honest with each other is another pillar of a strong friend/relationship, and can help both of you overcome your issues by working on them together.


Nippy Noodle Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama (Non-Halal)

Venue : Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park. (Opposite k3k)

Wanton noodle lover should give this a this case it's called "Dan Dan meen"

Since young I don't fancy wanton noodles that much. But this is good.

The menu.

Fugly chicken feet but nice wtf

My fav Siew yuk Dan Dan noodles :P


Handsome coffee xD lookin like a skunk? Where's Pepe? Lol

Guess how many have I collected? XD

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Coincidence or what?

I was on What's App with Henry aka. Thomas telling him bout what I dreamt of last night.

So here's the story,

He owns a BB and I, an iPhone4. I was telling him that I got myself a new BB in my dreams and I wanted to show him.

His response was ".............. Creepy"

I was like, "wtf? You had the same dream too?"

Henry : I had an iPhone 4.

And he too had this dream last night. Wtf omg.

Is this creepy or what? Hahaha!! And he asked me not to blog bout this. But unintentionally...I did :P

Assam Fish House @ Sri Petaling's Carefour

Venue : 1st Floor, Opposite a dentist and surrounded by few foot reflexology centers. The signage is green in color.

Famous for the Assam fish. The meat is very fresh (at times the quality may downgrade :P) and it'll definitely increase your appetite for second helping of rice. lol.

This is what they called "fu yu yau mak". Though there's menu but some servings isn't available on it. A bit salty but you guys should try their stir fried choi sum with wine. Crazily fresh choi sum ever!!

This is my favorite. Used to be "chicken and lala soup in claypot". Now, they no longer have lala. This is not available on the menu itself. You gotta ask the boss (as the staff there are Indonesians and they aren't sure) or the chef there.

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Ipoh Trip xD

Venue : Dungku Theng @ Ipoh Garden, next to Wolley hawker centre. (opens at night till around 12am)

I don't know what's this place called in English lol

This place is famous for it's superbly yummylicious dry curry mee. Have a try, no regrets.

Oyster Sauce Crab. Been months since I ate crab. Still prefer steamed ones though.

Apart from dried curry mee, the claypot chicken rice isn't bad either. There's also hokkien mee (in Ipoh we calls it tai look meen)


Venue : Restaurant Yat Yat Seng
(located nearby woolley hawker centre too)

This trip seemed to be more like curry mee hunting trip. I personally don't really fancy curry myself. There's another place where I ate, Ipoh Garden East's hawker stall, but I can only give a rating of 2/10 for that. And never bothered to snap photo of that. So the next morning I wanted to much to go to YYS to makan their famous curry mee.

This is a place for the early birds to catch worms. And you have to be there early to grab a place as it will be packed with hoomans!

The curry mee here is nice. We waited for about 20 minutes to half an hour for the servings. The same stall sells chicken rice, char Siew/Siew yuk rice and kuey teow soup (if I'm not mistaken, it might be slices chicken noodle.

Back at home, I had the best tong yuen ever - home made by my granny <3

*yum yum*


Venue : Strawberry Moments @ De Garden, Ipoh

We had huge amount of food @ Wong Kok before headin to this place. I'm growin fatter each and every hour wtf

Strawberry strudel - love and hate the whipped cream lol

Mango Fever - super sour berries >.<

Strawberry with ice cream? Lol I seriously don't remember the name for this.

Melt in yer mouth - is the name. Comes with ice cream and marshmallows.

My fav among all as it wasn't that sour - pure, fresh strawberry juice

Nice catching up with you guys and it was kinda fun xD

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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Nobody is perfect. Yes. Even my English is so bad IMO that I can't put up a proper post in my blog.

When you love a person, he or she will be perfect to you. But what does it mean when he or she wants you to do somethin' which you normally don't just to impress ownself? Somethin' went wrong?

A girl doesn't need her boo to say she's beautiful, pretty or hot to proof that he loves him. You just need to tell her that you loved her, by actions. Words are cheap, yes. Remember by hard, that whatever you tell a girl, they remember. Not by hard. Just automatically stamped in their mind. On controversy, guys just like saying us, females are troublesome, us are a hassle and so hard to please. That's because you don't know what we want. Guys just love doing things their own way. The way they think that'd make himself happy, it will work the same way to the girlfriend as well. Or. Using the same old way when he was with his old love. Heck.

We ain't blind. We can feel whether it's sincere or when a guy just doesn't feel like doing something. That's called rejection. If there's no so-called-barrier between a couple, why is there silent rejection? It's not first word which presents how a person feels. It's through their first reaction. Nuff said.

It's 2am and I gotta wake up in 3 hours time to fetch my cuzzy from bus station. Yeah, am back in Ipoh for "dong jit". Makan makan tong yuen :P

Gotta catch some sleep! Nights peeps!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nightout with Hou Yeah Pte. Ltd.

Many have been wondering what is hou yeah pte. ltd. We are a bunch of OPPs (occasional party people) from HSBC (HDPM). Happening people from this place <3 Glad to have caught up with you guys. You guys were awesome. (and I bloody well notice that I can't find humans like these people in the co I'm working at HAHAAAAA)

The lads =)

Henry lim the pig! You still owe me your picture.

