Thursday, April 30, 2009


Moar Pics

Date pics taken * 19 Apr 09 *


Camwhore @ Tesco, Ipoh. Actually came here to get some stuff for my granny before going back to Kay-eL. *sigh* I hate going back.

Closed eyes? *sweats*

Both this image and the one below is not related to Tesco. I only had a chance to upload it now due to some delay. This was the whale exhibited at MidValley.

I love how they did the surface or the skin of the baby whale. Boy, it's a very big sized one. *wubs* I love whales <3>

Pink top =)

Ohh..I had to get this pair of shorts. I fell in love at first glance * double wub* Tho, the price is costly - 95 bucks a pair wtf.

Brown cardi *wubs*

Bought some books for my lil cousin sister.

A fat cat Nat is.

* 26 Apr 09 *

Preparing ourselves for a trip to KLIA. Meeting my mum there and we were usual.

Brand new shoe =) from N. I actually wore it today (30th Apr) for the first time and the scrunchy part is killing my feet. Urgh! I love the old pair more, and it's from V. Scroll down for more.

This is what happened to my old pair *frowns* Happened due to too much driving.

I love you Bally! I actually named my shoe Bally because "she's" a pair of ballerinas wtf :P

Top view. My leg looked hideous *gasps*

Friday, April 24, 2009


I know it hurts. The color of my font. :P I wish it'd rain. It doesn't. *sigh* It's the end of the world. Everything's gonna go. Edwin said "Rain rain go away, lil annie wants to play" wtf Hahaha.

I was so disappointed yester, I went to MidValley hoping to get a pair of Prima Crocs but to my disappointment, out of size for every color of this model. wtf. Why are there so many with size 5 feet? I was so moody. My cousin sister could get it with a cheaper price for me but I couldn't wait and she's in Penang?! Me mum says it's only cheaper by 30 bucks per pair anyway. But I planned to get 2 pairs =P Muhahaha. Greedy pot. Thus, I went to Vincci to find back the pair of ballerinas which I bought during CNY. I love this pair of precious as it's so comfy and doesn't hurt me leg. As expected, they don't have it anymore. So, to Nose I went and I saw the pair that was published in Cleo magazine - it was the same design except that it's in purple color. I grabbed a pair of that and another pair of heels. *smirks*

Teddy Ngui~~~~ where are my pics?? I know he wouldn't read this. Don't think he visit my blog anyway.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I slacked too much

Hello peeps. I'm still waiting for Barroom's photos. Here's a lil update :-

* Fluff @ NZX Ara Damansara *

Coco, the tam jiak Pekingnese - cute sial!

Say Cheese!

Columbus, the blind Yorkie.

Chilling out with the cute babe from Peking - LOL

*16th Apr 09 *

Jill bought tickets to watch Coming Soon - 11.30PM show but ended up not watching cause we're too chicken shit! wtf So we went to Kampar for tt. We went to this mamak where they have 99 types of roti. I tried Roti Planta - doesn't taste nice. They have Roti Liverpool and Roti Man Utd as well. I wonder what's inside.

* 17th Apr 09 *

Happy Birthday, Bro! Sorry this is a lil late but I already wished u in Facebook as well as through web cam. :P

* 23rd Apr 09 *

I'm soooo lazy to blog nowadays. With the fucked up broadband connection, delayed of photos, lack of time, lack of sleep - I've no idea. I only slept 1 hour today. I managed to struggle through work. Thanks to my best friend, Mocha.

Btw, this is what happens when you go to work in sleepy mode

Situation A ( M would be me and C would be customer)

Before revealing customer's information, customer need to be verified. This happens after verification was done.

M : Thank You. And just to double confirm with your enquiry today, Miss Annie, you would like to check on your available balance, am I right to say so?
C : Yes
M : Before that, may I put you through a short verification first?
C : But you already verified me
M : .......

Situation B

When customer make enquiries, verification need to be done first. Thus, one of the verification question would be to ask for customer's full name and credit limit.

M : May I have your full name, please?
C : Annie Tutu (just an example lol)
M : Thank You. And..may I have your full name, please?
C : Huh?
M : Oh..I'm sorry. May I have your credit limit, please?

Damn..we were laughing out loud when we shared our experiences on this. ROFLMAO!

