Monday, August 30, 2010

Aunty Lora @ Taman Segar, Cheras

Today, we headed to Cheras for makan because I need to get hair mask - been runnin outta stock for a week. Kesian my hair =(

Last week Melissa and I wanted to fill up our cravins for laksa but it was closed earlier than I thought. Crap. Nowadays this shop has been closing earlier than it used to be. Previously it was opened till 8PM. Nao? 6PM.

The laksa and loh mee is a must try. The loh mee is the authentic Penang type with sticky sauce (IDK what's it's called) and the laksa - "mmmmmm mmmmmmmm!!"

This trip round we ordered prawn mee and laksa.

Prawn mee comes with fresh prawns and just the right chilli to match with the soup base.

And of course the laksa.

I don't fancy pineapple and onions so I just ordered cucumber as the toppings.

Total cost for 1 prawn mee, 2 laksa, and 3 drinks would be approx RM16. And take note, they are closed on every Monday.

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