Thursday, April 08, 2010

The tigress has revealed it's stripe

I admit that I do sometimes set the wrong first impression on people. Just because some ppl goes too 'by the book', doesn't mean it is not good for me. I knew I was wrong. My bad my bad.Thankfully, I don't have to deal with the majority in my current company. I was given a warning. A good one. Fortunately. I'm gonna be extra cautious from now onwards. Deal with it, they exist everywhere. People kiss their boss's ass, spreading rumours and gossiping around like nobody's business. I've no idea what their intentions are. I promise I'm gonna be better than you. Never again try to mess with me. You just don't know what I'm capable of.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Nikki, me love.

*grins wide wide*

Name given by PS, edited by Gerald JH. Lol.

My new baby <3 muahs. Officially on 2nd April =)

Manager was here so I terclick post wtf. I got a good bargain on this new toy *grins*
Bought it from the recommended shop with good service @ Amcorp Mall. Yes, J-One. I got lost trying to search for the location wtf. Dah lah federal highway darn jam.
Some guy by the name of Sam served us. The night before I went, called Uncle Jason to check on the price. Rm3300 which consist of body, kit and 4GB memory card. When I reached, I was told that there might be no stock for D90 =( gerabah aku. I saw two other guys were testing on the same model I wanted. But fortunately, there is. Final one. Ngek ngek.
One problem after another. My card couldn't go through. Impossible as there's no O/S balance neh. The lady called the issuer bank but the authoriser apparently lied! Wtf. After four tries of swipping, they said the tranx was declined. I had to call my bank to check again and again. They advices me to go try swipe my card at other merchant to test. I was like wtf buang masa dan duit aku jer. I went, as predicted it went through. When I tried swipping at J-One, it went through!!
My conclusion, have to make a smaller amount of tranx first before making a big amount. Bodoh.

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