Monday, August 11, 2008

Emo Sunday

I woke up at 12pm. I have the whole room to myself.

Thus, I went online - in my room. Tho the signal's very bad from there. You gotta sit still at one spot as not to spoil the transmission. >.< numbness!!

It bores me to death. Nothing special to do. No one special to chat with. He was there but then online for few hours then offline dy. *sigh*

Out of a sudden, Romantic Princess ran across me mind. Rewatch!!

I love episode 7 where Gramps wanted to test how Jin felt towards Xiao Mai. *dreams* The moment he found her in the house where they kissed. Sweet can!! I can only wish.

Love Wu Chun's personality. How he can be so cool and ego but caring at the same time.

Thruth is, I don't like watching Taiwan Dramas. First because the stories are too good to be true. It won't happen to real life people. These are fairy tales. Secondly, I prefer English and TVB series moar. *grins*

The emo attack has been getting on my nerves. It lasted so long this time. Things were getting bad.

I don't know why he's been in my mind lately. Why him? How the hell? I only met him twice damn it!!! I don't even remember how he looked in detail. The way he treats me, it's really killing me inside. Fuck it. Fuck everything you do.

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