Thursday, August 23, 2007

I felt like I am learning nothing. I felt so frust lately due to insufficient sleep makes me so grumpy. Fuck the world and fuck everyone! I'm not spider as I do not have 8 legs or hands to do things! People just won't admit they say the wrong thing! Okay I'm deaf then. Mind you and Santhi please stop laughing and call me spidey. LOL!! Do you know how it felt like not having a car to drive to work and you have to wake up earlier than usual every morning just not being able to catch the stupid fucking bus and u have to get slaughtered by the taxi drivers there? I FEEL like screaming. I'm goin to chill out @ Rainforest. Screw the world!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Onn Kee Taugeh Ayam =P We prefered this over Lou Wong. Tho some says Lou Wong tasted nicer. The soup was too sweet -.-

Chicken for 5 seats please. First thing I'd do, snatch all the cucumbers =P

One of my fav!

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun.

The next day, on the bus. Sitting the last row, man, it was so bumpy that I couldn't take a nice nap. Tsk!

Bye bab :(

After reaching, we head off to Petaling Street to eat Claypot Lou Shue Fun. Forgot the shop name tho. But it's a famous one.

This plate of 'or or' thing is Fried Siu Yuk. Whoa it's nice but very oily. They fried it with garlic.

Lastly, we top up another plate of Hokkien Mee (Fook Kin Min). That's what they call in KL la. In Penang Hokkien Mee is totally a different thing -.-

At night, my Boo said he wanted to go limteh. Oklo so we went to the Mamak nearest to our condo. We had satay. Kambing was yummy.

And Teh O Ais dua =) The next day? I had a terrible sorethroat. And flu is on the way. Gosh. One thing, I still havent got my DS. Diu!
After dinner, we head off to Old Town Kopitiam. To my surprised they added tables out on the alley with cars blocking the entrance. -.-

Say Cheese!

First thing upon reaching, I headed to the ladies. Can't tahan man. My boo looked fascinated by this thing. He stood there for some time investigating it. Lame!

Trying to take a pic of the alley

-.- Long hands =P Argh so bored. Everyone is at ER. Lol Teddy is at TZ2 but I couldn't go. ARGH! Kelvin's working. I'm saving it for Merdeka =P Can't wait man. Jill and Mayble joined us later. They said they're hungry so we headed off to our next location. Banana looks drunk! Haha. Couldn't walk straight man.

MEeko's so chubby from the back. KEke. Big Butt!
Went for dinner with family @ Tong Hoy Restaurant last Saturday night. I suggested Mar Poh Restaurant but Fatty said Dad wouldn't fancy that place. See what daddy said in the end? Kakakaka!

Upon reaching, I thought there was a wedding dinner going on, but it was a Full Moon Dinner. The chairs were decorated with pink skirtings. Neat but dirty!

Waiting for the right person to come and take our order.

Everyone playing with their phone. Even my dad was talking about handphones. LOL

My granny, with my lil evil cousin. Yes! She's the one lah! Who tortured by dog. Germaine hates her to death! The other day she poke Germaine with her toy till she yelled! I asked the girl what happened. She lied and said Germaine bit her. WTF! She's only four years old. Freakin kid with abusive behavior! I seriously hate her man. She pretend to be nice to my dog in front of me stroking her and all. But when I'm back to KL, she'd step on Meeko, pull Germaine's hair, feed Meeko with food and all.

Nothing to do. Camwhore lo!

Napkin which I hate the most. The smell -.- How can you use dat.

Finally, after waiting for 30 minutes the food arrives. This is called 'Dao Miu' in Cantonese. Not sure what's it called in English tho. Care to tell, anyone?

Sesame Chicken, with strips of cucumber on top. My fav vege =P~

Snow Fish...smoothyner =P

Claypot Taufoo. Yummy. We ordered another dish, Buttered Ming Prawn but after waiting for like 30 minutes it didn't arrive. Everyone had finished their food man. I even had second helping. So my dad scolded them and cancelled the dish. Haha! Thought can get to eat prawns. But my granny cooked Asam Prawns for us the next day. Yummy yum!
Upon reaching Ipoh, ignoring my luggages, I dashed thru the gate. I've been waiting to see Meeko for ages! When I entered the house, eeeekk, she grew so FAT!!!!!!! But so cute, wagging her tail walking around playing with Germaine, trying to bite her head off, etc etc etc. She's such a dearie. This doesn't mean I dun love Germaine anymore =P

Daddy hugging the two monkeys, always trying to bite each other. -.-

After shower, on the washing machine. CUTEEEE!!

Fluffy baby =P

Bang! Play dead =) Mummy, rub my tummy please.

Sitting on the bed, getting ready to sleep. First time sleeping with us. LOL Hmm I missed both of em so much now that they're back in Ipoh. Wait till I get a house then I can transfer both of em here. Oh ya, yester I went to Nicole Wong's house (I have to emphasize on the Wong because there's so many Nicoles)and her Cocker Spaniel is so cuteeeeee! Too bad she was too active to let me take her pic. My phone was outta battery as well.
It felt good to be back in Ipoh. On Saturday afternoon while waiting for time to pass, we hang out at Friends Cafe. They've renovated the place. When? I don't know cause I seldom hang out there. I'm more to Old Town. Haha!

See the mirror with the wordings? They have ppl singing there at night. Some are quite good.

Neat wallpaper.

