Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Daddy

Although it's been a year since you left us, you have never left our hearts. I dream of you from time to time and I've always wondered how are you doing and what's it like at the rainbow's end. Though you are no longer here, the memories that we had, I will never forget. Wish I could share with you how fucked up my life is now. At work especially. But I have always admired your independence, responsibility and ability to bare whatever burden that was thrown to you. I'll be strong no matter what happens. I love you.

Missing you dearly.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Shut up you freaks!

I have notice recently, I've unintentionally added so called friends in my life who cares too much for me. I'm a bitch to complain, but who knows what I'm goin thru? If you want to know more bout my stuff come and ask me and not go diggin' like nobody's business from someone else's mouth. Hell wants people like this in their lifes. I just effin hate it to the max. Why are there such humans in this world? To show that how good my other existin buddies are?

What the heck have you been doin all those years that you've been alive? What kinda people have you gotten to know? What kinda village you guys came from? Have you not met with people like me? Im just a bloody fuckin normal human being tryin to live my life to the max. That is the problem when you don't mingle around. But there's also problem when people complaint that you're too quiet and not mixin around. And when I fuckin do, you guys just fuckin freaked out and started to babble shits outta your mouths talkin nonsense. Do you understand the meaning of bullshit?it means cow dung. At least cow dung is of use as a fertilizer. What do you gain by being nosy? Self satisfaction?

I seriously do not know and I prefer if you guys would just fuckin leave me alone as it is. I don't need so called friends like you who wants nothing but gossips. I do not wish to even hang out at ALL!!! Do you get what i'm tryin to say?! I've got a life and a bunch of friends who ar totally worth a thousand million times to depend on compared to you low lifes. And they know how to respect and not freaked out when they see two people of the opposite sex talk or hang out. I have my patience and limits.

And btw most of my fuckin good buddies are guys. If you can't accept it doesn't mean I have to change myself.

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Aunty Lora @ Taman Segar, Cheras

Today, we headed to Cheras for makan because I need to get hair mask - been runnin outta stock for a week. Kesian my hair =(

Last week Melissa and I wanted to fill up our cravins for laksa but it was closed earlier than I thought. Crap. Nowadays this shop has been closing earlier than it used to be. Previously it was opened till 8PM. Nao? 6PM.

The laksa and loh mee is a must try. The loh mee is the authentic Penang type with sticky sauce (IDK what's it's called) and the laksa - "mmmmmm mmmmmmmm!!"

This trip round we ordered prawn mee and laksa.

Prawn mee comes with fresh prawns and just the right chilli to match with the soup base.

And of course the laksa.

I don't fancy pineapple and onions so I just ordered cucumber as the toppings.

Total cost for 1 prawn mee, 2 laksa, and 3 drinks would be approx RM16. And take note, they are closed on every Monday.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restaurant Hong Cha @ OUG

Famous for it's seafood and pork noodle. This shop is located two shops away from Ah Loy curry mee which is nearby to the BHP kiosk.

I ordered Lou shue fun, which was served with generous amount of squid and prawns. There's also slice of fish. It tasted normal to me. Hence, I ordered additional lard. After adding it into the noodle - yummy yum.

This would be the dry pork noodle mee with minced pork. And it comes with another bowl of soup with all the ingredients inside.

=) all these included the drinks cost around RM13.60 Other than the two noodles mentioned, this shop serves simple Japanese cuisines too - tempura and sushies.

Opening hours : 5PM - 11PM (closes on every Wednesday)

One thing I hate about this place is it's full of mozzies!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Remember how it started?
Remember those words?
What'd you felt back then?

Happy? Or insane?
Don't you feel a thing?


Comes and goes, movin forward.

How'd you feel at that point?
How'd a normal human being felt? Only a cold blooded person would feel nothing.

Yeah that's you.

You never complain neither.
I doubted your words then.
I chose to ignore.

Now I felt it myself.
Now this has to be stopped.
I'm sick of waitin.

You're full of yourselves.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Random rant post

Tomorrow I will work in hell for two weeks =( don't ask why. Damn stressed up.

Thanks to those who understands me, for putting up with my rantings, for being there to love me, for hanging out with me and pampering me with evilish good food and ice cream <3 shopping heals for a lil while.

Love you.

I can't wait to go back to Ipoh next week. Miss meeko baby <3

Love the mini shorts bought from Zara.

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