Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Undertakings

It's been sometime since I upload pics on what I've been doing lately. And that's because i left my phone cable (TWICE!!!) at the stupid cyber cafe. Sigh. No one is to be blamed but ME...buhuhu..Fret not :P My boy came to my rescue <3

Lame but I don't mind, I actually went to watch Hulk for 3 times. First, with my boo and brotha, then Chris and then with Eagle. This movie wasn't a sequel whatsoever but it's definitely better than Ang Lee's piece of work. Liv Tyler's so pweety <3

Camwhoring while waiting for Chris to come pick me up to The Curve..

He booked for 8PM @ TGIF but there were heaps of hoomans there that we had to actually wait for 30 minutes before we could get our ass rested on the chair. Bummer! And oh btw, I saw Rudy :P was chillin out with some friends at the bar.

Can't believe I actually ordered this for dinner. Long Island Tea. The liquor taste was so strong that I only took not more than 10 sips. That's it. Guess how much this glass of beverage cost? I actually thought it was 13 bucks. When the bill came...HAHAHAHA 29 bucks :P

Yummy yummy sirloin steak with wine <3

This is Chris's order. Mushrooms, chicken and Mushrooms! The fried mushies are very yummy! Recommended dish. <3

Get Smart. Anne was so hawt :P

and finally MOH. Most recent one. Did you notice how mesmerizing Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Mcdreamy's eyes were? There were a Scottish Terrier and Collie appeared in the movie. Cuteness to the max :P

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