Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tagged by Nanay Belen to describe what happened to me today or yesterday =)

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today or yesterday.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

I choose to talk about what happened yesterday. Here goes :-

i. Waken up by Kelvin's phone call to go for lunch with Ted but then Eagle hasn't waken up yet. Which means I don't have transport to join em. Bummer! Kena maki-ed for FFK-ing them. Went back to sleep shortly after.

ii. Then, I woke up at 12PM. Was so hungry that I headed straight to the kitchen for food.

iii. Showered both my furkids after that, starting with Meeko first and then Germaine. Shampoo and conditioner akan kehabisan soon =(

iv. 4PM, started to rain, waiting for a friend to fetch me back. 6PM baru sampai -.-"

v. Reached KL at 8++PM, went to watch Dark Knight @ MidValley (12AM show). I used to hate Batman alot. So fake. But this flick has totally changed my perspection =) Good one.

vi. Went for yumcha until 4AM then pulanglah ke rumah dan tidur =P

All right, kinda boring one. But I'd like to tag those who feel like doing this tag. Feel free =)

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