Monday, October 29, 2007


After clubbin session -.- I could barely walked that I have to take off my shoes and walked all the way to mamak. HAHAHA! Walked passed Rum Jungle, Beach Club and all.
*~ Happy Bithday Kelvin ~*

It's weird. Was it me or there's something wrong with my browser? How come there's no more bar for the title of each post? Lame! Win XP or Vista..the same thing happened. Heck! Mayble coming to look for me for lunch I have to blog AFAP -.-

So, Kelvin and Jeff came down to KL to celeb his birthday last two weeks I guess. They stayed over at my place. Chaos!

Went to GASOLINE @ Sg Wang for lunch. Playing mah DS while waiting for the food to come

They kept serving us with the wrong FOOD! We waited for an hour man. We started crapping, taking stupid 'HANTU' photos, and teasing ppl esp Keeko =P

Finally when the food arrived, we gobbled down like hungry wolves. Mine came last and it was so salty. -.- No more next time. After that Teddy, and Kelv went shopping for clothes, while Keeko and I went to hunt for his bday present @ Pavilion.

We managed to hop into HD to get ourself an ice cream on the way. Yummy!

TaaaaDaaaa. Nothing grand bout this place anyway.

We got him THIS! Walking while taking this photo.

TaaaDaaa =D I love this. LOL

It's from TOUGH. Rugged eh?

That night we went to Poppy Garden. Swt there were so many merry-go-rounds there. They kept coming near to our table and I managed to pushed one away without even looking at her. Hell cares.

Newly bought heels which made me nearly faint that day. I was so in pain that I can barely walked!
* Happy Mid Autumn Festival *

I'm bored with the 'It's been a long time since I blogged, bla bla bla' I'm just gonna cut things short. U'll see more snapshots than essay writing I guess.

Dax with his babes

Frank aka Captain

Lanterns on the tree

Trying to burn something >.<

My cousins =)

It was quite windy that day. Kinda tired of lighting the candles again and again. Lotsa ppl could be seen on that day. Some even sing song aloud and played AEIOU -.-" sohem!