Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Additional post...

Hahahaha..this is funny :P

A'nnie.H says:
Is 26 inch waist very big?
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
A'nnie.H says:
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
for a baby 26 inches is deadly
A'nnie.H says:
-.- LOL
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
u so fucking fat now?
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
A'nnie.H says:
lastime till now oso 25 or 26 one wo
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
then u're not fat
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
u just hv big bones
Layzebone | BabydarL says:
ur ass is chubby enuff, no nit slim down
A'nnie.H says:
god i must go on diet

*Things I learned today*

- Do you know that the length of the neck of a giraffe is equal to 5 full grown men?

- Do you know that the wingspan of a penguin's is wider than an eagle's? Just that penguin's is born to swim and eagle's to fly.

- About 3,6 billion of the world's 5.2 billion hectares of useful dryland for agriculture has suffered erosion and soil degradation. In more than 100 countries, 1 billion of the 6 billion world population is affected by desertification, forcing people to leave their farms for jobs in the cities.

who the fuck so free go research on this?


Today's msn status of mine : Do Ants Have Assholes?

Few of them including Jill and Jason said they probably do. Stanley's first question was "What kinda question is that?" So, he asked his friend this Q, and...

Layzebone | BabydarL says:
do ants have assholes?

Әяנּąש-є says:
they probably do

Әяנּąש-є says:
they need to unleash the evil in them too

Layzebone | BabydarL says:

Then I was like..

A'nnie.H says:


A'nnie.H says:

damn funny wei

Then Jill proceeded to telling me that they might have and mentioned that about caterpillars. He burnt one the other day and there was green liquid oozing outta their bums. Wut kinda human do this kinda stuff? Damn! Morons. Did they even hurt you? They were just crawling on ur wall. Can't you just take the poor thing outside? And I thought only my boo's stupid uncle would do this kinda stuff..burning the lil creature in front of his twin daughters..Pathetic!

I finally took the 'initiative' to clean up my Inbox. There were 1642 unread messages. After cleansing, only 11 were left =)Neat and tidy.

What's with all the fuss in the cbox? All of a sudden mentioning of WS and all. Must be someone I know man. And FYI, he isn't in my MSN for a long time, that's it. We were mere friends. If you have 200 friends, do you talk to them everyday? Please dun bug me ba.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a day..

Last weekend was spent being my friend Yang's driver. I had to tumpang him to Cheras while he meet up with some clients there while I waited for him in the car. Why on earth do you have to work at 5pm even on Saturdays?!

I was sitting like a dimbwit inside the car taking stupid photos and it was raining outside.

Here we go again..

Rain stopped after an hour..

So I took out my DS and played this..

Shikamaru :P *drooling*

Neji..I played the storey mode and after a few battles..the credits popped up. I was like wtf?! So freakin short lag this game..BORING!!!

Big Brain Academy's Score...ROFLMAO!

Brain Age 2's's been a while since I played with this..bout a month!

Harvest Moon's sheep..her name is MekMek..and now she's BALD!

Barnyard Blast..couldn't go thru level 3

Brain Assist's score

My bro's 'lil devil'

Before this we went to a cafe in Sri Petaling called Calorie. My fav soup :P

Honey Green Tea

Ice Blended Water Melon


My fav rice..

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stalker Alert!!!

She stalks. Stalks my blog. Stalks my Friendster.
Stalks what I post in forums. Stalks my HP number. Stalks every other guy she knew.

.Who's she? She's who?

How the hell you find so much time to do all this. Hell knows.

I don't know her man. She's got NBTD.

Angel Hair

This is what I had for supper the day before yesterday :P

I learned what you call this type of spaghetti from Crystal cause her boo loves it! lol Angel Hair :P

The cam sux man. This is taken with flash. Boiling the "mee"

And this is taken without flash. Cooks way faster than the normal ones..

We added prawns..huge ones...yum yum

Cocktail sausages...the whole packet..cut into small pieces

And the sauce =) TaaaDaaaaa :P

And yesterday I had one with mushroom sauce only with prawn this time. :P

MY Babies

Random pics of my babies. Took them with my boo's phone.

