Monday, August 17, 2009

BBQ @ Eagle's

Xoxo =)

Sweet Like Candy

If you're wondering what this is...a M&M's dispenser. Cute? Left is for large peanut size and right is for smaller ones. Notice the birdie with it's beak wide open? Effin cute!!

A new flavor I tried today. No nuts but with peanut butter. A must try for peanut butter lovers

A gift from Disneyland. Awwww..thanks Ray. He just came back from HK. *grins*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Iphone Post

Test'in test'in.

FYI, I purchased Emoji *grins*

and I'm gettin addicted Can you see that? That's my mood for today I guess. *sigh*

I'm happy that I'm able to blog through phone...finally!

I purchased two other apps. I've been wanting to get this tower defense game called FieldRunner. Something similar to TD =)

Pics coming soon *frowns*

Xoxo =)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Random Post - August

Have not been updating for a while. Loadsa outing lately. And btw, it's SALES season!! I've been wanting to go Forever21 in Pyramid to shop but no teman =( I'm gonna go next week =P Manage to grab a few tops from Z and M and 2 pairs of shoes from N =) *hyper*

Grabbed an E bag for my boo as his has worn out. But he doesn't really like it coz it's way smaller than his present one and have no zipper on the inside. Choosy idiot.

After 3 weeks I've decided to groom Germaine. Her fur was so tangled up. Forgotten to snap pics of her fur. LOL. We did it at the car porch this time in the evening. I know we shouldn't shower her in the evening but can't stand it anymore. I guess she felt the pain when fur is tangled. It took us 2 hours to completely groom her and dry her up with cool air. Guess I have to shower her my own more often with lanolin oil to moisturize back her fur. Hmmm...*prays hard this will happen*

My fav drink after grooming! *satisfaction* Thanks to Seamus darling =)

Random pic taken @ Subang's Neway. Not recommended to go for Karaoke session. Sound system too soft and room bery small =( Beside me that's Aaron, Jackson 5 wannabe! Muahahaha!!

Made lunch for my boo today. Angel fav! =) But he was so busy when I reached that the spaghetti became cold dy =( But still it was nice cause I was too hungry dy. LOL