Tuesday, February 09, 2010

i wan tortoise hug =(

I'm sick (god knows why it took so long to recover). I puked yesterday night gagging half digested maggie noodles out through my throat. Yuck! That doesn't feel good at all. The whole night I wasn't able to sleep well. I miss my previous office's cafeteria. It felt good that you don't have to walk out to grab your car under the scorching sun during lunch time just because there's no food in your office. And you can hang out within an area just like a cafe with CSI on Astro while enjoying lunch. It's not that current office doesn't have good food, it comes with limited options. How will you like it if you were to take curry every day? Urgh. I'm just not daytime person. The sun can make me faint. Now, I'm starting to miss evening shift wtf. I used to complain bout my prev job's routined shift...A LOT.

Shut up!

I just hate being sick.

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