Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My love...

This is a mongrel named Sakai I met at Pet World Exhibition @ MidValley. It's sad. Humans tried to kill him, chopped off one of his leg but he managed to escaped. Apparently he's in good hands now.
More pictures to come but malas to upload from Nikki. *sigh*

A very cute hotot from Oxbow =) love the mascara effect on the eyes lol

Very very cute chinchilla...

<3 cuteeeeeeeeeee!!

*to be continued...*

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Monday, June 28, 2010

I don't know why...

I don't know why humans made up stories telling the world they own stuffs but in fact they don't? What's with the kiasuism?
I don't know why I'm so stressed out that I've had nightmares of being late to work on my off days? Do you guys have to monitor us like a kindergarden kid?
I don't know why I've to handle stuffs which I know nothing of and getting myself pushed by people who knows nothing too?
I don't know why I gets heart broken and cry when I read stories of animals dying, being abused and abandoned babies. I don't watch videos under these categories.
I don't know why I can't blog like a normal blogger and I'm not spontaneous enough to express my thoughts. I read bout a death post and I've exactly the same thought after my daddy's sudden death but I can blog nothing out of it.
I don't know why the timing is so not right. Why did you came back into my life after all the pain I've been through. I missed you but it's forbidden. I don't wanna to mess my life up.
I don't know why I get impatient at the slightest thing. Please don't bug me with stupid questions.

Full stop.

I've too many don't know whys. I hate complications and I hate to think and think and think and get nothing out of it.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

<3 </3 <3 </3

I love you and I still do I love you now
Be sure I know you used to love me more
It is just in a different way if I may
But now as a friend,
你一定会 流泪 在我的照片 前面
and I'd do the same
now coz I watch you man
coz you have always be like my family to me
但是你身边仍没有 几多人知
流过的泪 说过的话 仍在我心中
不后退 我会微笑 带礼貌 地欣然面对。。。。。

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Steven's Corner @ OUG

Goodness gracious I was awakened by serious stomachache today. Must be the food I took yesterday. Ate too much :P

Idk what to eat. Wanted to order their famous chicken chop but it's large. If I can't finish the food, kenalah lecture later. When in hungry I just tend to order alot of food. And yes I was awfully hungry yesterday. I settled down with 5 chicken and 5 lamb satay. And cheese naan. <3

The satay was okay. The lamb satay had alot of fat - which I love but not tender enough. Prolly overcooked.

Cheese naan filled with garlic. Yum yum. I personally love the cheesy naan here cause it's not dried up and flat like how other mamak serves this dish. However, I believe this is not the best one.

Look at the mozarella cheese =) it was heaven.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ah Loy Curry Mee

I was browsing thru food blogs out of boredom yester and I found that nearby my place, there are nice food that I ain't aware of *grins*

Locate at OUG - Oversea Union Garden. This shop opens from 12PM - 11PM. They serve diff food at during diff hour of the day. I'm very keen on tryin their curry mee as introduced by many. Famous for it's thick broth, siham (quite alot), pork skin (my fav omg), taufu pok, and you can choose from chicken, seafood, pork ribs or seafood. As for me I went for the original one - chicken =)

Pricing : RM4.50 for small; RM5 for big.

Yummay~ I had two big pieces haha. Nyom nyom nyom.

Other than curry mee they serve Asam Laksa, Tom Yum Seafood Noodle, and rice as well. Worth a try to those who love curry. I'm not someone who is into curry mee except for Penang ones and also Ipoh's dry curry mee. But this is good. Worth a try.

One setback bout this place is there's limited parking space, and narrow road. My driving skill is bad mad. Do not go to this area especially on Thursday night - the night market is there and you'd have a hard time breaking free frm the area.

Oh btw, it's nearby to Steven's corner. Turn to the right just after BP petrol station. BP should be on ur right hand side at all times.

Good luck and have fun exploring!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pointless post

Let's see if this post fails me. If you notice, I mostly use Blogger for Iphone to post. Setback of this app is that it will crash whenever I input too much "essay" and images. Wtf.

Movies lately shown in cinema were awesome. POP, Killers, Karate Kid and A-Team. In order to avoid long queues, I'd rather book ticket online, spend a lil more to get a comfortable seat *grins* of course for movie which is worth the money.

This is a pointless post. Just to test in the app to see if it will crash...again today. Was talking to Crystal about it. Haha. Talking bout kiasuism. I'm bored. *urgh* having to work on a Saturday. I'm not complaining. It's nice cause it's peaceful =) but the gloomy weather makes me want to sleep more...

Crystal, if you can see how dirty my SPG cover is now? Lol I love the cover but it gets dirty damn easily. Show me yours.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

We called it lat kai

Venue : Chicken Hot Pot, Kuchai Lama

Lat Kai, which is in Cantonese, means spicy chicken. Introduced by Melissa and we didn't know what it's actual name was. She said the chicken is so spicy that when you BO you can feel the spicyness at you know where wtf? Lol

Located at the same row as K3K, opposite DoGroom, grooming shop where I send my dog to.

Mini stove placed ready on each table.

This is the medium sized claypot. It's filled half-ly with onions, a lil celery and slices of carrot as seen in pictar. Don't expect chicken to be in big chunks tho.

You may choose from fish, chicken, pork and prawn. You may add your own vege as well (On first thought I assumed this was a steamboat. With rice) but it's on self service basis. You gotta walk yourself to the fridge and grab your own choice of vege.

I was thinking how the heck do we chuck the vege into the pot since it's so filled up? Found out that we may request for extra add on soup - spicy or non.

One thing I dislike about this shop is the service. The Indonesians are damn cocky toward females and try show you cocky face when you don't choke your order out as they approach your table. But towards guys they're damn miang wtf.

Pricing? Can't really remember. Rm18? For a small pot I think. I wanted to post this like a month ago but this iphone's blogger app cannot support when a post is burdened with images. Bummer!

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Before you continue, this is a disturbing post filled with words of anger. *strictly not for below 13 lol?*

I'm freakin furious. Was and am still. When I saw a post by Jason in FB. It was a inhumane act - hacking off the limbs of a poor dog, being tortured not for days but weeks. Imagine the pain. Call me paranoid , and over reacting. To the mother effer who did this (and all the similar monstreous act as such) may you burnt in hell and get hacked back in return. It was heart breaking by looking at the photo of the poor dog itself. Her name was Mina. Idk at which country this was but I guess every country does have animal abusers exists. Fcuk you all. Don't fcuking blame on the dogs or cats or any other animals when they over populate. It was the irresponsible act by us humans that have causes these to happening. Heard they're poisoning dogs in Bali and remember Pulau Ketam case? Even my grandmother who's over 80 years old send stray cats to the vet to be neutered/spayed. Shame to all you monsters out there. You can suck your own dick and call you mum a whore. Seeing and looking at the pictures can be heartbreaking. I can't control tears from fallin. I can't go SPCA. I pray that all the poor creatures that have been tortured, dead or not, may you RIP and be strong.

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