Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hair Spa Experience

There's a new hair spa range by L'oreal Professional in town. I get a chance to try. Wuhoo..First my hair was washed with the shampoo. The smell is soOOoooo NICE!! I put extra in hoping that the smell can last longer on me hair. HAHA!

Under the steamer, after applying the treatment cream. They actually have 3 range. I tried the nourishing one, made specially for damaged hair.

Pics of the products..Did not try on the conditoner tho..

The treatment spa range...the cream actually smells very nice too!!

Ampules...somehow I love the lil bottles they manufactured to fill in these.

The first thing I thought of was that I looked like the Japanese Ramen Guy -.-

Ohhh...the outcome? My hair is so soft, where some part of the curly fringe I had went straight right away. The hair was very smooth too. And you can even notice the smell within 1 feet...

See the buffers? I was sick with my long finger nails I decided to buff it short. It's was tiring, but what to do, there's no nail clipper around. I actually hated growing long nails. Can't reeally clean my ears during shower. Tsk!

After done...and applied with OPI protection coat. The coat made my nails looked so yellow. Bummer!

My toe nails..

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