Monday, April 05, 2010

Nikki, me love.

*grins wide wide*

Name given by PS, edited by Gerald JH. Lol.

My new baby <3 muahs. Officially on 2nd April =)

Manager was here so I terclick post wtf. I got a good bargain on this new toy *grins*
Bought it from the recommended shop with good service @ Amcorp Mall. Yes, J-One. I got lost trying to search for the location wtf. Dah lah federal highway darn jam.
Some guy by the name of Sam served us. The night before I went, called Uncle Jason to check on the price. Rm3300 which consist of body, kit and 4GB memory card. When I reached, I was told that there might be no stock for D90 =( gerabah aku. I saw two other guys were testing on the same model I wanted. But fortunately, there is. Final one. Ngek ngek.
One problem after another. My card couldn't go through. Impossible as there's no O/S balance neh. The lady called the issuer bank but the authoriser apparently lied! Wtf. After four tries of swipping, they said the tranx was declined. I had to call my bank to check again and again. They advices me to go try swipe my card at other merchant to test. I was like wtf buang masa dan duit aku jer. I went, as predicted it went through. When I tried swipping at J-One, it went through!!
My conclusion, have to make a smaller amount of tranx first before making a big amount. Bodoh.

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  1. I wanted to get the same model...but..gotta delay 1st...sad:(...


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