Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mah Office and I

Nudges are the things dat I get most of the time. Thanks to Santhi for shaking up my screen. ROFLMAO.

The Screen..Doing data compiling *smirks*


Water Bottle and the batang of leaks everytime I uses it. Tsk!

The phone and Calculator

Okay last pic of the day =P This is getting boring. *Yawn*

Pastime in the Office

This is what I do when I'm bored in the Office today. Haha Invite a whole lot of girls in to chat via messenger. Everyone was asking who is who, bla bla bla. Some left within 5 minutes, not knowing the reason why she was invited into the room. Duh! Chat la of course. What else can we do. She normally PM with me one leh. Weirdo =P Some, just add the opposition without even introducing themselves. LOL

I'm not sure whether you can see this or not. I'm so bored and cold inside the office. But I've tons of workload. Tsk.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

eE-pOh @ ER

21sh July 2007 - Woohoo, clubbin time. Haha! Planned to go TZ2 but luckily did not. Bah, saw quite a few friends that night. Including unexpected ones. Goodness. The photos taken by my phone, the flash is so lousy. The photos looked so bright. Darn it!

Don't think I need to intro these ppl bah. Mostly are my regular clubbin kakis. Chiao! Raining already. I wanna go for BKT tonight again. Sob.

PorkChop & Copper

Feeling kinda excited. I'm gonna meet PorkChop this Saturday night at her mama's house. Should I bring Germaine? Keke.

Isn't she pretty?

Copper the MS. He's so cute dat I couldn't resist putting his photo here.

His ears are not cropped. They stand naturally. Cute hor?

BKT @ SS14, Subang Jaya

Fei Ric @ Siew Keat intro me to this place. Actually I've been there before, but don't know what is nice. Woohoo. Only me and tong went. But we managed to finished everything.

First dish to arrive on the table =)

Then the main dish.

Okay this one is my fav among all. Thanks to fei ric. It's so nice dat I finished the whole pot LOL! It's called Hot and Sour Mustard (Shuen Lat Gai Choi)

They called it 'Lou G Yuk'. By the time we finish, feel like sleeping =P Cause too full already.

Meanwhile, Germaine is at home waiting for me to come home. Look at what she's grabbing in the photo.

Golden Bread Cafe @ Sri Petaling

I kinda like the food from this shop. They have this Hong Kong style like food. Yummy yum. But I prefer the one in SS2 tho. They have a nicer environment.

This is the "Yau Char Guai" wrapped with Cheong Fun's skin

It's crispy on the inside *slurps*

This is what I ordered. Chicken Porridge =) Not bad.

This is my all time favourite. Cheong Fun with XO Sauce. *drools*

I don't know what rice is this bah. Already forgotten. Haha but it smelt nice.

Eating halfway..

Looks girlish =P

Sisa bisa of the food

Another saki baki.

I din put up the photos of the drinks cause I totally forgot what they ordered. Another thing which is highly recommended is the Seafood Porridge. =) Looking forward to eating here again man.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

D e a r D i a r y,

My trip back to Ipoh last weekend gave me a surprise. We planned to club at TZ2. Unfortunately it was so packed, dat we changed to ER instead. Immediately I saw him at the entrance of the club with his 'usual' shirt. Oh gosh. Should I or shouldn't I look at him? Hmm Better not. Later maybe. My Boo's around and hello, I have to respect him a little...not? What the heck, I went upstairs, walked to Jeffery's table, there and then I saw his buddies. *sigh* So near yet can't talk! Seeing him (unexpectedly) was the sweetest thing. We talked a lil eventually. Ended up yumcha together but both of us were sitting at both ends. So there goes my weekend =)It was a fun one. It feels so good to come home and meet my friends eventho it's not that often. Better than going clubbin with nobodies in KL everyweek. Sounds lifeless huh?

S i g n i n g O f f ,

- a n n i e -

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dogathon 2007


Dogathon Race
Get your sports shoe ready!!This is the highlight event of Dogathon in which both the dog and its owner must go on a marathon run of about 2.5 km. The marathon track is filled with challenging obstacles.

Fastest Eating Duo
Woof woof…Are you hungry? If you are, come and join this game where both the dog and its owner will be given food to eat. The winners are those who can finish eating all the food within the shortest period of time. (Adopted by Abco Asia)

Emperor’s New Clothes
Grab some new royal clothes for your dog!! This game is actually the combination of musical chair and dress-me-up. When the music starts, the owners have to walk their dogs around a circle. When the music stops, the owner have to “sit” their dogs and rush to a box located in the middle of the field and grab an item to be put on their dogs within 1 minute. 3 rounds are conducted and therefore the owner had 3 chances to grab as much items to be dressed onto their dogs. Extra points will be given to those who dressed their dog according to the approprite size. (Adopted by Petalog Trading)

Master Hunt
Can your dog find you wherever you are? If it does come and join Master Hunt. The owner will be hidden out of the dog's sight within a maze-like area. The dog will be given 2 minutes to detect its owner. At the same time, the dog will be tempted with food and has to overcome several obstacles while on its 'Master Hunting' journey.

