Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Post - Backdated


* Pre-CNY 2010 *

 Venue : Zero Degree




Late post late post. Too lazy to blog. I'm too used to Facebookin and MSN-ing using my mobile nowadays.

Some photos took during CNY.

The usual people and the reason I'm there is for HoeGaarden. lol. The crowd sucks btw.

First taim, wearing maxi dress and I look stupid pairin it with high heels. I wish I'm a lil taller tho.


Love this pic.

My hair looked like Minnie Mouse. :P


* First Day of CNY *

Venue : Kedah


Jeng jeng jeng. 

My fav Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kua in heart shape lol.


My bro, cuzzy Janice and bro, camwhored like giler. 
My bro's the worst. He camwhored funny and weird pics -.-!!

Too many pics. Most can be seen in FB which I've posted on the day of CNY itself.


My granny =)


Me favourite nephew. He only like to be carried by girls. LOL.

I think he looked a lil like Yoga tho :P


Mocking groundnuts for this lil niece. 
She's da sista to my fav nephew.


'Chuen Ka Fook' - not that complete actually.





Love this pic. Do we look alike? lol.
# The Food #


My fav - steamboat. 


Laksa. The best - can't get it anywhere else.
I swear :P We never fail to have second helping every year.

The food we looked forward to eatin. HAHA. Like pig.


Nasi Kandar. Not exactly my fav tho.
Enough of indian food from office. Urgh.


* CNY 2nd Day *
Venue : Back in Ipoh 

Oh no. Zero Degree again.

The rest was fully booked. wtf.


New member joinin this year. :P



I love this dress. *grins*


Ah Kam! lol



Nobody brought camera =(
Had to use Melissa's mobile to take. 

This post is damn cincai lor. Too lazy to post and upload anyway.

Blogger's uploading tool is not that user friendly. Tsk.

Hot Summer Days

"I've tried my best. I thought I could be the key of the door to your heart. But I failed. You've kept it to no one but yourself. All these while you only cared for your own feelings. I've finally understood. I'm leavin'."

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tried doing Cheeserland's 'Dolly Wink' make up minus the foundation, eyeshadow and blush - cuz I'm lazy :P

So freakin hard to stick the lower lash -.-!!

Say cheese :P

HAHA lame giler. Must do better tomorrow.

Going back Ipoh tonight. Weeee~

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

i wan tortoise hug =(

I'm sick (god knows why it took so long to recover). I puked yesterday night gagging half digested maggie noodles out through my throat. Yuck! That doesn't feel good at all. The whole night I wasn't able to sleep well. I miss my previous office's cafeteria. It felt good that you don't have to walk out to grab your car under the scorching sun during lunch time just because there's no food in your office. And you can hang out within an area just like a cafe with CSI on Astro while enjoying lunch. It's not that current office doesn't have good food, it comes with limited options. How will you like it if you were to take curry every day? Urgh. I'm just not daytime person. The sun can make me faint. Now, I'm starting to miss evening shift wtf. I used to complain bout my prev job's routined shift...A LOT.

Shut up!

I just hate being sick.

Monday, February 08, 2010

This is what you do when you're sick and dead bored stayin home.

Mah granny said my cheongsam looked like those restaurant waitresses' just that mine is short wtf prev years I got teased 'beh jau mui' for wearing one tube dress now again. Gargh...

Flu is getting worse and stayin home alone is so boring. Never bother to touch my lappy even. I can facebook, tweet, YouTube, even play FB games with mah phone...on bed. Cough is never gettin better as well. I hated cough. Once I open my
mouth, the itch comes haunting me like mad.

Camwhore in alan's car :P not my brother.

This years CNY's gonna be lace and snakeskin fetish-ish :P

I heart this bag from ms. Selfridge hehe cute? :P

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Random post =)

Hewo peeps.

love this pic tho my eye bag is like big mad mad *grins*

Had a wonderful birthday dinner and Lou sang yester @ Hoi Seng Ipoh garden. Granny's birthday.

CNY dresses are all lacey and dark colors. Omg. Can't get any red ones. Diet plan failed but thank god can fit :P hahaha.

Been coughing for a week and now back with running nose =( wtf please please recover fast so I can eat bee cheng hiang, pong kam, khek hwa zui and granny's cooking.

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