Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pet World Event!

Pet World Event @ MidValley

Day 1 (28/03/08)

I'm so in love with Shiro..the white MS. He belongs to Petsmart's owner. Shiro's only 6 months old and he is soooooo obedient *hugs* And the colorful poodle belongs to one of the guy from Pet Family, it's name, Silver. Met the owner at smoking area and took the opportunity to snap a pic with his dog =)

Day 2

Was hard for me to take all the doggie's pic and I missed out Teddy =( (Green Pet's poodle) He's only 10 months old but was so clever! He know the play dead and dancing trick!

Day 3

Cat shows, I din take any pics. My leg was so tiring that I don't feel like walking anywhere. Bought 2 SPCA shirts but there were no more S nor M size left so I bought the XL size..YES Wahahahah. Boy it was tiring but worth it =)


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