They painted this one. But doesn't really suit to be painted at this part of the entrance. =P

Table arrangements were nicer than previous

There's sofa section behind.

Camwhore meself!

Hmm there were nice desserts placed inside the mirrored case but due to my mobile camera's quality..can't even see a thing. Bummer!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sales everywhere! But am too broke to shop. Anyway decided to get a toy for Meeko, her very own first one - Kong toy!~

20% Discount

Back home, the big sister dominates it haha

Sleeping on my hairband -.-

Monday, August 13, 2007

11th August - My cousin, Nicole's birthday. We went to my boo's house for dinner. His mum purposely cooked for her eh. The food was so nice. The soup was specially tasty. Abalone + Dried Scallop + Chicken = Superb! After the cake cutting ceremony we head down town. Btw, the mango cake wa super yummy. I wonder where my bro bought it. Had a blast @ La Queen. Not forgetting the crowd, fully packed with guys (well duh, it's a P club). There were a bunch of guys who went half naked on stage showing off their bods. Some fat guys even dare to take off theirs . Gross! Boy, they sure can do the Shakira moves man. *drooling* To my straight male friends, they were kinda freaked out by the scene. Haha! Sorry guys. This will be the first and last time there man. I guess that's normal. There weren't any gals to check out at all. For me, I don't really mind about the guys part, as long as I enjoyed myself.

Talking bout friends or so called buddies, which I have a few in particular which I often hang out with. I have wanted to blog about this for a long time but forgetful. There are some people who takes things for granted treating friends like tools or equipment. Use it when they like. Else, dump it aside ignoring. Seems that you're out with us, seems like we're humiliating you. Are we that mempersiasuikan? If yes, go on and look for high class people to hang out with. Haha! Some even pull long faces, sitting aside not even smiling and all. Man, what is so wrong with you? Why not go home and get some sleep?

P/S : Photos will be post later on. Due to heavy workload in the office =P
I had diarrhoea on Saturday morning. Tummy was friggin pain. I poo-ed like 10 times that day? It was the stupid Nasi Kandar I ate @ Darussalam the day before. Yes, the one in SS15 -.- The curry must've been infested with flies and all. My brother and tong lao sai-ed twice the same day. That proofs everything. I wasn't able to attend my colleague's wedding dinner. This is the 2nd one I missed. Paiseh. On that day, I can't manage to even go down and tapao nasi. So I ate Honey Star with chilled milk and hot N creamy mushroom soup. It was a dreadful day I can say. Stayed at home and catched a few animation. Totoro, Graveyard of Dragon Flies, etc etc. That night, went to my boo's place for dinner to celeb my cousin's birthday. After makan, my tummy wasn't feeling well again. Tsk! Damn the curry! Don't ever eat the rendang ayam nasi kandar there =P

P/S : Why can't I enter the title?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Revolution 4 DS *smirks*

No words could express my feeling when I found R4 is still available. Thank gawd halelujeh! Amitofo! =P Got it from LYN for 200 bucks. I'm left with 100 bucks this month. Hahaha!

Nice box - Made in China

With 1GB MicroSD

Hehehe *excited*

Weee~ The seller actually planned to send it to me personally @ Sunway but since I went to SS2's Pasar Malam yesterday night (I didn't get to eat the yummy laksa! Hmpf) so I told him I'd go over to his place to get it. Putra Condo. Santhi, that's where you stay lolx!

Upon reaching Ridzuan, there's this mad taxi parking outside the guardhouse with flags sticking on it - front, top, back. *sweats* I wonder how he's gonna drive. See those large flags? Talking about Merdeka's spirit.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Blues

I hate Mondays!! Looking out at the window, it's raining. Sigh..wish I couldnt go home and sleep. Hmm What did I take for lunch today?

Fried Bihun

Butter Cake my fav =P

I had the house for myself whole day yesterday. After cleaning the house, it's time to shower my baby. She's been going chaos lately, whenever I'm not at home she'll just pee and poo anywhere! In the kitchen la, out from the newspaper compartment la! Dam this dog! I've been wiping like a maid and getting complaints from neighbours. I even told her "Baby, be good lah..ppl complain u got smell jor lah u still dunno anything. Only know how to play!" My boo laughed at me and said "As if she know how to listen bah" Sigh I hope she does.

Look at her shampoo, 2 shampoo, 1 conditioner and lanolin oil. The total is even more expensive than lah! I don't even have so much stuff for my hair!

Hair dryer and towel. Need to prepare 2 or more. U'll know why later.

Comb comb first. Comb out the matted fur.

Hmm camera pixel too low dat's why couldn't see the fur clearly.

Hot water boiler..I had to boil 3 times which is equivalent to 3 pails of water. LOL

Getting ready. Standing very still on the bathroom's floor.

Wet the body first. Head comes last.

After applying shampoo on body then wet the head and do it slowly. I suck in this part cause normally my boo does it. Now he isn't home, so I have to do it myself. Darn!

After shower, she'll run out and head to the sofa to twist and coil trying to dry herself up. Luckily I put 2 towels on the sofa for her. Now you know why.

Look at her fur..oh gawd -.-

After combing, she felt so tired dat her eyes nearly closed sitting on the chair.

Pretty or not? =) *muax* Love my baby

After 1 minute -.- Grrr she did dat for like 10 times. I have to recomb and recomb.

HeHehe =)