Saturday, October 31, 2009

Farewell Aileen

*boohooo* I'm such a crybaby. I just hid myself in the loo and cried. Unintentionally but tears just flowed out after reading SMS from one of my besties at work. She's leavin..back to her hometown. For good? No confirmation. But I'll surely miss her. Though we only knew for one yr but it was one of the best time in my life that I get to know her...and Phase 28 people. Flashing back the time when we were on training, she got mugged and needed help to shift out from Ampang and all the shits we did at work. It was fun. Never did it cross my mind that our phase was unique but I'm sure each and everyone in this batch is uniquely special to me. To those who have left, I hated you guys but can't help feeling happy that you guys have moved on. =) I love you guys....

Xoxo =)

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