Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Babies

Manage to went back for a short 2 days trip to hometown 2 days ago..Missed my babies alot..Took heaps of photos with em <3

Random Pics

Today is a boring Saturday. I slept till sooo late that when I woke up, don't feel like doing anything. Continue playing with my DS - FF Tactics =P for 6 hours. I took some wuliao pictures cause I was so bored while waiting for my dinner..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!

Mei mei wishes all Good Night & Sweet Dreams *muax*

Hair Spa Experience

There's a new hair spa range by L'oreal Professional in town. I get a chance to try. Wuhoo..First my hair was washed with the shampoo. The smell is soOOoooo NICE!! I put extra in hoping that the smell can last longer on me hair. HAHA!

Under the steamer, after applying the treatment cream. They actually have 3 range. I tried the nourishing one, made specially for damaged hair.

Pics of the products..Did not try on the conditoner tho..

The treatment spa range...the cream actually smells very nice too!!

Ampules...somehow I love the lil bottles they manufactured to fill in these.

The first thing I thought of was that I looked like the Japanese Ramen Guy -.-

Ohhh...the outcome? My hair is so soft, where some part of the curly fringe I had went straight right away. The hair was very smooth too. And you can even notice the smell within 1 feet...

See the buffers? I was sick with my long finger nails I decided to buff it short. It's was tiring, but what to do, there's no nail clipper around. I actually hated growing long nails. Can't reeally clean my ears during shower. Tsk!

After done...and applied with OPI protection coat. The coat made my nails looked so yellow. Bummer!

My toe nails..

Dog and I Potraits =P

See the pom pom i nthe pic? Cute ner~ My boy's colleague's a pomerian breeder =/ But honestly I do not like him because he is a traitor of the company. Always lazying around not doing things!

Meimei sleeping soundly beside me on the bed..look how messy her fur is. But still cute :P

My boy and I brought her to the mamak behind Point Extreme (same row with 7-11 and HomePet) cause he said they allow dogs mah :P Some malay dudes were 'flirting' with Meimei. LOL She demanded my boo to give her his food..

He of course did she barked at him instead..she got a slap on the muzzle in the end :P and turned to me for food, but I purposely stop myself from looking at her.

Last day with her..*sob* (Btw, edited pic)

I actually got cheated by Ray that Meimei will be sent to someone else in Johor. Damn he made me cried.

More camwhoring sessions..

Meimei...why aren't you looking into the cam??


Last pics before I going to mamak :P

My Undertakings

It's been sometime since I upload pics on what I've been doing lately. And that's because i left my phone cable (TWICE!!!) at the stupid cyber cafe. Sigh. No one is to be blamed but ME...buhuhu..Fret not :P My boy came to my rescue <3

Lame but I don't mind, I actually went to watch Hulk for 3 times. First, with my boo and brotha, then Chris and then with Eagle. This movie wasn't a sequel whatsoever but it's definitely better than Ang Lee's piece of work. Liv Tyler's so pweety <3

Camwhoring while waiting for Chris to come pick me up to The Curve..

He booked for 8PM @ TGIF but there were heaps of hoomans there that we had to actually wait for 30 minutes before we could get our ass rested on the chair. Bummer! And oh btw, I saw Rudy :P was chillin out with some friends at the bar.

Can't believe I actually ordered this for dinner. Long Island Tea. The liquor taste was so strong that I only took not more than 10 sips. That's it. Guess how much this glass of beverage cost? I actually thought it was 13 bucks. When the bill came...HAHAHAHA 29 bucks :P

Yummy yummy sirloin steak with wine <3

This is Chris's order. Mushrooms, chicken and Mushrooms! The fried mushies are very yummy! Recommended dish. <3

Get Smart. Anne was so hawt :P

and finally MOH. Most recent one. Did you notice how mesmerizing Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Mcdreamy's eyes were? There were a Scottish Terrier and Collie appeared in the movie. Cuteness to the max :P