Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yet To Be Named - Miniature Schnauzer

This photo was taken @ the breeder's house. The one on the left is the one I bought. FYI, no name has been given to her yet. It takes my bro ages to think of one. So currently, I'm calling her Girl Girl. The one on the right is her sister. Which was sold off to don't know who. We chose Girl cause she's more quiet and obedient :)

Her new kibbles, Orijen! It smelt so good. I tried one today, tho not as crunchy as Germaine's kibbles but the smell *OOo La La* Even Germaine cannot resist the smell.
The shampoos are to be shared between them. I'm broke!

1st Day @ Home. Exploring the cables with Germaine.

Had to be put inside the play pen. Had to be seperated from Germaine cause she haven't finish her jab.

Germaine's toy LOL

Finally, agreement reached, and payment settled! I can own a MS of my own. I've been longing for this breed for years. (This doesn't mean I don't love Germaine, mind you). Below are the photos of hers. Isn't she cute? She hops like a bunny haha! And she reacts to the slightest sound and will sit quietly at one corner. She doesn't really bark, but likes to make squeeky. You know, like those rubber duckies when u squeezes it.

Inside the pen, drinking H2o. FYI, her tail isn't docked. Don't intend to put her in dog show so I don't mind. Keke.

My boo trimming her nails. First nail, bleed -.- But she didn't yell. Poor thing. Mummy sayang =P


Sitting quietly while her nails are being trimmed. Good Girl!


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