I'd be going shopping tomorrow. Yay! I'm gonna go get my very first pair of Crocs. Tee Hee Hee.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I hear wedding bells

Four more hours till my alarm rings..I wanted to sleep but I just need to blog. It wont take me long. Tee hee hee..One of my high schoolmate - Irene Kwok is getting married end of this year *shrieks with excitement* I'm so happy for her. (wonders when will my turn comes *dreams* wtf lol) Best part is I get to be ji-muiz, which means I hafta start hunting for dresses soon. yay!
Btw, mum and I went shopping for Alex's clothes at Kinta City today and I ended up getting one woollen top, orangey graphic shirt (with a cat on it lol) and a colorful checked shorts from MNG in just 10 minutes. *laughs* Will post pics up on Saturday as I forgot to bring my phone back - I was in a rush today and I left my phone inside Tong's car wtf. It was soooo inconvenient without a phone. Lucky Jill was there to fetch me from bus station. Can't believe that for the price for that pair of shorts you can get the two other tops. Tsk tsk. It's so good to be home. The food, the mini cornettos, my Meeko, fridge full of chos and my lil cousin's yogurt drinks (I always curi hers to drink and promise will buy back for her but ended up Not forgetting there's astro, proper PC to go online and download whatever I wanted, friends and fresher air. The only thing that I'm not comfortable with is to sleep alone. I'm not so used to it *cries* And my neighbour - which consist of women from China which I call them big six women (tai luk mui), they go out in the evening, comes back in the middle of the night about 3 to 4am (the time around which I'm blogging now) and they'd talk so loud, open the gate and lock it so loud like it's gonna collapse. After they enter the house, I could even hear them going up the stairs and banging the door. They do this everyday. I don't feel secure at all. Wonder why does the owner rent the place to these kinda ppl. I'd rather the previous tenants stay, tho they speak loudly as well but at least they're friendly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm gonna balik kampung tomorrow *jumps around* - for four days.

Tee Hee Hee. Meeko meeko here I come =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My lurve

I am so madly in love with West Highland White Terrier for a long time.

Another one which I adores and not available in Malaysia - Scottish Terrier.

Woohoo If you guys remember this cutie pie breed appeared in the Made of Honour flick. Tee Hee Hee.

Oh..I'm gonna post up pics of the cute Pekingnese I met at Yang's place last week! Her name's Coco and she's the cutest Pekingnese I've met ever - and prolly the manja-est and laziest one! Hahaha when you put her on your lap she'd just fall asleep right away. How lazy is that? She's so indescribably cute that I wanted to kidnap her back, as well as Columbus the blind Yorkie. He's so lovely - always following Germaine around smelly her "pot pot" (means ass ROFLMAO)

Oh and I was browsing PH the other day, I saw this bloody cun dress .......

Pics taken from - PerezHilton

Pretty isn't it? Btw, the description on Cheryl Cole is not written by me. Hahaha - I'd wish this is my wedding dress and look at the shoes. Killer!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 days post

* 9th and 10th Apr 09 *

Off days - stayed at home, doing house chores, be Germaine's slave. She is a very kuai lan Silky Terrier I must tell you. She does not pee on newspapers which has been pee-ed once before. I place chinese newspapers for her on the floor and you know how big sheets are they. She will pee at one corner and poo nicely just outside the bloody paper and just go! The second time she wanna pee she's do it on the stairs. By the way, her so called toilet is in the kitchen. Grrrrrrr. This over pampered girl is driving her daddy insane. *giggles* muhahaha. And I get to parking space today and not let that biatch opposite park it -____-

* 11th Apr 09 *

It was so much fun at work - so much laughter with Aileen, Mavis, Aileen and Eunice around it was madness!! Muahahahaa In addition we also have Yvonne and June. It was madness. I couldn't tell what happened but it was so farneeee. wtf I've gone mad. The day before I screamed that I couldn't wait to go to work. Hahaha. Do you know how much I love going to work early in the morning, tapao-ing fried mihun with telur goreng - the same food every morning, going for breaks and toilet loo. Wooohoo I love my colleagues.

* 12th Apr 09 *

I've no inspriration to blog at all these days. When I'm not online, I've got heaps of ideas running through my head of what to blog. I kept reminding myself, "I'm gonna blog about this, this, this and this" But when I went online, BLANK. *sigh* I don't really like to blog about sad things. I don't tend to show. It was a boring day at work today, partly is due to not much calls and I was so emo today. I was trying to read some "animal news" when I came up to this site, with a medium sized banner saying "Say no to puppy mills" So I went inside and there they have explanation and pictures of dogs and their condition at dog farms. ZOMG! I regreted looking at those photos. The condition of the dogs were so bad that they wrecked my heart, my tears started coming out. Please guys, if you're planning to look for a pet dog, please please please do not consider purchasing from a pet shop as their suppliers are mainly from these pathetic puppy mills. Without demand, there won't be any supply. I was told by a friend, how a breeder treats the mother dogs when they're too old to get pregnant. They put them to sleep. Yes. They wouldn't want to bare the cost of feeding and taking care of the dog till they grow old and die. Imagine how many mother dogs they have to feed. How many dogs they have in a dog farm? At least one to two hundreds. This is too cruel. I was surfing Petfinder today and saw a lil cute pup up for adoption. I was so eager to take the pup but due to my situation now (I've alot of stuff to consider on okay?) - I'm getting a new car soon, not for fun, for me to travel to work later when I move. Wanna see the cute lil baby?

Isn't she cute? =) Hope she'd go to a good home with loads of love and nothing but love. Btw, her name is Xiao Lu. I don't know what it means.

