Monday, October 17, 2011

gadgets, gadgets and gadgets

xoxo. ❥ ann

Sept and Oct luvs

when was the last time i blogged?

geez. since work started i've been cravin for extra 12hours a day. sigh. i've no time for anything at all! *screamsssss*

i don't review on food anymore but just lazily post some pics which i already did in Facebook for the sake of bloggin. boo!

okay. updateeeee time!!

let's start with newly weds. you peeps must've been receivin hell lotsa red bombs lately (means weddin invitation in chinese) - and i've got two. my cuzzy and my boo's buddy.

I've been trynna work hard to go on diet but failed miserably. Lol even EA sports doesn't help. Sigh.

Okay pictars time!

Cuzzy's Big Day
# Venue - Tai Thong Puchong


Bee and Cindy's (not my boo Bee okay)

# Venue - Dorsett Subang

Camwhore once we sampai lol and we were fashionably late lor :P

this dress cost me a bomb wtf but it's worth it due to the quality <3 love the puffy lower part of the dress. tee hee heeeee.

Next post I shall blog about ps3 and some stupid irresponsible lens seller from eff beeeeee!


xoxo. ❥ ann