Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bummer =/

Happy Chinese New Year!!~
Wishing everyone on in advance cause I don't think I'd be online till after CNY. Everyone shop for their new year clothes I guess...I havent!! =( Some ppl even started to go back to their hometown edi. I have two more days =/
Went to SG8, the environment sucks BIG TIME. I went cause Saximon asked me to. Your pasal lah! Padan muka ur phone kena dropped by ur girlfriend! That's for using me :P Revenge revenge...Kakaka!! BTW, I want my leng leng pics!! But one thing, one of the live band singer there..yeng! :P He turned out to be 30++ years old..*bummed* :P Overall, everyone with T-shirt..macam baju tidur..and not even one leng jai -.-
Ok ba..I'm stuck with what to say..Going dim sum..laterz =) Have a nice holiday.

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