Monday, April 14, 2008

Ahoy Ipoh

My eyes got infected again. Guess my eyes isn't compatible with color lens lah wtf. BUMMER!! Have to go order toric lens d.

Sincero again with my red red jelly eyes *sob*

Me and Sexy mon

Jeff and I. The whole night, I was tearing. Couldn't face the spot lights. Wtf, so sunfu.

While I'm bloggin here at 4.30am, my baby's sound asleep beside me, all coiled up. She wanted to sleep on my lap ALL the time whenever I'm in front of the PC. But after 30 minutes, my legs couldn't take the numbness.

Oh yeah, my bro's salon is shifting from 1st floor to ground floor finally! Congratulations Ray. I'm so excited for them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday my dear

It's Keeko dalring's birthday today..I'd like to wish him a very ...


Hope you had fun tonight and sorry I couldn't be there to HIAO with you.

Best of luck and happiness always =) *muax*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bulgarian Idol - Ken Lee

ROFLMAOOOOO!!! This is a must watch video. One of the contestant trying to sing Mariah Carey's Without You

Contestant : I'm goin to sing Mariah Carey's song "Ken Lee"
Judge : Ken Lee? Don't you mean Without You
Contestant : No (-.- wtf? HAHAHA Dare to bangkang somore)

So eventually she started singing....where the lyrics goes like this

KEN LEEEEEE tulibu libu douchoo (I can't live, if living is without you)

After finish...

Judge : What language is this?
Contestant : English (ROFLMAO!!!! wtf)

Good job :P

bloggin wit n95

Fist pic, is my lil cuzzie.

The rest, are my babies. Haha. Meeko l0oks funny.

Last few pics, Baskin ice cream i had at Kinta Cinty,Ipoh. Yum yum!

Finally, teo chew porridge, we had at aman desa, cheras. Not as nice as the one i tried at Pudu tho.

Susahlah, to blog wit N95, couldnt copy and paste, etc. Adios!


Out of boredom, I actually bought this today when I pass by a shop in Carefour Sri Petaling..

Keroro Gunso

This version is called Kerororobo


These are the tools that I used...


The head


Another pair of sexy legs

After two hours...

The real thang..

Dinner Time!! =P

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pet World Event!

Pet World Event @ MidValley

Day 1 (28/03/08)

I'm so in love with Shiro..the white MS. He belongs to Petsmart's owner. Shiro's only 6 months old and he is soooooo obedient *hugs* And the colorful poodle belongs to one of the guy from Pet Family, it's name, Silver. Met the owner at smoking area and took the opportunity to snap a pic with his dog =)

Day 2

Was hard for me to take all the doggie's pic and I missed out Teddy =( (Green Pet's poodle) He's only 10 months old but was so clever! He know the play dead and dancing trick!

Day 3

Cat shows, I din take any pics. My leg was so tiring that I don't feel like walking anywhere. Bought 2 SPCA shirts but there were no more S nor M size left so I bought the XL size..YES Wahahahah. Boy it was tiring but worth it =)