Sunday, August 31, 2008


Good Afternoon guys.

Happy 51st Independence Day to all Malaysians.
How did you guys celebrate?

I had diarrhea. Continously went to the loo 4 times yesterday night.
I couldn't resist it, the chili was too tempting. It was so nice.
Yeah, I had Steamboat @ Ho Ho in Sri Petaling. Practically finished whole bowl of chili.

An hour later, the torture began. *sigh*

Wish I could poo out all the fats in me *dreaming* No such thing :P

I had to lose least 5kgs. I had to wear the Zara tube dress. It has not been touched since I bought it few months ago. I had gained freakin 6kgs in one year. I only found out recently, when Jill and I went to the vet to get Germaine's nails trimmed, and for fun we weighed ourselves on the machine meant for pets! Hahahaha!! And he gained 10kgs!!!!!!

As I was blogging, there's a female in disguise talking to me on MSN. I suspected this person is a HE because, his MSN's avatar was a girls body in bikini and his status reads "i love this body". So there's no reason to believe that this human is a female. Well, even "she" is, read this :-

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
(FYI, over the few months "she" has been nudging me for many many times but I ignored.)

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
(After few nudges, I was irritated)

(Miki (M) ; Lovesoccer188 (L))

M : ?
L : Do you have bf?
M : yeah I'm married. What is this about?
L : Body Figure?
M : Learn how to respect women and I'll consider tellin ya.
L : Okok. Height? Weight?
M: (at this moment, I decided to play along) 158cm 45kg (i wish)
L : body figure?
M : What is this really about actually?
L : 36 24 36

(wtf. He thought I couldn't understand the word "body figure")

M : Do you understand English? I'm asking you what is the need to know get these info from me?
L : for info


M : okay okay 36 25 35
L : C cup
M : Yeap.
L : Nice body.
M : Thanks so done?
L : Where ya from?
M : Ipoh but now working in KL. Why are you asking so much crap?

(...No respond. Offline he went.)

After few minutes...

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.

M : Yeah? Are you a guy or gal? I feel that you're a guy wo *act innocent*
L : Guy. So? Do you have Friendster?

Ohhh...lansi back me with so so so lah!! *clinching fist*

M : Sorry no FS nor FB
L : Give me lar. Lastime I don't know how to add you.
M : I deleted my account
L : Where you from?
M : I already told ya. Ipoh but working in KL.
L : Ohh Sorry..I'm from KL, but now in Melaka. Can meet you?
M : When you coming down KL?
L : Mmmmm...soon. Do you have bf?
M : wtf I already told you I have. How many girls are you chatting with?
L : Will he be jealous if I meet you?
M : nah..just meeting friends. He does that alot too
L : You how old?
M : 25, old dy. You?
L : 30

wtf omfg

L : Got any girl to intro to me?
M : What girls? I'm not good enough for you?
L : Good but you got bf, still can be my gf?
M : I do part time.
L : What I can get from you being your partime bf?
M : What you lookin for? It's you who's looking for a gf okay.
L : Make Love
M : How good are you at it? What's your name btw?
L : Caall me weiwei. Can make love?
M : If you're good at it. What benefit do I get? Isn't weiwei a girl's name? (wtf weiwei? That's a girl's name wehhh.)
L : What you want?
M : There's no free lunch in this world. What can you offer me? What you work as?
L : Ok Can also call me Stanley. If I have sex with you will your bf jealous or not? ite supervisor in construction line. you?
M : I can handle that no worries. I'm an accountant (Bwahahahahahhaa)
L : Wow. You had sex with many guys b4?
M : Depends what they offer me.'re wasting my time
L : Normally what the guys offer you?
M : (exaggerates) 1K worth of shopping spree, diamond watches, branded bags...
L : (kept quiet for some time....) Whats your number?
M : Gimme yours and I'll call.
L : I will call you when I need you.
M : Ok then. Bye.
L : Bye.

wtf. I phailed BIG TIME!!! Sigh..I suck in baiting people lahh. The way I talk. Hahaha no patience...can see I'm about to explode anytime. Oh btw, his msn's e-mail is similar to his nick *winks*

Okay. Gonna continue me drama. Btw, I'm continuing Takuya Kimura's Engine. Watched 5 episodes 2 years back...and today Episode 6 =) Cheers!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Quit

Won't touch it no more. The smell of it makes me feel like puking.

I am so gonna quit...

Goin to quit that thing..

