Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smile =)

My instinct tells me that he can't get her out of his mind. Nobody can force you not to. Nobody knows how deep your feelings are. Nobody have the right to tell you what to do. Cause loving someone isn't something to be blamed at. Things happened at the wrong time I guess. But shits happened at the right time.

There's always 'childishness' inside each and everyone. Just that, it depends how one expresses themselves. Humans tend to like learning things the hard way.

Perhaps, you should try to let go, move on, and be happy =) I've always told you I love your smile and you may never know who's gonna fall in love with that smile next.


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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's all comin back to me nao.


Do you know what was I thinkin?

Did you realize how hard was it for me?

Do you know?


Friday, March 12, 2010

Seen this crazy shit yet?

To all Gaga's lil monsters, 

prolly by now you'd have known.

The long awaited telephone Vid is out *yayyyyyyyyyy*

Check it out *here*

I see there's bad and good comments but don't effin care coz I think it's freakin awesome!! Wooohoo! :P

Me four fav outfit and headpiece *grins*

In the video, this head piece is in blue. Looks plastic but I think it looked like sugar paste :P

Awesome. Ciggie shade with asap lingering. Wonder if it's real and why it doesn't burn her hair. :P Okay prolly it's fake.

My second fav. and beyonce's too!! Wonder woman outfit? wtf lol

And this blazer, I'm okay with it but Aljer said is a must have. Prolly ask my bro to make him one. ROFL~

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Movin ahead

Some effin retard tryin to ruin things. I guess the unknown human succeeded. I dun effin care. I'd just move on. I feel like singin K *grins*
Am inside the LRT now, reminiscing the good old times when we both used to take bus and lrt. Good commuting way to avoid jam. Off peak hours of course. Walkin distance frm parking lot is kinda far tho. Was sweating all over when reach the counter.
Typing inside lrt gives me headache!

Adios =)

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sick, not again?

Scorching sun is doing me no good, is giving me headaches no matter how many times I shower. For the past 1 week, my stomache's gone bonkers. I had the urge to poo right after I eat. Wtf. And I feel hungry not long after I poo. I don't want to fall sick. It doesn't feel good when you're alone. Wish someone's here to take care of me, cuddle me to sleep and of course tapao food for me *grins* I'm hungry now. Urgh, screw the sun! Please don't shine on me can? Umbrella nor the rain didn't help at all. I can feel the extreme heat even after heavy downpour.

Oh I need these badly...

Pretty please? *blink blink*

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The occupied you

There's alot of question on my mind. Plenty of things I want to tell you, share with you. I don't know why I get so speechless everytime. I just felt like there's someone out there. Thus, forbids things to be said and done.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Why should I ?

Why should I care,
When you obviously don't,

Why should I try,
When neither do you,

Why should I even show up anymore,
When you wouldn't notice If I didn't,

Why should I say "Hi"
when you don't care.

So why do I?


Few days before, I dreamt of my dad.

Alan, dad and I were in a car. Both my sibling and I were seated behind when there a cop on a bike stopped us.

Alan said, "I thought they took of the seat belt rule?"

Then only my dad realized it was him who wasn't fastened on. Then the whole scene changed to an office's where my dad came and sit in between of us on the couch.

He asked, "do you have enough money to use?"

-the end-

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Location:Ipoh, Perak