Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today's msn status of mine : Do Ants Have Assholes?

Few of them including Jill and Jason said they probably do. Stanley's first question was "What kinda question is that?" So, he asked his friend this Q, and...

Layzebone | BabydarL says:
do ants have assholes?

Әяנּąש-є says:
they probably do

Әяנּąש-є says:
they need to unleash the evil in them too

Layzebone | BabydarL says:

Then I was like..

A'nnie.H says:


A'nnie.H says:

damn funny wei

Then Jill proceeded to telling me that they might have and mentioned that about caterpillars. He burnt one the other day and there was green liquid oozing outta their bums. Wut kinda human do this kinda stuff? Damn! Morons. Did they even hurt you? They were just crawling on ur wall. Can't you just take the poor thing outside? And I thought only my boo's stupid uncle would do this kinda stuff..burning the lil creature in front of his twin daughters..Pathetic!

I finally took the 'initiative' to clean up my Inbox. There were 1642 unread messages. After cleansing, only 11 were left =)Neat and tidy.

What's with all the fuss in the cbox? All of a sudden mentioning of WS and all. Must be someone I know man. And FYI, he isn't in my MSN for a long time, that's it. We were mere friends. If you have 200 friends, do you talk to them everyday? Please dun bug me ba.

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