Monday, November 30, 2009

Four days to go =)

It's time of the month again =( why today? Hate it hate it. I've been sleeping so much and the only thing that I ate was bread for lunch while indulging in Naruto anime. Yes. I'm rewatching it. Don't think I'd be able to wake up to work. I'm on 7am shift. Sunday Monday off, a good thing but too bad as Friday will be my last day. I'll be free from hell. Happy for me? Those who don't know just won't understand hahaha =P I've two weeks before my new job starts. Sick of KL!! I'm goin back to Ipoh to attend Irene's wedding. Best part is I'd be meeting up my schoolmates. It's been like ten years since we see each other. *yayyyyy* excitedness.

My dinner =) Caramel Machiato and butterscoth bread.

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