Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After reading hottylicious t3ngt3ng's blog on "What will you do when your partner's away?"

Hmmmm....*brain storming* I could have done quite a set of different things. What I mean by set is that if I were to stay home, I would have done set A. Else, I'd prolly be doing B stuffs. Depends on the time and day.

Well, he seldom goes out. So when he does, I'd be at home doing my own stuff e.g watching drama, SMS-ing, cracking my head (on my NDSL) out trying to solve Professor Layton's Puzzle No.100 and Diner Dash =P If I have Internet, then I'd be sticking by butt on the PC chair for as long as I can..blogging, gaming, crapping in LYN, etc. So prolly there's nothing special..Oh if my two babies were with me, even better. *sigh* I miss you two so muchhhhh!!! =(

P/S : There'll be a launch for PETSTER magazine @ The Curve this Sunday (2nd of March 08)!! It's a English pet magazine. Be there to support :P Gosh I oughta go sleep..my eyes are killing me -.-

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupidity at the first degree

Just 15 minutes ago I witnessed something which made me angry (okay..for like 10 minutes) about Malaysians. While I was enjoying my cup of "Heong Phin" tea at a dim sum shop in Kuchai Lama, out of a sudden, there was this Indian dude in his mid 40s with big belly and bald headed, shouting at a table where a group of Vietnamese workers were doing their work..

" Apa ini ayam dengan nasi (wut he meant was Chicken Glutinous Rice / Lor Mai Kai) you mau tipu saya ka? Jual tiga ringgit dua puluh sen (RM3.20) begitu mahal? Lu percayakah nanti saya lipot polis mali tangkap lu semua tarak permit punya olang? (Pointing at them again and again) Saya polis tau. Jual begitu mahal..bagi orang Cina semua makan lah baik baik. Tiga ringgit dua puluh sen punya ayam dengan nasi lu pun kasi jual? Lu masak ada apa dalam?"

He kept on repeating the same thing over and over again. Nobody was like even looking at him. Not even the boss and he kept on and on talking non stop to himself. Eventually he got angrier and went to talk to the customers sitting next table from us.

And then one of the Chinese girl working there asked, " You kata you polis, tunjuk permit la"

Indian dude : Lu mau saya tunjuk ka (Starting to korek his wallet out)
Girl : Tak mau (walking away)

Then, he walked to the Chinese workers sitting aside having their supper, and take his wallet out and said :-

"Lu ingat saya tak ada wang bayar ka? (Taking out notes showing off. I couldn't see how much la, was too far) Lu mau report..report saya lah! Nanti saya suruh polis datang tangkap lu semua takda permit punya olang"

Chinese gal : Mereka ada permit and kerja ikut schedule punya lah!!

The funny part was, he was holding the packet of thing he bought during the whole session. I was like "If you think it's expensive why buy? There was a big signage showing the price on the wall. If you don't know how to read Chinese please go and learn before buying Chinese food and if you're soooooooooooooo not satisfied bout the price please go back and eat TOSAI"

After he was satisfied scolding, he sped off in his motorbike. -.-"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boring Sunday

What a boring Sunday. Last week went twice to Kuchai Lama hoping to get Dim Sum but didn't notice the shop was closed until today *sweats* Later I'm gonna go get some..HAHAH Santhi grab a cab and come on over join me =P If you come..dim sum on the house for you. LOL!!

The other day, on Chap Goh Meh night (have loads of pics to post up but no cable lar..tunggu ini weekend balik Ipoh then I post), my boo's brother punya friend tanya one funny question. Orite, the conversation goes like this :-

(A= boo's bro ; B = boo's brother's friend)

B : Eh..I ask you..what is the past tense of "wah lau" ?
A : Huh? How the heck I know?
B : Wah Piang is the answer
Me : *sweats* -___________-""" (wtf? walau's past tense?)

And today..it was sooo freakin bored in MSN..Santhi and I was crapping around and we ended up screwing around with our MSN status-es :-

(S : Santhi's MSN Status ; A : Mine)

S : annie is an anjing
A : santhi is a babi
(Then she asked what is the breed of my dog. So I told her Silky Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer)
S : annie is an anjing miniature schnauzer...where is my dimsum and steamboat..ahahhaha
A : santhi is a flying pink khinzir..asyik makan ajer..babi betul
S : annie is an anjing
A : santhi loves G...so who's the anjing now?? HAHHAAHHAHAAH
S : annie shut up
A : do you know G means pig in Cantonese? HAHAHA
S : annie come lets go to the tiesto rave go la annie anjing u
A : santhi loves tiesto more than me =(

Okay end of story....the rest not funny anymore edi =)

I'm cracking my brains out trying to solve Puzzle No.100 for Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Final Chapter already..but I couldn't get the answer..anyone help?!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy CNY!!

I've been so broke this CNY. Been spending so much *shrugs*

Cost me hundred over bucks for these =P

My baby..

Say cheese..

Brought my 3 cousins go for Sushi King..Lama tak makan dah

Bought her a clip frm Maggie T..to match with her yellow shirt :P


My all time fav..:P

The guys came over to gamble at my house..


Sau Gong :P

Hardcore Clubbin

Random pics of us @ Sincero (East) and Sincero Riverbank.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Shameful Blast

Most of the ppl who went with us, should know what the topic means.


O'rite. I only got part of the photos from Brandon. Some were at Jill and Teddy. But anyway here are the photos.

From left back row :- Simon, YKC (I dunno his real name), me, unknown girl and Bond =)

From left back row :- Simon, Catacombs, YKC, Jill, I and unknown B


Aiyah, you should know who ba


Thanks Brandon for your 'BIG' help =)

Happy Birthday Grandma

Title says all :P

Yam Cake..

Part of the family members who attended..

Canwhore time..

My cousin..cute bor?



Say Cheese :D

Happy Birthday :)

Cousins :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh My God! Oh My God!

I lurve Edison Chen. He's so so hot. But wtf? Pathetic! The other day I was looking thru the Entertainment Edition of a Chinese Edition Newspaper..I saw pics of him, Gil and Cecelia Cheung and I wondered what was it.

Pardon me, I'm a banana and I couldn't read Chinese. It seems that Edison's PC was hacked and pics of 'Intimate Moments' between him and some other gals (including his ex Bobo) was leaked -.-

Today I read thru the forum bout this matter..and saw pics...Edison and Cecelia Cheung? OMFG.

O'rite. Enough of Kaypoh-ing. :P

Bummer =/

Happy Chinese New Year!!~
Wishing everyone on in advance cause I don't think I'd be online till after CNY. Everyone shop for their new year clothes I guess...I havent!! =( Some ppl even started to go back to their hometown edi. I have two more days =/
Went to SG8, the environment sucks BIG TIME. I went cause Saximon asked me to. Your pasal lah! Padan muka ur phone kena dropped by ur girlfriend! That's for using me :P Revenge revenge...Kakaka!! BTW, I want my leng leng pics!! But one thing, one of the live band singer there..yeng! :P He turned out to be 30++ years old..*bummed* :P Overall, everyone with T-shirt..macam baju tidur..and not even one leng jai -.-
Ok ba..I'm stuck with what to say..Going dim sum..laterz =) Have a nice holiday.

Updates!! =)

Update time!! Sorry uys been very busy with my stuff lately. just settled down everything =)

Short Hair =)


Ditto ditto...

After extension...

Before cutting the extension...

Took inside toilet...Haha :P

Back view...

Sohai Specs :P Not mine btw..

My new grey lens :P

Camwhore Biatch

Can't really see the color..unless with flash



It's me again...

This is I...


Ok last one...


Alex...kononnyer :P Can see color?

My bro and I