Quit ALCOHOL....for 2 weeks that is.

LOL. I nearly KO-ed yesterday.

I haven't been drinking often lately, my level of alcohol intake had obviously decreased.

Screw You Chivas.

I'm gonna go on "puasa"

Alcohol fasting for 14days =)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Ngau Yat!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG I totally heart Betsey Johnson's new collection, dresses to be exact. I'd die to own these two. *faints*

So the Reese Witherspoon feel, no? Hahaha. Who cares :P

Okay, first and foremost, this post isn't only about the heart throbing dresses.

Wanted to wish someone special a very happy birthday.


I hope you'd be peeping my blog tomorrow *grins*

We went to Jogoya. My first time there. Shall post up the pics of the food there later. I was so hungry that I didn't bother to snap any pics. But the desert was superb!!!!!!

Haha bye!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rants of Me Life

What d'ya think? Better view from the increased font size? I was awake editing the layout until 5am in the morning. Font size were increased (by one :P) and got rid one some grey color headings and ribbons. Added Plurk, as you can see on the left hand side frame.

And I had to wake up at 8.30am today. *bang wall* I only had 3 hours of sleep. My eyes are dropping like nobody's business. I need toothpick!!

Cymon cymon, gimme some feedback please, you're the only one who complains bout my tiny fonts =( and I won't be changing the background cause it matches everything me at least.

Reis SMS-ed me yesterday asking if I am free to dogsit her pooch, a cutie Yorkshire Terrier named Bebe. She was called to attend outstation meeting @ GuangZhou last minute.
Being a doggy freak, I agreed. Bebe will be over @ my place next Thursday until the following Monday. Excited-ness kan, Sheryl? LOL. So I have a canine to bring along to Hugo and Sushi's party after all huh?

I was asked why do I always bring other people's doggy to gatherings and all =( You know what? It kinda hurt being hit with such kinda Q. Do you guys think I don't wish to bring my furkids? Do you guys not know that I feel so bad that my furkids were not able to feel how other pooches feel, no? They have never in their life attended anything like this. Boohooo~ =( I'm a bad mommy.

It's not easy to look for someone who can accept living with canines. How many of you out there actually pour your hearts out to animals? I have encountered a few idiots who said dogs are dirty, cats are smelly, so forth. I always answer the same thing, "They (dogs,cats) are probably way cleaner than you cause at least their mouth does not smell like troll's breath!!!", in my heart of course.

On the other hand, I also understand that there are people who buy pets for ridiculous reason.

- kiasu.
They see people got, they also want. Rich mah. Buy how many also no problem! Just like my boo's stupid uncle. This is his 4th dog, where 2 of hs previous dogs went lost. Now, don't get me started on this. He's a stupid man!!

- they love dogs...but.
Those who doesn't bother to do research. After getting the pup, they feed em with Pedigree lah, Alpo lah. Oi, there's a thing call Google.
Those who buy dog(s) but have no time or enough money to take care of them. The one who suffers in the end is who? your dog, no? No money then don't rear lah! Vaccination, heart worm prevention, grooming, etc everything needs $$$$$!!!
And if you're always hanging out every night..then don't get one as well. Dogs are not like vase for you to put as decoration at home, or your teddy bear, hug whenever you like it.

I don't trust strangers. With heaps of dognapping cases around, I would rather die risking their lifes for this. Some of you might recall the Dog Murdering case which happened @ Old Klang Road. Noo nooo..can't do it. Maybe I'd only bring them over, after I get my own place. Patience, babies.

I have longed to shift out from my boo's house. Yes, I am staying with his family, which consist of total 5 siblings, parents and previously a maid. The crazy lunatic maid who were sent away. I did blogged about her in my previous post.

Why? I have no privacy here. My boo knew bout this. I did not complain to him nicely about this. I blurted it out when we got into a heated arguement few months ago. I packed my stuff and wanted to move out. The whole drama thing was terrible.

Secondly, I have no place to put my clothes, my lingerie, my sanitary pads, and not even a table to put my make ups. Hello! He kongsi the room with his brother. You should see how 'BIG' his room is, with 2 single bed, a four door wardrobe, a 2 door cupboard, mini hi-fi and a study table.

I have nothing against his family. His mother treated me very nice. Just like her own daughter. I couldn't ask for more. She cooks the nicest food, boils the yummiest soup and frys the most delicious char kuey teow. But I need privacy. I want to have the freedom to lie down wherever I want, sing as loud as I like in the shower, cooking for my boo, doing housework, etc etc. And I desperately wanted to bring my furkids to KL.