Best Trick
Sit, Stay, Roll Over, Hand, Jump…..How many tricks can your dog perform in 2 minutes? This is the time for your dog to show off its talent. (Adopted by Universal Stones and Art Paintings)

Agility Challenge
The very first Dogathon agility game. The dog will be given 2 minutes to complete the agility course that includes the hurdles, dog-walk, tunnel and A-board. Points will be given for each successful completion of obstacle. Dog that completes the agility course in the shortest time and with the highest score will be the winner.

MKA Demo
Enjoy and learn some tricks from MKA obedience training and agility demonstration.

First 200 participants will receive Mystery Gift from Pedigree & Petalog Trading. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be late and grab your chance to get it!

Friday, July 06, 2007


I'm not sure whether this is a Husky or Malamute? The other day went to Cheras's pasar malam. Saw quite alot of people who brings their furkids out for a stroll. I wonder if they'll get heatstroke. Anyway there's shih tzu and silky and there's this super big sized dog, biggest i've ever seen. Pics below :-


Meeko. YEs. That's her new name. Have been thinking for quite sometime. Actually thought of the name Phoebe and Fiona but Phoebe reminds me of someone *disgusted* and it's not dat nice to name a pup with my idol's name (Fiona Sit) :P She's so cute. Crystal Kai Ma came to visit her yesterday *grins*

Resting *sigh*


Sleeping with one ear flapping backwards

Hello, I'm Meeko.

LOL Germaine sleeping with her eyes half opened. Scary eh?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Adoption from PAWS

Apart from having a new baby @ home. We had a visitor on the same day, minutes before Girl girl arrives. This mongrel was adopted by a friend of my brothers from PAWS. An active boy. I don't know his name, so I just called him fei chai (fatty boy) because he has a big tummy. Haha he has a week foot, was only 2 months old. Fei chai's a naughty brat I can say. You know what he did? Bit Germaine's fur and pull it out -.- TSK!

Fei Chai :)

Quite naughty. Pee and Poo everywhere he goes. In an hour he pee-ed like 5 times. *faints*

He liked his tummy to be rubbed

Weirdo sleeping style LOL sent us into fits of laughter

Poodle cut on Germaine

Not the body mind you. It's only the paws. To prevent dirt and dust from sticking onto her paws. Her nails looked kinda ugly tho. My bad, I just couldn't get her to let me cut her nails. So I has grown long. =( The longer it grew, the harder you can get to cut it. Because her nails is in black, you can't see where the quick is. Once u cut too deep, it'll bleed.

Side view

Front view

Her tail was shaved off. Looked cute when she shakes it. Hehe..

Side view of her sexy body =P

An edited pic of her lying on the bed

Yet To Be Named - Miniature Schnauzer

This photo was taken @ the breeder's house. The one on the left is the one I bought. FYI, no name has been given to her yet. It takes my bro ages to think of one. So currently, I'm calling her Girl Girl. The one on the right is her sister. Which was sold off to don't know who. We chose Girl cause she's more quiet and obedient :)

Her new kibbles, Orijen! It smelt so good. I tried one today, tho not as crunchy as Germaine's kibbles but the smell *OOo La La* Even Germaine cannot resist the smell.
The shampoos are to be shared between them. I'm broke!

1st Day @ Home. Exploring the cables with Germaine.

Had to be put inside the play pen. Had to be seperated from Germaine cause she haven't finish her jab.

Germaine's toy LOL

Finally, agreement reached, and payment settled! I can own a MS of my own. I've been longing for this breed for years. (This doesn't mean I don't love Germaine, mind you). Below are the photos of hers. Isn't she cute? She hops like a bunny haha! And she reacts to the slightest sound and will sit quietly at one corner. She doesn't really bark, but likes to make squeeky. You know, like those rubber duckies when u squeezes it.

Inside the pen, drinking H2o. FYI, her tail isn't docked. Don't intend to put her in dog show so I don't mind. Keke.

My boo trimming her nails. First nail, bleed -.- But she didn't yell. Poor thing. Mummy sayang =P


Sitting quietly while her nails are being trimmed. Good Girl!