Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memoirs of Childhood

OMG finally this layout is done. So tedious. I'm hungry now after spending bout 3 hours googling and figuring out the codings. I'm a newb to all these. Shameful to say I did learn before but due to my bad memory and lack of practise I don't seem to understand some part of the script. I had the urge to download Dreamweaver but thanks to Google. *double sigh* Ah Ji can you please come back to Malaysia and cook me Japanese Food? LOL Kiddin. I wished.

It's Halloween night and I'm home alone =( Sux to have to workin on Sunday mornings. Hmmmm..since this layout is setup today AHAHAH I was thinkin of naming it to somethin which is related to pumpkin. Better not. What is seriously wrong with me?! Too hungry I guess. Should I McD or Nissin Noodle with cheese and loads of veges? Oh no!! I've totally forgotten about the veges. WTF!

Okay. Today's post would be about history. Our childhood. Thanks to my cuzzy NJY who went and post em up. But the pics made my day tho. I shall start one with my brother...Alan HAHAHAHA. wtf.

Cute isn't he? He was freakin chubby and now you know why I call him "fatty" all the time. And the one of the right is NJY of course.

Laughin already? Check my specs out! HAHAHA!

A closer look of my plastic specs which cost RM50. LOL!!! OMG this is so embarassing. 

This is one picture that I had to post. She looked soooo cute but her mama've no idea of what her daughter is wearing. I introduce you the lil penguin, PINGU! AHAHAHAHAH!!NJY you never fail to make my day.

Okay peeps, I'm gonna go make my Nissin now =D *yay*

Farewell Aileen

*boohooo* I'm such a crybaby. I just hid myself in the loo and cried. Unintentionally but tears just flowed out after reading SMS from one of my besties at work. She's leavin..back to her hometown. For good? No confirmation. But I'll surely miss her. Though we only knew for one yr but it was one of the best time in my life that I get to know her...and Phase 28 people. Flashing back the time when we were on training, she got mugged and needed help to shift out from Ampang and all the shits we did at work. It was fun. Never did it cross my mind that our phase was unique but I'm sure each and everyone in this batch is uniquely special to me. To those who have left, I hated you guys but can't help feeling happy that you guys have moved on. =) I love you guys....

Xoxo =)

Camwhore camwhore XD

Big zit on my forehead lol XD

Pyramid parking lot

HAHAHA camwhorin inside toilet while waitin for Yvonne and Jasmine =)
More pics comin up =D

Kiku Zakura @ Mid Valley

Xoxo =)


I love my baby. Hugsss XD

She stole a chocolate cupcake yester and was punished to sleep in her play pen for a night *heart broken*

Xoxo =)

Home Made Lunchie by Aljer lol

Xoxo =)

Friday, October 09, 2009

I heart you

This would be my third attemp in posting using iPhone. I'm tired of typing the same thing again :( maxis is testing my patience. Digi rules in 3G man. Sorry to say that maxis sux big time.

Spent five hours loitering at LYP tryin to get our stuffs. Never expect this is tougher and tedious than shoppin for groceries or clothes :P i got the Belkin backpack finally. Though its not the color i wanted but thats the nicest. At least it comes with pink zippers. The padding indise is too. I dont find any Crumplers being sold but theres alot of Gollas and AVF. Same design everywhere. Bores me by just lookin at it. The backpack cost me 179 bucks. I got a pink mice as well as a pink headset XD.

Finally the MBP arrived. Love the outlook but...too bad I've got a VAIO myself. Btw I just figured out that I don't really know how to use iTunes *sob* what a noob. Guess I'd hafta do more readings.

It's 3am and I can't sleep. Gotta work tomorrow and I hate it. Four more days before my next off day and I'm gonna balik Ipoh :) to visit my grandma. I wanna play online game! Halfway downloading KRO *yay* To be frank, of all the MMORPG I've played, RO's the best one ever, except for the too many bots reason, which was the main reason I gave up playin and switched to private server. *grins* it was fun MVPing with your gang of friends. I missed the good old days.

I can't stop myself from watchin One Piece. The price was kinda cheap. 50 bucks for 7 discs. I was tempted to get the whole 6 sets for 300 bucks. But my boo said get one first. I finished 1 disc in a day :P but I prefer manga version though. Less short cut. Detailed and doesn't drag you with *swt* and *gasp* expressions much. No One Piece manga update for this week. Tsk. I hope there's more update for Fairy Tail, Naruto and XXXHolic.

Xoxo =)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pink Baby <3

=) I changed me mind from gettin MBP. Tho it was temptin but I found that it's of no use. Geez. I can't really make up my mind. What I want was a pink I settled with Toshiba. On thurs, My boo and i went to go get it in Mid Valley. I was effin excited and nervous. As we were on the 2nd floor, only we realized the shop is no longer there =( *sobbbbb* My boo then dragged me into Sony Centre. Was fascinated by the pink lappie displayed there. Plus, pricing and specs compared to Toshiba was better. And new baby *hearts*

P/s : I got a discounted price for this XD.