Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scary Lift Experience

It was a lovely morning and I was happily preparing Jean Yenn (my cousin sister) for school.

Hmmm she did not grow much at all since the last time I saw her. And little that I know that she was sent to a private school. Not convent anymore.

As I walk her along to pathway heading to the lift, there were quite a number of salesman selling Jacobs Oatmeal Biscuit wtf?

So in the lift we were, the door life was closing halfway when suddenly another girl in her primary school uniform with her hair tied up rushed in.

"Lucky I made it," she said and smiled at us. But I saw her hair got hamburgered in between the door.

Not long after her remark, another door is starting to close. Wtf? Why lift has two doors?! She could get squashed man. Before that could happen, I saw the 3rd door closing.

Quickly I turned my back towards the door. She made no noise. Weird.

As the lift starts going one floor down, I could her her body getting squashed.

And blood spitted out from the door 'gap'. It got the whole of my back and side of my face as I was facing to my right side looking at Yenn. Her whole face was filled with blood.

OMFG, what happened to her? She just died like that? She did not even strugle nor scream. Not squeals were heard.

The lift has gone cucukoo-ed. I wanted to go to the ground floor but it took me up to 20th floor. Up and down, up and down and up it goes.

When it finally stopped at the G, the door wouldn't open. So I climbed up to the top. There were holes there and I saw a cop passing by. I shouted for help.

As he come close to the lift, he was horrified to see what happened and refused to let us out.

What I remembered next was everyone was here, surrounding me. And I was crying like shit.
I did not kill her! She herself come in like that and got her hair stuck in between. I tried to reopen the lift door but it wouldn't open!! *sobbing out loud*

Reallllllllllll loud. Never have I felt so scared in my life.

I saw alot of high school friends, Kwai Lee is one of them. They tried to comfort me, giving me advice etc etc etc. Andy was there too. LULZ.

Why am I even laughing? HAHAHA. Cause it's just a dream. But it was so REAL.

The funny part was, when I got home, I saw not one, but two 'Simons'. I tried talking to one of them, but he was busy on the phone.

DAMN YOU SIMON SOONG!!! DON'T you treat me as a friend anymore. wtf I screamed at him. HAHAHAHA

And the other Simon was the Ipoh Thread's one.

Was it a dream or was it REAL? I kept asking myself in the dream.

Forced myself to wake.


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