What I wanted to do now is to concentrate in my career. Earn loads to get those in my wish list =P Muhahaha.

Today's not my luck. I got beaten up like zomg times in Kuwakchai Online. Bummer.

Okay lunch time!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

All about dogs

Those of you who followed me blog, should expect what this post is about.

Yeah. I had to be babysit Mei Mei =) but only for 3D 2N.

She's so cute. But grew more kwai lan than ever.

Likes to bite people's hand as if it was a toy. *faints*

Enjoy the pics. These pics were taken after grooming.

Btw, I don't think Segar Pet Grooming gave a very good job in their service.

There some matted fur on Mei's body, but they did not dematt it.

But it was cheap. Only 20 bucks. (Cheaper compared to my dogs lah!!)

Enjoy the pics =)

Do I look like sleeping?

No..she's not.

My stupid brother trying to get her to smell his shoe. *slaps*

She was made to sit on the floor still by my boo. HAHA I had a video on this. But too lazy to upload into YouTube. She was so scared of my boo. (Both my dogs too!) She daren't move.

She kept looking at me, as if asking for help. I couldn't help laughing. But I couldn't show it to her that I'm laughing. No joke Mei Mei. *hugs*

Tho, all 3 of em are scared of my boo, but they listen to my boo the most. They still wag tail when they see him.

This snowman was an X'mas present from a friend. But it belongs to her now. Haha. Whenever she's over my place. She'll at least have a few toys to play with.

I couldn't let her down walking around the salon. Have to think of the Malay people's feeling. Some saw got dog, they won't come in. So I had to make her sit with me on the cushion...till she fell asleep. Cutie *kisses*

Awake *blinks blinks*

But couldn't get down. *shrugs*

The very next day she had to go home lu. Missed her. She runs like a rabbit =)

Take care Mei :P

I know it's a waste of money, but it's about time I get something for my dogs. Since I'm going back for 4D 3N.

Neat but not cheap.

Walking Harness. (Google if tak tau) It was the smallest size. The box said this could even fit a pomerian. wtf when I tried on Germaine, it was so freakin loose. This was like her what? 5th leash? *bang wall*

Once in a blue moon treat.

This is soooooOOooo expensive @ Pet Wonderland. No discount. Reis bought it from Pet Family at RM4.60 only.

Kong Kong :P They'd sure fight over this.

Trip to Ipoh - Penang - Kedah - Penang - Ipoh was so so. I did not snap much photo.

But I was able to meet up with cymon, stella mui, ben ben, ziggy and carmen. And Kelvin and Jill too. Teddy wasn't free to come out =( Something came up. Busy fella.

Finally after so many months I can get to eat Big Tree Leg. Ohhhh and I tried the corn juice. *melts*

Penang trip was still okay. I stil get to online. And I met up with an old friend, Stan Lee. *grins*

Kedah's trip was superbly bored. Kill me please. After praying my grandpa, I started sleeping. I slept through the whole process, even when people were walking in and out the living room, chatting loudly during lunch, etc...I slept through all of it. I did not know who came or went. When my cousin bro, woke me up to bid me goodbye. Paisehhhhh! I looked horible with my messed up hair.

After settled everything, we went back to Penang. And to Ipoh the next day...KL in the evening itself. No time with my babies *sob*

I followed my aunt's car. She was having lawyer's dinner @ Equatorial Hotel. Jean Yenn ikut sekali since it was school hols. We stayed @ the hotel for 2 days.

When we reached, luckily there was no jam. We managed to be on time. We were so hungry. Since the hotel was few steps away from the building where Ruums was, we headed there after we unload our luggage...

Thank God It's Friday *grins*

We ordered like everything was cheap. LOL


Mango Juice

Jack Daniel's steak - medium rare


Dessert, which in the end we couldn't finish it. This was the LEFT OVER!!

When the bill came....Jeng jeng jeng jeng...





RM132 Thank You

Ngoi Sum Soup

I love soup. As long as it is hot, nothing can stop me. *grins*

Last week I was invited over to Paige's place.

She boiled the 'zhar choy' with chicken soup.

Happiness. =P

I managed to finish 2 bowls.

Look at this..i love the vege. It's my fav.

We did not linger long after that due to her spoiled air con.

