Monday, November 30, 2009

Four days to go =)

It's time of the month again =( why today? Hate it hate it. I've been sleeping so much and the only thing that I ate was bread for lunch while indulging in Naruto anime. Yes. I'm rewatching it. Don't think I'd be able to wake up to work. I'm on 7am shift. Sunday Monday off, a good thing but too bad as Friday will be my last day. I'll be free from hell. Happy for me? Those who don't know just won't understand hahaha =P I've two weeks before my new job starts. Sick of KL!! I'm goin back to Ipoh to attend Irene's wedding. Best part is I'd be meeting up my schoolmates. It's been like ten years since we see each other. *yayyyyy* excitedness.

My dinner =) Caramel Machiato and butterscoth bread.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy thanksgiving

*yaaaaaay* new tumbler, new job, new saree, new clothes =)

So lil time but there's so much to do! Just came back from Klang and 1U. Saree hunting was tedious!! We went to this retarded mall in Damansara for the Zara warehouse sales. The time was from 11am -8pm. Yvonne, Mel and I were so stressed up with the jam..*urgh* cant figure out how you guys can stay in Klang. We thought we couldn't make it there...but thanks to no thanks eventho we reached before closing time, we felt cheated. HAHAHA!!
Btw, pics will be posted tomorrow night!! Saree's in pink and creamy white. I'm so excited about Yoghi's engagement tomorrow. Weeeee~ I feel so old now that she's getting engaged and I'm not wtf lol

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merry x'mas =)

Parcel arrived!! Thanks mum. *grins*

Freeeeeeebies. Never expect they gave Miss Popularity though. Haven't try it before =P shall do a review on all these products soon. They no longer have my fav kohl pencil =(

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bye Bazril =)

# 19th November 09 #

# 20th November 09 #

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last and final post of me birthday celebration. It was a surprised given by my colleague. We celebrated at Padi, a makan place near my office. Love you guys..I know I've said it numerous times but I'm just gonna say it again..haha!! One of the thing that i never regreted joining this company would be you guys. You guys are my motivation <3 Now I felt so heavy hearted to leave you guys =(
Eunice and Azril hand made cupcakes for me...awwwww *triple love for you both*

Unfortunately not much pictures were taken =(

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Bloomed =)

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Bad Experiences

I'm posting this out not based on my frustration but after long consideration, I would like to share with all of you the story of my experience with customer service as well as e-shopping.I myself am working in the customer service industry and I think that Malaysia's customer service have no courtesy at all. Or maybe, I'm always the unlucky one.

Experience #1

Early October, I've purchased a SGP Iphone casing from this particular seller from LYN. It was a pre-order. Thus, on 29th Oct, parcel was sent out by sender and it arrived on 30th Oct. I don't know whether is the postman blind or too stupid to differentiate between number 6 and 8. There was no one there and eventually, on normal procedure, Pos Laju will drop a note, requesting to either collect parcel from Cheras's Office or to arrange for re-send. The note was placed at neighbour's house and when I found out it was already due on 14th Oct. So, I called the hotline (1-300-300-300). Bloody hotline made me waited for 10 minutes before the pick up. I spoke to this Malay lady called Zety and was informed that the parcel was sent back to sender. Eventually, I asked her if she've any information with regards to the sender, she said no. I was so frustrated by then and asked for a solution and she said, "There's nothing I can do for you now. Just call Cheras's office and check with them" WTF is this?! Is this the right ethic towards consumers? Effin bitch! It's been a week now and no news of the parcel at all from sender. I hope she'll receive it by this week. *grunts* OMFG, this seriously worsens the migraine =( Finally, I lodge a complaint towards that biatch. We'll see if there's any reply.

Experience #2

This is not about bad customer experience but more on the goods itself. This is neither a complaint or ranting. Just to share my experience. =) I believe many of you are aware of the growing numbers of blogshops online. Have you seen one which says Taiwan Pre-Order? Most of them uses the same picture but the actual item wise I'm not sure if it is of the same material. Sooo, there's this blog I purchased from where the seller doesn't keep track of my order and it took about 2 and a half months for me to receive the goods. She's giving all kind of excuses and never revert to me when I asked her about it. Broken promises. No worries about that but when the item reaches, it was out of my expectation. It only looked 50% similar to what I see from her blogshop. Yes, buy at your own risk as what most of the T&C is stated on their blogshop. 

Experience #3

This is based on my experience with customers when I'm on duty.A 46 year old man was complaining about one SMS redemption which he made for 2 movie tickets. Apparantly, the SMS was kept in his old phone's memory instead of the SIM memory. Because his old mobile went KO-ed he is unable to retrieve the SMS. That was a month ago. The SMS only have one month validity and when I spoke to him the SMS have already expired. Customer demanded to re-send SMS and my manager agreed but due to the expiry date eventhough we send he wouldn't be able to utilize it. Thus, he demanded us to extend the expiry date of the SMS until 31st December. wtf. Just because of two stupid movie tickets, he have the innitiative to call in nearly everyday to chase us for the SMS. A few of my colleagues 'kena' from him. He was wailing like a child. wtf.

