Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dog and I Potraits =P

See the pom pom i nthe pic? Cute ner~ My boy's colleague's a pomerian breeder =/ But honestly I do not like him because he is a traitor of the company. Always lazying around not doing things!

Meimei sleeping soundly beside me on the bed..look how messy her fur is. But still cute :P

My boy and I brought her to the mamak behind Point Extreme (same row with 7-11 and HomePet) cause he said they allow dogs mah :P Some malay dudes were 'flirting' with Meimei. LOL She demanded my boo to give her his food..

He of course did she barked at him instead..she got a slap on the muzzle in the end :P and turned to me for food, but I purposely stop myself from looking at her.

Last day with her..*sob* (Btw, edited pic)

I actually got cheated by Ray that Meimei will be sent to someone else in Johor. Damn he made me cried.

More camwhoring sessions..

Meimei...why aren't you looking into the cam??


Last pics before I going to mamak :P

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