We had to go out to the mamak to get some fresh air. It was too stuffy in there.

The next day my boo's car was scheduled for service.

The Cheras Perodua branch was fully booked. Served him right.

Told ya to call one week earlier. :P :P :P

So we went to this branch in Puchong. While waiting for them to process the documents, I saw this mongrel (there were actually a few outside), whom I nearly knocked into when I reversed my car.

He was very submissive when I approached him. He took a few steps forward (I was kneeling down) but back again as I move ahead.

But after few minutes, he came forward, asked for a stroke.

He was a friendly but poor lil mongrel. His body was so thin. Can see the rib bones =(

Sniffing all over me. Maybe due to Mei Mei's smell.

I wanted to get Boy Boy (a random name I gave him :P) some food but the nearest shop was 20 mins walk from the place.

What kinda place is this no mamak or restaurant?!

Before I left, took some water from the office for Boy Boy.

The staff there teased me when they say Boy Boy was obediently sitting in front of the office waiting for me to go out. Some of them asked me to bring him home. Some called Boy Boy as my pet.

Righttttt very funnay.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Goin back homie tonight. Woots~

More updates soon. (on babysitting mei mei, steamboat, midvalley's furniture fair and Ipoh food =P)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Emo Sunday

I woke up at 12pm. I have the whole room to myself.

Thus, I went online - in my room. Tho the signal's very bad from there. You gotta sit still at one spot as not to spoil the transmission. >.< numbness!!

It bores me to death. Nothing special to do. No one special to chat with. He was there but then online for few hours then offline dy. *sigh*

Out of a sudden, Romantic Princess ran across me mind. Rewatch!!

I love episode 7 where Gramps wanted to test how Jin felt towards Xiao Mai. *dreams* The moment he found her in the house where they kissed. Sweet can!! I can only wish.

Love Wu Chun's personality. How he can be so cool and ego but caring at the same time.

Thruth is, I don't like watching Taiwan Dramas. First because the stories are too good to be true. It won't happen to real life people. These are fairy tales. Secondly, I prefer English and TVB series moar. *grins*

The emo attack has been getting on my nerves. It lasted so long this time. Things were getting bad.

I don't know why he's been in my mind lately. Why him? How the hell? I only met him twice damn it!!! I don't even remember how he looked in detail. The way he treats me, it's really killing me inside. Fuck it. Fuck everything you do.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scary Lift Experience

It was a lovely morning and I was happily preparing Jean Yenn (my cousin sister) for school.

Hmmm she did not grow much at all since the last time I saw her. And little that I know that she was sent to a private school. Not convent anymore.

As I walk her along to pathway heading to the lift, there were quite a number of salesman selling Jacobs Oatmeal Biscuit wtf?

So in the lift we were, the door life was closing halfway when suddenly another girl in her primary school uniform with her hair tied up rushed in.

"Lucky I made it," she said and smiled at us. But I saw her hair got hamburgered in between the door.

Not long after her remark, another door is starting to close. Wtf? Why lift has two doors?! She could get squashed man. Before that could happen, I saw the 3rd door closing.

Quickly I turned my back towards the door. She made no noise. Weird.

As the lift starts going one floor down, I could her her body getting squashed.

And blood spitted out from the door 'gap'. It got the whole of my back and side of my face as I was facing to my right side looking at Yenn. Her whole face was filled with blood.

OMFG, what happened to her? She just died like that? She did not even strugle nor scream. Not squeals were heard.

The lift has gone cucukoo-ed. I wanted to go to the ground floor but it took me up to 20th floor. Up and down, up and down and up it goes.

When it finally stopped at the G, the door wouldn't open. So I climbed up to the top. There were holes there and I saw a cop passing by. I shouted for help.

As he come close to the lift, he was horrified to see what happened and refused to let us out.

What I remembered next was everyone was here, surrounding me. And I was crying like shit.
I did not kill her! She herself come in like that and got her hair stuck in between. I tried to reopen the lift door but it wouldn't open!! *sobbing out loud*

Reallllllllllll loud. Never have I felt so scared in my life.

I saw alot of high school friends, Kwai Lee is one of them. They tried to comfort me, giving me advice etc etc etc. Andy was there too. LULZ.

Why am I even laughing? HAHAHA. Cause it's just a dream. But it was so REAL.

The funny part was, when I got home, I saw not one, but two 'Simons'. I tried talking to one of them, but he was busy on the phone.

