Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged on Seven Things

I've been tacked by Juin on 7 things. Hmm don't be jealous. I'd let you take care of Met the next round okay? LOL At least he can bark whenever he liked :P

[Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now]

- Sleepy eventhough I've been sleeping for like 15 hours yesterday
- Impatient for waiting neow back from his lunch time
- Stressed coz seeking for a new job
- Smelly coz I haven't shower myself
- Excited about the PC.Com event
- Empty, because I'm broke!!!
- Excited, coz I'm getting a Jersey Woolley Bunny next week! (Adoption)

[Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now]

1. When will Neow be back?
2. What am I gonna wear for the event?
3. Will Germaine's skin go back to normal?
4. I hate COUGH!!
5. But I love FLU
6. Will I do well in the interview tomorrow?
7. Should I cut my hair?

[Seven Things I'm Worrying About]

- Hey, what's the difference with the above? TSK!
- How will my future life be?
- When will I own my own NDSL?
- Will I be able to answer interview questions well tomorrow?
- Will I sneeze in front of the interviewer?
- Who's gonna do this TAG if I tag em?
- Hmmm I hope somebody will!

[Seven Things I'm Happy About]

1. PC.Com Event
2. My new Mobile =)
3. The Interview Tomorrow
4. Getting a new Bunny!
5. My new clothes
6. My Silky Terrier!
7. My life?

[Seven People I Treasure]

- Mum and Dad and Grandma (Ipoh and Kedah)
- My Boo
- Clubbin Kakis - Ted, Kelv, etc.
- My Online Kakis - Neow, Brandon, etc Those were the days.
- Dog, dogs and more dogs
- Rabbits!
- Sugar Gliders? :P

[Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With]

1. My body
2. My Boo
3. Germaine
4. My Mobile
5. My keys
6. My Wallet
7. My Esprit Bag

[Seven Things I Want to Improve]

1. My height - Impossible at this age :P
2. My hair
3. My eyes
4. My weight
5. The number of pets I own
6. My Cash Flow
7. Driving SKill :P

[Seven Things I'm Strong In]

1. Procastinating
2. Eat!
3. Sleep!
4. Day Dreaming
5. Spending money
6. Keep quiet
7. Clubbin :P HAHA!

[Seven Things I'm Weak In]

1. Not determined enough :P
2. Working
3. To Be Hardworking
4. Wiping Germaine's pee and poo
5. Doing housework
6. To make Comet quiet :P
7. WTH? This is just the opposite of the above!

[Seven Things I Adore Eating]

- Ice Cream
- Hot Stuffs e.g TomYam, Laksa, Ikan Bakar, etc
- Pork Porridge
- Pan Mee
- Loh Mee
- Mihun Bandung!

[Seven Things I Adore Drinking]

- Liquor!
- Root Beer
- Tequila Sunrise
- Mickey Mouse
- Pussy Foot
- Honey Dew with Milk
- Iced Honey

[Seven Things I Detest]

1. Lizards!~
2. Lalas!
3. People who rubbed their leg or toes when Yum Cha-ing EWwwwwwwwwww
4. People who doesn't like to SMS :P
5. Biatches
6. Pretenders!
7. Two headed snakes

[Seven Things I Cannot Live Without]

1. Money
2. Dogs
3. Mobile
4. Internet Connection
5. My Boo
6. My Friends
7. MY Family

[Seven Things I Fear to Show]

1. MY Empty Wallet
2. There's nothing I think?
3. My old N8250
4. My hair
5. My nose
6. My mata sepet!
7. My yellowish teeth

[Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About]

1. MY job
2. Who I hated
3. Who I liked
4. Stories on ppl who treated dogs like sh*ts!
5. If you hate me, don't tell me.
6. I look magnificent?
7. MY ex boyfriends

[Seven Things I Will Want to Do]

1. Open my own petshop
2. Own a Grooming Cert!
3. Save all the animals in this world!
4. Love all the guys I liked before :P
5. Own a house with a big garden
6. OWn my favourite dogs!
7. NDSL and Nintendo Wii and N95

[Seven Things I Will Never Play Around When/With]

1. Garlics..All the time
2. Matches..Not much at home
3. Ipod..Lazy
4. People's Feeling
5. ICQ!!!
6. Skype
7. Argh! I don;t know

[Seven Things I Wonder About]

1. Will he attend the event?
2. When will I get a job I like?
3. When can I open a petshop of my own?
4. When can I own more than 1 dog?
5. When can I have NDSL and play pokemon and Mario!?
6. When will I die?
7. When will I get married?

[Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Respond To]
1. Do you like me?
2. Do you hate me?
3. This tag is freaking long..When will it end?
4. You wana know meh?
5. Seriously?
6. OK fine!
7. Am I such a bitch?? =P

[Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See]

1. J
2. D
3. B
4. K
5. T
6. All the sugar Gliders :P
7. I hate this tag! :P

[Seven People I Wanna Tag]

1. ORange..Do this when you're bored :P
2. Tim..Crys has been tagged so =)
3. Pacco's Owner Amanda =)~ coz I just love your mongrel :)
4. Hmm who else? Peik Shean Darling lor
5. Ryan the Mobile Phone seller!
6. Amber!
7. Nicole Bao Bei :)~

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rum Jungle

Last weekend, was back in Ipoh. Had a fun night out at Rum Jungle. Practically, almost everyone went back! It was like a gathering. Hehe. Teddy, Kelvin, even Jeffery and Chanel! Haha. All the clubbin kakis. Hmmm here are some of the photos we took. Enjoy :)

MY bro, me & Orange

Chanel, me, my bro

My Boo & I

Everyone's leg...NOT!!

