Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like Shikamaru said...

It's a pain in the ass when all you see on your phone the first thing after wakin up are freakin plastics texts. I wonder why in the world people have te necessity to be fake. You may be a poker face at work but to the one whom you claimed your friends and the ones you love?
I dislike such dishonesty. I can't take it. It's not that I am demanding but if you are gonna love me or treat me as a friend, there's nothing that you cannot tell me. If you are happy living your life like that, it's your choice to choose how you live your live. Its okay to tell a couple of white lies for other's sake. But I do not hope to see that this harmless gesture will turn into a bad habit. When one day you realized somethin', i'd prolly had walked away silently. Because it just breaks my heart waitin'.....

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catch your dreams

Hello mellow!

I was back to work yester after a looooong 12 days break. Everyone asked where did I go, etc etc but frankly speaking I felt like I've wasted my break without doin anything at all. These 12 days wasn't just purely annual leaves. I only applied for 3 days and the rest of it was combination of my off days. Idk how I manage to swap swap swap and voilà!

After being away for so long, now, I'm gonna have to bare the consequence of working on weekends. 8am on a Sunday? I'm lovin it. The only thing which I dislike would be having too little sleep before startin work. Heck, I only had 2 hours and the day before it was 3. So much so for hanging out at mamak tepi jalan or kaki Lima having tea till wee hours or doing my duty as Cookie's godmother aka. Nanny playing hide and seek with her. Btw, Cookie's my friend's newly bought poodle who's goin to have her third jab in October xD. Her mischief can be leveled with her cuteness lolz.

This was taken when I first met her. The one and only photo I have on my iPhone lolz.

Back to my boring grandma story, apart from this I don't really hang out as often as I used to. Back then, there was at least 2 days of clubbing in a week and yumcha every other day whn I wasn't out to the clubs. Call me old, but now I prefer to sit and chat rather than pointlessly goin to clubs with loud music on and people screaming at each other. xD.
Lookin back, I do miss the good old days and the people I've met. Some remained as friends and some not. I do believe things happened for a reason and why you were fated to bump into these people. You learn from people you meet whether they bring you good or bad benefits. There's always decisions to be made in life and we are opened to options anywhere at all times. I would even like to thank some of them who have taught me precious lessons on life and becoming of who I am today. Bitterness, heart breaks, betrayal and all. And from this I've gotten to meet the most wonderful guy on earth.

I don't heck care how a person look like a long as I am comfortable with. And if I don't feel appreciated, get ready to say goodbye. And if you're so ashamed of showing your love towards her to the world, then you should be so ashamed of yourself.

*yawnnnnn* enough said and my mind is totally blanko with whatever that I want to say. Back to my books =)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jalan Alor @ W.A.W

When one mentioned of Jalan Alor, I could imagine on the ample of good food you can find there. There's alot of stalls for makan makan.

The one we went to last week was this shop called W.A.W. - short form for Wong Ah Wah.

Famous grilled chicken wings. Not as nice as AC's honey chicken wing lol

Squid with salted egg. This is good. Recommended.

Idk what's this is called. Potato leaves? Roflmao. Not bad either. The combination of the sauce.

Kam heong lala is salty.

Asam fish fillet.

Total spent was about sixty bucks inclusive of drinks and rice. I see plenty of tables ordered satay as well. Not sure if it's good tho.

Camwhoreee :P

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Petaling Street Delicacies

Situated in Petaling Street, this stall is located along the pavement of the shop lots. If you guys have tried the claypot Lou shue fun, somewhere these, it's along the same road. There's another stall selling claypot chicken rice nearby too.

Four of us went and all the orders are of the size of single servings.

The bakuteh tasted good. Not too heavy but the soup's sweet enough. As I don't take internal organs, no comments given.

Secondly would be stew lamb. This is good. It was served boiling hot. Nice for those who love to eat hot stuff.

Next would be the main attraction - pig stomach soup with peanut. We ordered 3 bowls. The soup is decently sweet. Yummy yummy. The nicest one I've ever tasted. Plus the pig's stomach is very fresh. I manage to try one or two pieces. Tasted like chewing gum lolz.

Total output for this meal - for four pax inclusive of drinks and rice is around 47 bucks. Decent price eh? A must try for the pig stomach soup as it doesn't have much pepper taste like the rest of the shops are selling.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

you don't love me <3

initially u're just a nobody when u found out that nobody takes ur crap seriously and u've got no one to talk to. till then it'll come across ur mind who's been treatin with all their heart. but it might be too late, people who doesn't feel appreciated, leaves. lol. too late.

I don't need u. cause u suck.

*yawn* it's 1:20PM nao and I just feel superbly lazy that I don't feel like movin at all. I don't feel hungry at all. My tummy iz numb. time to pack to balik KL!! feel so crappy when I think of goin to work. huhu.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i quit

there's somethin' u're hidin'.
hidin' for own selfishness.
it hurts.
readin' back thru all the saved notes and messages - all the words you've said, make sense to me no more. fake and lies. i doubt they were real.
i'm just someone hidden.
someone to occupy your time when you're bored.
decision has been made. i quit.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Can't sleep post

Guess I'm just an annoyin' bitch who doesn't understand one's personal needs or intention to the extend that this is the main reason that harsh words were being thrown towards me. Sorry guys if I've been neglectin' your invites to yumcha as my mum is back (for only a month, to those who doesn't know. And I only see her once a year) and she was staying at my place for a couple of days. There are some errands that I need to do as a responsibility of her daughter and for the family's sake. It's my fault for not tellin' those who doesn't know. There are more to come. I don't need any help or money, just a shoulder to hang on when I'm tired and a pair of ears to listen to my rants. I couldn't ask for more. Enough said. Self explainatory is such a hassle. To me, I'm more than glad to share with those who really cares. To those who only gave empty words, words are words. I can promise you the moon, the stars but I doubt that I'd be able to do so even if I'm a zillionaire it would still be impossible.


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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

damages of shoppin'

Heart the lace dress. And the white buttoned shirt comes with a bow tie lol?

All formal clothes <3 love the vest especially.

Just some random post. Can't wait for my ten days off next week. Urgh. Alot of travelling to do.

I hate you.

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<3 <\3

I love September because...

It has finally come to my posession.


And I hate September because I am unhappy today. Why should I care?

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sg Besi Wan Tan Mee

Located by the roadside along the Sg Besi highway headin back to Salak South/Kuchai Lama from KL. You'll notice loads of cars parked along ze road. This shop, has been opened for quite some time.

We went for supper. So for the four of us we ordered :-

- normal wan tan mee

- 2 x char siew wan tan mee

- wild boar curry wan tan mee

- additional 6 pieces of "Sui Gao"

- additional 10 biji of wan tan

- 4 cups of sea water coconut

That totalled up to RM37.10. Some ppl said this was serves nice and cheap food. I say, you have yet to taste the best char siew, and Sui Gao yet. The mee was the most decent item among all. Wantan skin was a bit too thick. I bet it wasn't hand made.

Kudos, to the mee =)

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