Bee's furst clubbin' hangout with me. And also his first time meetin the OPP family.


Many had been poppin' up similar question once they see my FB profile pictar.

"Who's Johnson? Your new boo?"

Yeap. *screams to the entire Thanks for all the fabulous positive and negative comments and suggestions - I know you guys cared for me and didn't want me to take the wrong path. I love you guys (especially those who were there to witness what happened).. =)

Go for someone who's not only proud to have you, but would take any risk just to be with you

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lam Mee @ Lameeya

Venue : Empire Shopping Gallery

The accompanied sauce for this is exactly the same as Penang's typical loh mee. My fav <3

Chee Cheong Fun.

Cucumber and bittergourd juice. They serve fresh juices here which vary from watermelon, to orange and this.

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

18 and above only please

I can be blunt and curse you like no other business. if it's not because you're someone who's fuckin' dear to me, it would have been messy. There wont be patience and there wont be forgiveness. it doesn't mean you may act dumb. If you don't fuckin' like what you're dealin' with now you may leave. Don't fuckin' mess up my life with your shits! I've had enough of it. You just don't know what I'm dealin with every single day. And if you're so fuckin egoistic then don't talk cock like you're freakin' proud and you don't mind lettin' the whole world know what you're up to. Fuckin' think before you speak dumbass! Freakin' think of your own fucked up attitude first before pin-pointin' on others. You're not a three year old for god's sake. Get yourself a life. A normal one!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Chilli Pan Mee, USJ 9

Venue : USJ 9, Subang Jaya

Pan mee is served dry. Not sure if they have soup ones.

The chilli they serve is similar to the famous chilli pan mee at Chow Kit Road.

This is definitely recommended to those who love spicy food. xD Parking availability wise is a lil difficult during peak hours tho.

But still I prefer Kung Fu pan mee.

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Miki Tutu post

When comes to believin', d'yall trust instinct or yer own heart?

Stan said my posts are filled with emotional anger lol. If it isn't anger then it's all about food or dogs. Why don't I have happy posts? Guess it's a norm for me to expose my anger on the net. Other than that of course i do talk to friends mostly via What's app tho.

So for this post, imma talk bout food. Fattening food I've been introduced to for the past weeks. Thanks to Johnson Kok @ Uncle Kwan. We both love food as much as we love our furkids. Wtf. How can I go on diet like this? Kill me plx.

Venue : Oh Sushi @ Mid Valley

This is an ebikko cawanmushi.

Fishy smell but it wasn't that bad. I only took on picture cos due to past experience at this restaurant, the food ain't that good. For Japanese cuisine franchise, I'd still prefer Sushi Zanmai. And the chuka hotate here is sweet. I'd prefer it to be a lil spicy.


Venue : Jing Xuan HK Dim Sum @ Kuchai Lama (same row with BRJ)

My fav dim sum here would be the "Lao sa bao"

Looks normal from the outside and they have a name for this which i didn't take note.

It's served hot and with just one bite, you can feel the ingredient flowing out. Yummy yum.


Venue : Restaurant Ah Hwa @ Jalan 222, PJ

This place is famous for it's charcoal fried hokkien mee.

Yummy lard. Mum, once in a blue moon is okay yeah.

Hokkien Mee.

Loh Mee.

Remember to request for fried garlic to accompany with the chilli. Superb.

Fried lala @ RM18.


Venue : Restaurant Hup Soon @ PJ

This place is famous for Grilled Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce.

Medium rare steak.

The mushroom soup was good which comes together garlic buttered bread.

Okay. Done for the day. I just hate composing a too-long-blog.

Time to shower.

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Monday, December 06, 2010


Got my new phone *grins* on the spot as they have stock at Sungai Wang's Digi Center. Am so broke this month but the camera was undeniably better than my old iPhone 3G.

Pictar taken by iPhone 3G

By iPhone 4..

See the difference? And the happiest thing would be that I won't be facing problems in playing certain games and apps and also with Cydia. But that's due to lack of effort to update tho :P

And btw before I upgraded me old phone got invaded by Ikee.

See that? Pictar of Mr. Rick appears as wallpaper and it says something like "ikee is never gonna give up.." wtf

Apart from this, my new baby..

Mmmmmm...just love the smell of new vehicle. Haven't thought of a name for her tho. :P

And lastly i proudly present the cutest bear with the softest fur on

AJ (the pink one) was bought from La Senza. Little did i kbow that they launch a new teddy every year xD

Jee would be the one on the right.

Back to the main point..

Everyone's been searchin' high and low for me. Askin me to go Yumcha this and that but I just couldn't respond to them. Why? Things happened too fast and I'm so confused. Time to come clean.

Yes. Tong and I broke up. For like a month ago. Five years and and 3 months' relationship. Gone. It was difficult for us. For me, till today I don't feel good. I'm worried. But I guess it's for the better. I'll explain when I see you guys. Those whom I did spoke to previously kinda know roughly what happened. Thanks for being there to listen and going me advice and all. Appreciate the support. I guess it's time to move on...

That's all I've got to say. Relationship is something between two person. Enough said.

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