This bucket is actually a light with a bulb in it. Due to the heat, it was so hot, I have no idea how she got it shut out by just pushing it. But everyone was so glad she did that! Chiao :)

Central Market

I was at the Central Market to visit my Boo last Friday and I had the chance to taste the delicious pork porridge! Lastime he used to tapao for me with extra fried intestines. FYI, I only eat the fried intestines. The rest..*puke*. For those who wanna know, this stall is at Jalan H.S. Lee or something. Quite alot of people eat there but they always don't have sufficient table. Ended up, people will just order take away.

Yummy! It's mine with extra fried intestines!

They have chicken too :)~

As my bro and I were loitering inside the market, we came across this music instrument called "Sampeh". I remembered the name cause it sounded like SAMPAT :P It's made of Bamboo. It's soemthing like a xylophone.

Notice that for each strand it has three pieces of bamboo stuck together. It's a traditional instrument used by the Ibans. Unique!

Funny Faces

I was at Sri Petaling hanging out at my Boo's house during the weekend. Planned to go back Ipoh but then I was attacked by flu and cough. Darn! I seriously hated cough.

The two sisters making funny faces Xing Yuen and Mei Yuan



Let's do piggy snout! Oink Oink!

Mei Yuan not looking at me when I take her photo.

My Boo doesn't want me to put up all these photos with him making stupid faces but I insisted! Haha!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comet's 2nd Adventure @ Kai Ma's House :P

The difference between Germaine and Comet's butt :-


Why so "kangkang"?

I tried tying Comet's hair cause he had a thick fur type. Turned out to be quite cute. *giggles*

Trying to bite Kai Yeh's hand when got scolded. This dog is quite bold :P

Sniffing the roll of newspaper used to hit their noses

*Don't you enter my pen! Grrrr..."

Germaine eating Comet's kibbles and vice versa..*faints*

Let's share share!

This top Kai Ma bought for me from Singapore. It's a kimono.

This pink top is bought from LYN..where I had some problem with the seller. TSK!

Guess what Crys bought for me from Singapore?


Dust, Dust and Dust

This morning I had a terrible dream that one big lump of Germaine's fur came off. Hmmm, frankly speaking, staying in where I'm stayin now, isn't a great idea. On the 24th floor together with the construction site opposite the condo, collects more dust than I've ever seen. Can you imagine even if the floor was swept and wiped once every two days, there's still dust with fur and our hair all over on our bed!

It was kinda hard to remove the fur and dust so I used tape to stick em all out.

Urgh! There's more!!!

And dust is the first thing which came into my mind when Germaine had bumps on her skin. *Sigh* I haven't had the chance to bring her to the vet just vet. My car will only be back next week. Pray hard that those bumps isn't what I thought it was..MITES!

Behind her neck

On her thighs!

*sigh* Poor baby! She's been scratching so often.

Top 10 Favourites

She looked so cute in this photo.



Both of her ears goin back shows that she's scared.

Like her new ADIDOG top?

*Lemme drink the Iced Honey!*

What's with the "fringe"?

Sleeping in between my butt!

After combing her :)~

This is one of my favourite. Germaine with her fav chewstick on the sofa

Durian Pancake

I wanted to intro this delicacy for a LONG time. My bro actually introduced it to me. But my boyfriend hated it! He never wanted to try it! Tsk! It's actually Durian Pancake. Hmm maybe it's common in KL but I have not seen any yet in eE-pOh. This particular stall is located in front of Giant @ Pyramid. There was a stall @ Asia Cafe but that one doesn't taste as good as this! This is absolutely fresh!

One box for RM4. Pricy, but worth it :P It's very fattening as well XD

It contains whipped cream inside, with thinly wrapped durian flesh. Hmm they have tiramisu, and etc! It's worth trying.

TongPakFu's Bday

These photo are backdated @ March 07. I actually wrote a post on his bday, so I'll just keep everything short and simple.

Preparing for the dinner @ Pit Stop, Puchong. My bro helped to set his hair :)~

This Philosophy top is a present from me! XD

Tiramisu Cake, given as complimentary gift :P

Can I cut the cake now?

Say Cheese XD

Happy Birthday GG!

Mr. Bean and Peng Soon playing with his new Dopod phone

Ah Nam & Orange

Ah tong & Ah nam

Mr. Bean & I

Happy Tree Friends XD

Groupie shot! Notice the mural on the wall behind..


Okay..Fatty, GG, Orange, Cynthia and I went for K session @ Pyramid and we had a big feast on the buffet. Boy the jellyfish was yummy!

Food, food and food!

Sushis - doesn't taste really nice. The rice was a lil hardened.

Deserts! I love em all :P After we sang halfway, there was a girl who came in announcing that there will be a "Soda Drinking Contest" later on. So we are supposed to send a representative to enter. Guess who? Alan the fatty :P

There were about 4 to 5 contestants if i'm not mistaken. And some of them were betting and boasting about crap. Soooo pathetic. Come're old enough to be my uncle and don't act like a child please. Each of them taking their credit card out to show off -.- Tsk!

Each person is given 4 glasses of soda drink and they are required to whollap everything as fast as they can.

Of course, fatty lost! The guy on his left side (too bad din take his pic) dranked so fast but alot of the soda spilled on the table =/ Fatty was given complimentary gift which contains RedBox pen, note book, free tix to some concerts..DUH!