Waiting for treats :P *drooling*

What's up? (edited cause too dark from the ori pic, taken by my phone lah, paria :P) leg that is

Meeko with her magic wand tail. She looked tiny from this angle.

Both sitting waiting for treats lah you think on normal days they will do this?

Meeko baby...

Stop taking pics la mummy

She's actually looking at my boo waiting for treats...

Last one..I missed them so much *sob*

Not sure I've uploaded this before...was taken @ Sincero when Jeff came back

Full of smoke man..

Any guys own this?

Lelong lelong rm10 satu :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

e-Shop till drop

I'm gonna be so broke this month!!

The top

Inner piece

Outer top

Black one :P

Top and skirt :)

2 x Pants

Another top..

I've ordered all of these from dorene in LYN. OMFG. My boo's gonna kill me. He thought I ordered two nia. *grins*

And I'm planning to get one of this for my baby :P

Sometimes some people can be such a pain in the ass. Tho you don't really see them anymore, something bout them just haunts you. Even if you deleted their MSN, phone number, or stop contacting people who relates to him or her. Weird isn't it? Their frog breathed mouth just won't stop talking bout you. Beh tahan. You can say whatever you want to your friends. Whatever happened has already happened. Just stop pretending like you belong to the high class society in front of me and then act like you're a very cincai person in front of others. Who knew what you've done behind our backs? Nobody. And you're just too proud to admit the things you did and that you're wrong. Yeah, I'm just one of the very super duper low class girl and I'm very happy I belong to such. I go to cheap cheap mamak and chinese stalls to yum cha one. I prefer to have one bag which I can use to work as well as going out. I don't have like 3 closets of clothes of my own and 2 shelves of shoes. I'm rude. I swear. So there.

*yawns* I'm so sleepy. I'm gonna go home and continue Harvesting my Moon..if you know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a NBTD Post

I got my first deal today! Yay! Interesting yet challenging. For the first time in my life I was introduced to Maine Coons. Not one but four. OMG they're lovely. I'm starting to love felines! Meow~~~~

Today I drove to Sri Hartamas, as usual got lost there and no parking. The rain was pouring like nobody's business and I was so scared of driving due to wtf stupid accident last year, the phobia's still there but not that much tho and my poor estimation of 'gap in between' almost left my car inside the longkang.

omg not much time left..have to leave. bye :P

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boring Sunday

Good Morning Sunday! Jill belum bangun and Simon has been bombing my phone with missd calls. I have to finish this up in 10 to go have my dinner. Looks like it's gonna rain..

Lunchie time with my boo @ Kuchai Lama

Mah new PenSkin :P

Lately there has been loads of animation cars like this. I've seen Ultraman and Doraemon ones..

Spotted @ MidValley

Playing NDSL till ignoring me *sobbbb*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Bday baby

To my dearest hubby,

Happy Birthday lougong! Tho you're sleepin like a pig when I'm saying this but I just wanted to know that whatever happens I'll be there for you. But I will still care for my Ipoh buddies, and nothing can change that. Hope u'd understand. Sorry for being such a moody bitch sometimes and best of all is having you to put up with my temper. Whatever it is, I wanna wish you all the best and hope the trip we planned is gonna happen this time for real, all right? I love you baby *muax*


lOupO =) 15/03/08

Okay enuff of the mushy stuff..Random pics time

My boo's aunty's dog, Blackie. She's like...15 years of age? I'm not too sure. A very obedient and brilliant dog, but too bad the owner doesn't care bout her. Her body is smelly and full of ticks. When I offered to get rid of em, my boo says no. His uncle doesn't like people intefering their stuffs. Oh what the heck, so I do it secretly in the middle of the night when everyone's sleeping. Imagine having ticks as big as a 1 cent coin on your body sucking the hell outta you. Nobody bothered to touch her. She's a lovely dog. Never fail to give her a pat whenever I come home nor go out.

Getting ready to go out for mag launch event..

Oh at the event I met up with Yen Lu and her pup Sushi...cute isn't she? There are many pics of other dogs..but lazy to upload..not enough time.

Kibbles, the kitty in my office :P Cheeky fella playing with the ribbon all by himself.