Me : Mr. Customer I'd have to give you a holding reply as I need to check with my manager tomorrow morning as she's not on duty now.
Him : So, you in the evening and she's in the morning. What if when you comes in to office, she's no longer there.
Me : No worries, I've sent her an email and she'll still be in the office when I comes in.
Him : good good. that's the right procedure. I wonder does you people go for training.
Me : I'm sorry I'm unable to reveal any info on our training.
Him : What kinda sucky follow up procedure you have. The previous officer I spoke to did not do her follow up and I hope you really do it for me....bla bla bla bla bla for 5 minutes talking to himself...Other banks have better service than you guys. I'd surely compliment if the bank is good and vice versa will complaint if it gives bad service. I don't want to threaten you guys and do not force me to threaten you.
Me : I understand Mr. Customer. .. ......... Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
Him : Fine fine. You check for me and get back to me tomorrow. Do you know that you're disturbing me enjoying a nice movie? *hung up after that*

wtf. His English is sooooooooo rotten and he's trying to teach me customer service skills? stupidity! After that he kept calling 3 to 4 times and spoke to different colleagues of mine :

- I want my SMSSSSSSSSS!! You stupid!! (He dragged his sentence and screamed over the phone)
- You bastard! bastard bastard!! (My colleague was a girl) You stupid! Stupid stupid stupid!

OMFG. Where's the respect? Just because of two fucking movie tickets and you're acting like a faggot? wtf. In the end, he actually cancelled his account but serves him right, cause after cancellation, he won't be able to redeem the movie tickets even after we extend the expiry date! HAHAHA! Making a big fuss and humiliating himself over a SGD20 ticket. Shame on you! Boooo!! Grow up!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy birthday v2

The day started with me awakened by the sunlight. I was happily dreaming of Jam Hsiao. He's my new imaginary boyfriend now :P *sigh* Next thing I knew, im actually in my room. Reality hit me hard. Stupidity. Next, me missing the bus while I was crossing the road. Well, the whole days gonna be screwed up. I had to sit alone for lunch nearby to the pick up point waiting for next bus. Hot and sweaty wtf. Calls were okay today but all I wanted to do is to go home. I just hate my job. Sorry to say that but I do and I had to work till 1am wtf. My boo sms-ed me earlier informing that he'd be coming to fetch me from work. How I wish if he's gonna come and fetch me every single day. Why do i have to wait to be treated as a princess only on my birthday? Wtf. Everyday can be my birthday kan? Lol When clock strikes 12am I was bout to leave when Bazril stopped me and said," Yannie you can't leave yet cox we're gonna sing you a birthday song" I was like OMG I am so gonna walk away now. So the whole department sang me a song. Awwww...I was a lil embaressed but happy (mengada lah tu) Love you guys! Love Salome's solo version of birthday song too =) After exchanging hugs and all I headed comes the highlight of my post today :P From afar I saw someone holding a bouquet of flowers standing outside. I went OMG again. Yoghini was like "what happened?" lol awwwww I was so surprised that I can melt wtf. So sweeet...thanks gg (^@^) I was grinning all the way back to Sri petaling to meet up with Aljer and my brother.

Urgh I looked so worn out. Pardon me for the scary pics HAHA

I made my wish and blew it inside the car =) due to the odd hour, we couldn't actually find a place to celebrate so we met up at mamak. The Netstudio one - which was the same place I celebrated my birthday last year LOL. This time we decided to only cut the cake at home.

The cake is from Zen - Choc Indulgence.


Aljer and I

Sigh I looked fcukin fat!!!

Last but not least - a shot with my baby

=) I'm the happiest birthday girl. We did not eat the cake at all after cutting it. Everyone was full.

Camwhoring while goin to work.

Thank you guys for the wishes. Sorry to those which I don't know who you were cause I lost my contacts!! There was even one anonymous guy who called to wish me wtf a facebook friend kononyer.

Good night!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday celebration v1

All these for less than 60 bucks. Not bad right?

Erh swollen eyes pic :P just a simple celebration this yr without a cake yet lol. Thanks Henry for the cheongsam. I love it seriously. I actually chose the present myself. Lame isn't it. And Ive gotten the heart shaped bag. I is in love :P awaiting mah starbucks tumbler =)

Btw my IM+ Lite's background. HAHAHA :P

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Monday, November 16, 2009


Thanks to blackra1n =) I heart my new pinkish theme. *grins*

My wallpaper :P

Notice the pink flower on top left? It's the signal bar. Chio-ness! Next, notice the font? Hee hee =)

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

What made me fat and broke.

Rainy day. Boring day. Off day. Thus, my brother and I went to Pyramid for lunchie at 4PM. We met up with Aljer there. I was introduced to this Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant where they had the best bubble tea.

On the entrance the name was written as Shia's Kitchen but on the menu it's different. wtf.

Jeng jeng jeng. Indeed it was nice one. The tea was special unlike normal teh that we drink =)

Golden Spicy Prawn Rice. Where after we headed to TopShop to get Aljer sister's birthday present. He can get 30% discount for all merchandises. *grins* I'm still waiting for me heart shaped baggie from Miss Selfridge. The best thing is he can also get me discounts from Starbucks, Forever21 and best of all Charles and Keith. *yay* Shopping spree anyone?

The usual caramel machiato. My fav.

I fell in love with a silver tumbler. Soon soon. I'll be getting one. Tee Hee Hee. After that we went home for shower and headed to Kuchai Lama for dim sum.

The crowd was huge on Saturday night. But the dim sum here, for sure, is not as delicious as Ipoh's dim sum. I miss the char siu pao =( Imma make sure to go when I go back this coming weekend. 4 days off in a row. *yay*

Xoxo =)