DAMN YOU SIMON SOONG!!! DON'T you treat me as a friend anymore. wtf I screamed at him. HAHAHAHA

And the other Simon was the Ipoh Thread's one.

Was it a dream or was it REAL? I kept asking myself in the dream.

Forced myself to wake.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Emo post

Dear Diary,

I feel very......

love deprived and emo today.

Sup? I truly don't understand myself anymore. Something is always behind my mind. I couldn't find my track anymore.

And it makes me doubt, am I initially on the right one? Should I make a different move? or just go with the flow? It's my future and my destiny on my own hands. Make it no? Break it?

Of all the time, out of all the people, why YOU?

I have a mixed up feelings in me. I've put in deep thoughts but sometimes it just doesnt't work. *hits the pilloh*

Listen to my heart? To my conscience? Can I just do what I feel like doing, ignoring the consequences? That's the difference between an adult and a kid. Zero responsibilities, zero problems. *sighs*

My theory of life is to make each day that I am alive happy. You won't know what's gonna happen tomorrow right. War could strike. I could be dianogsed with cervical cancer.

This might sound selfish but I'm not asking for money nor Limited Edition LVs. I just want to be happy. Being able to do what I want. No restrictions. But as you age, with more problems bombarding, you might not even have time to think of HAPPINESS =(

Problems. It's what made us tough day by day.

It's not the right time. I need more assurance. *winks*

Olympic 2008 Day

Hello auspicious day. Woke up pretty early today. *grumbles*

Tonight's the opening ceremony no? 8PM as I was told. I hardly watch TV. It hardly gets unoccupied. Not until 2 or 3am.

I did not sleep well this morning =( Yes. I retired to bed at 4am. Yet I could not get myself to DreamLand. Due to bone aching wtf. No it is NOT PMS cramps.

Apart from chatting cucuk with Durian, I had a good time laughing at Paige trying to learn Mandarin thru her PSP before I knocked out. My boo couldn't help laughing too!! XD

Hmmm...Geez. Suddenly I crave for this

So hungry!! But no American BF around here. Tsk tsk tsk!

I miss Angel's Hair, which I cooked with super big fresh prawns, mushrooms and chicken cocktails. Can say it's one of the nicest food I am able to show off with. Hahahaha! I suck when it comes to cooking. No chance to learn mate. Where I'm staying now the kitchen does not belong to me. =( I don't feel comfy messing with other people's kitchen no.

Thinking bout food, must not miss the dessert!! *blinks*

*drum roll*





*squeals* BR's Maui Brownies Ice Cream!! Not a miss..not a miss.

And yeah before I sums thing up, this is for Durian =) yummy yum. Wo de zui ai *hearts*

I know you dun have a sweet tooth but I like! *syok sendiri*

Food definitiely makes me feel better.


Lately Paige and I have been busy going out for yumcha cum DS sessions.

We actually try all sorts of games, starting from Tetris to Animal Crossing.

Had a good laugh playing AC cause I was so noob to control the character in the game.

Here are some pics of yesterday's outing @ Sri Petaling's Kinrara. Thank god they opt to go for this one rather than Kuchai Lama's. The last time we both went there, we lost few litres of blood :P

Though it was drizzling tonight, Paige wanted to go to OUG's pasar malam to get what she wanted - a Pokemon handphone hanger.

To her avail, there was not even a single Pikachu merchandise for sale. All I saw was 7chai, mickey Mouse and Naruto.

She refused to leave as rain got heavier, she wanted to at least get something, else the effort of going to the pasar malam will be wasted. Don't be so sampat can?

So she got this. Three of these.

One for herself, one for me and the one in the wrapper is for Sam Por. That's so sweet of her *hugs* Thanks dear.

*Chuckles* Everytime I call her dear she'd vomit. What?! You're not used to it only.

Guess which one is mine? If you know my fav color, it's be kacang puteh to guess bah.

After that we went to ABC mamak for a drink, to test Cooking Mama 2 and AC =). We were busy laughing and exploring each other's town that I didn't notice it was 12am.

Happy 080808 everyone =)

Want to see what was our DS session like?

Haha, the 1st one is Mario Kart. Me vs Jason.

I won of course =P But it was fun.

And the 2nd one is the Battle of Tetris. Shing Ji claimed that Tetris is a game for kids. So Paige wanted me to challenge him.

Paiseh paiseh. But before the game ends, my driver arrived dee.

So there weren't winner or loser =)