Yay! June's gonna tapao nasi lemak for me tomorrow for breakfast. *claps* Today she brought curry puff. Crunchy and yummy *grins* Oh, my blood test result is out. My H.Pylorui is higher than normal, whatever that means. I think it means something when it's not treated will lead to cancer. *gasps* My mum's gonna get the doctor to prescribe some medication. *grumbles* Fine with me as long as other stuffs is normal. *pheww*

Hmmmm, so bored today. I'm thinking of getting a domain from the site Kok Leong suggested the other day. But is definitely taken. I don't know what name I'm gonna put. Some of the suggestion given by the site :


wtf lah so lame. Prolly I'd settle with or Hahaha the first one was a joke. Or maybe


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Time to stop cooking gals!

Presenting Gardening Mama.

Paige took the trouble to upload it into Wii (Click on it to find out more - It's a new forum) yesterday for me. sweet. *smooches* This ROM size is about 15.5MB after it was compressed. Tee Hee Hee..

Pic courtesy of Nintendolife

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Have a nice weekend

Argh! The weather is still freakishly hot nowadays. Ipoh wasn't hit by the rain as much as KL did. *shrugs* So boring it is today. We all were cracking our brains thinking of where to hang out tonight. Barroom? OMFG, a place that's packed like sardine can? No, thank you. I don't feel like going to clubbin. One reason being, my boo's coming down tonight. (Yes, he spoils my plan with my buddies ALL the time by telling me last minute-ly that he'd be coming down with my brother, DARN IT!) What should I do?

Read Andy's explanation of how all the clubbin place will be of tonight. LOL stupid right?

I went to this mamak with a thousand of mozzies stinging you in Kampung Pasir Puteh for dinner yester. The participating humans were Kelvin, Andy Tan, Jeffery and one anonymous guy whom they did not bother to introduce. Muhaha. That's not the main point. I din get to take any photo of the food there cause we were so hungry. I was late and all to fetch Kel and when we arrived we kept talking and talking. Anyways, we ordered nasi goreng kampung, orange juice, udang goreng tepung, ayam goreng tepung, tom yam sup and kai lan goreng ikan masin. They did not serve sambal belacan when food came. So I was thinking they might not have it here in Ipoh. So fcuk it lah! The surprise came when I tried the nasi goreng. Boy it was hot! How'd they freaking fried it without any red or greenish chili on the rice? It was sooooo good. Just like the sambal my grandmother in Kedah made. Hotter even! Next, would be the udang goreng tepung, nice nice. Speechlessly nice. It was crunchy in a smooth way, unlike the tempura way. Hahaha wtf am I saying. Geez, I'm bad with vocab. The rest of it was normal. The tom yam wasn't up to my expectation as it was way too sour. Regret that I didn't snap any pics. *frowns*

Today, my phone went dead. The battery dried up and I forgot to bring my charger back to Ipoh. Bummer bummer! So I was so desperate to get one. When I finally got one (when I sent my mum over to Seng Heng) from the Hotlink shop..and my mum said she wanted to go Tesco for groceries shopping. I was like wtf? why don't you go yesterday or the day before? Why do you have to choose a crowded day like this..Noooo!! I'm dying to charge my phone mum! I've so many SMS to reply from like yesterday night. *sigh* Reluctantly, I drove over and got a parking (Thank God in just 5 minutes) and dragged myself into the building. We grabbed alot of stuff and practically the whole trolley was full. Haha, btw, groceries shopping is one of my fav pastime. Why? Because I'm so tam jiak, that when I see food like Nissin cup noodles, miso soup, yogurt drinks, yakult, etc etc etc on the shelf, my hands would go crazy. Ohhh, thank god they have Tom Yam Vege flavor for Nissin Cup Noodle here in Ipoh. KL punya habis stock konon-nya.

After an hour plus of shopping, finally we got home. While waiting for my phone to charge, I on the PC and went online. I was talking to a few friends, and someone in particular PM-ed me. Jerry Yap. I told him bout what happened and my decision to return to Ipoh on permanent basis, etc etc. We had the longest chat ever since the day he added me in MSN. *giggles* He reminded me of how and why he added me. It was through a silly thread I opened out of frustration end of 2007 I guess (I guess the topic is no longer there as we both tried searching for it today hahaha). It was about a psyhotic girl that I was so angry at for accusing me not only once but a few times. And when I told him I knew she still exist and showed him her photo..Look at his reaction :-

AAHAHAHAHAAH I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes seriously. I believe I dedicated one post in my blog for her =) I felt so childish btw for putting up that thread. You should see how many of her fans came flaming at me when they've never even met her before?! WTF! Okay. Enough said about this topic. Jerry introduced me to a game today. Wanna see my character?

Check it out at I have a sifu in this game and his name is yamateh. Ahahahahha!!! Try it for yourself. As today is my first trial, I'd go for it =) Okay I'm gonna go korek the fridge for the mini cornettos that I bought - strawberry in flavor *yummy*