Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dog Gathering @ Kuchai Lama

Venue : Kuchai Lama's Station 1 (this place is actually not a dog's friendly place, but due to one of the LYN member had a friend who's a manager there, specially set up a place for us outside)
Time : 8PM
Attendees : Takata and Rocky, Paige, Sheryl and Willie, Reis and Bebe, and I.

Willie the Shih Tzu and Rocky the Daschund =)

Willie, loves barking at people. Try pointing your finger at him, then you'll know what I mean :P

Paige and Bebe the Yorkie. She's so so so so so super duper cute!!! Reminds me of Meimei =(

Rocky & Willie, loving each other's company

Takata and Rocky.

Bebe & Willie. Bebe seems to be scared of the two furkids. I wonder why..

Sheryl and Bebe.

Bebe on the table =)

Bebe on the chair.

Paige with Rocky. She said Rocky's as heavy as a big rock. HAHAHA.

Last 3 pics...

Having a fun time..

Looking forward to more gatherings...Cheers =)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tagged by Nanay Belen to describe what happened to me today or yesterday =)

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today or yesterday.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

I choose to talk about what happened yesterday. Here goes :-

i. Waken up by Kelvin's phone call to go for lunch with Ted but then Eagle hasn't waken up yet. Which means I don't have transport to join em. Bummer! Kena maki-ed for FFK-ing them. Went back to sleep shortly after.

ii. Then, I woke up at 12PM. Was so hungry that I headed straight to the kitchen for food.

iii. Showered both my furkids after that, starting with Meeko first and then Germaine. Shampoo and conditioner akan kehabisan soon =(

iv. 4PM, started to rain, waiting for a friend to fetch me back. 6PM baru sampai -.-"

v. Reached KL at 8++PM, went to watch Dark Knight @ MidValley (12AM show). I used to hate Batman alot. So fake. But this flick has totally changed my perspection =) Good one.

vi. Went for yumcha until 4AM then pulanglah ke rumah dan tidur =P

All right, kinda boring one. But I'd like to tag those who feel like doing this tag. Feel free =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cosplay <3

Needless to say, they're all my fav characters from Naruto <3>

P/S : Credits to whichever forum I took it from.

New Mistress

Finally, the mistress has arrived. We managed to pick her up last week.









Myvi in Copper color. =) Love the color. In fact I'm the first to drive it. Kekeke. This new wife has given me big hard pressure man. Imagine if I scratched or got it into an accident? *touch wood*

So he finally got his own transport, about time for me to get fetched instead, yes darling?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Neq Layout with more Pics but Less Words

Spend whole day setting this whole thingy. Finally it's done. Phew. There're few frames which I missed out. Due to my carelessness, I forgot to save my previous layout's code. wtfswt. Kinda malas to log into those sites to retrieve back the codings. Maybe later.

This trip back Ipoh I ate hell alot of hairs!!!! I mean rambutans and also durian. Today itself I whallop 12 biji durian fleshes. God, I'd smell when I go out for yumcha later. But it's nice with the bitter and dry flesh. Yummy yum. Miss going to the fruit estate (kinda far la..3 hours from Ipoh). The chempedak, manggis, langsat, and excellent thai food!!! Even my dogs can't help themselves to the 'hairs'. I only let em eat 3 biji each. Don't dare to let em take the King of Fruit. Might be fatal?! Who knows. Don't want their mouth to stink. Meeko stole one biji of seed from the dustbin today >.< Heard her choking from back of the kitchen. Kena tampar from me kao kao for being so naughty.

2nd day in Ipoh. Kinda miss my boy. Miss hugging him when I sleep. It's weird, whe I'm in KL I miss my dogs, friends and family, but when I'm here I miss my boy. Prolly, he's not as stubborn as he used to be makes me love him more and more everyday bah. Thanks for being so patient with me baby. Tomorrow I will be back ger lah. Patience ya *smooches*