Wednesday, November 16, 2011

best birthday gift

say hellooooo! to our first and new baby, kimi shiro (pronounced as shee-ro-ee). why we name her that is because - kimi stands for "she who is without equal" and shiro basically means "white". i'm quite keen on "shiro" but i knew a handsome white male schnauzer who already has that name. there were several options that came across our mind tho. we actually settled with "pepe" at first - sempena the name of liverpool's goalkeeper Pepe Reina. wtf. lol yes i know. i've always wanted a westie - my dream dog and have practically told myself that i'll name the dog Jasper when i got one. boohoo! too bad this cute lil one is a she. i've always prefer a she because male dogs risks the chances of lifting their leg when they pee. then came along the name Bella (no, definitely not from Twillight), which everyone says is so normal. so there.

oh here's a part i missed out. she's an early birthday gift from bee. tee hee hee. happy happy. we bought her over via winnie lim from i'm in lurve with her westie, Yumi who barks like a lady (so gentle) and tremendously friendly - she had 4 pups and we took the one with the longest ear. hope she doesn't look like a jacks later on. :P *fingers crossed*

how can u resist? :P

currently on a strict military training to make sure she turns into a guai guai lui. <3 that's all for now. heavy downpour. :P