Saturday, April 04, 2009

Have a nice weekend

Argh! The weather is still freakishly hot nowadays. Ipoh wasn't hit by the rain as much as KL did. *shrugs* So boring it is today. We all were cracking our brains thinking of where to hang out tonight. Barroom? OMFG, a place that's packed like sardine can? No, thank you. I don't feel like going to clubbin. One reason being, my boo's coming down tonight. (Yes, he spoils my plan with my buddies ALL the time by telling me last minute-ly that he'd be coming down with my brother, DARN IT!) What should I do?

Read Andy's explanation of how all the clubbin place will be of tonight. LOL stupid right?

I went to this mamak with a thousand of mozzies stinging you in Kampung Pasir Puteh for dinner yester. The participating humans were Kelvin, Andy Tan, Jeffery and one anonymous guy whom they did not bother to introduce. Muhaha. That's not the main point. I din get to take any photo of the food there cause we were so hungry. I was late and all to fetch Kel and when we arrived we kept talking and talking. Anyways, we ordered nasi goreng kampung, orange juice, udang goreng tepung, ayam goreng tepung, tom yam sup and kai lan goreng ikan masin. They did not serve sambal belacan when food came. So I was thinking they might not have it here in Ipoh. So fcuk it lah! The surprise came when I tried the nasi goreng. Boy it was hot! How'd they freaking fried it without any red or greenish chili on the rice? It was sooooo good. Just like the sambal my grandmother in Kedah made. Hotter even! Next, would be the udang goreng tepung, nice nice. Speechlessly nice. It was crunchy in a smooth way, unlike the tempura way. Hahaha wtf am I saying. Geez, I'm bad with vocab. The rest of it was normal. The tom yam wasn't up to my expectation as it was way too sour. Regret that I didn't snap any pics. *frowns*

Today, my phone went dead. The battery dried up and I forgot to bring my charger back to Ipoh. Bummer bummer! So I was so desperate to get one. When I finally got one (when I sent my mum over to Seng Heng) from the Hotlink shop..and my mum said she wanted to go Tesco for groceries shopping. I was like wtf? why don't you go yesterday or the day before? Why do you have to choose a crowded day like this..Noooo!! I'm dying to charge my phone mum! I've so many SMS to reply from like yesterday night. *sigh* Reluctantly, I drove over and got a parking (Thank God in just 5 minutes) and dragged myself into the building. We grabbed alot of stuff and practically the whole trolley was full. Haha, btw, groceries shopping is one of my fav pastime. Why? Because I'm so tam jiak, that when I see food like Nissin cup noodles, miso soup, yogurt drinks, yakult, etc etc etc on the shelf, my hands would go crazy. Ohhh, thank god they have Tom Yam Vege flavor for Nissin Cup Noodle here in Ipoh. KL punya habis stock konon-nya.

After an hour plus of shopping, finally we got home. While waiting for my phone to charge, I on the PC and went online. I was talking to a few friends, and someone in particular PM-ed me. Jerry Yap. I told him bout what happened and my decision to return to Ipoh on permanent basis, etc etc. We had the longest chat ever since the day he added me in MSN. *giggles* He reminded me of how and why he added me. It was through a silly thread I opened out of frustration end of 2007 I guess (I guess the topic is no longer there as we both tried searching for it today hahaha). It was about a psyhotic girl that I was so angry at for accusing me not only once but a few times. And when I told him I knew she still exist and showed him her photo..Look at his reaction :-

AAHAHAHAHAAH I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes seriously. I believe I dedicated one post in my blog for her =) I felt so childish btw for putting up that thread. You should see how many of her fans came flaming at me when they've never even met her before?! WTF! Okay. Enough said about this topic. Jerry introduced me to a game today. Wanna see my character?

Check it out at I have a sifu in this game and his name is yamateh. Ahahahahha!!! Try it for yourself. As today is my first trial, I'd go for it =) Okay I'm gonna go korek the fridge for the mini cornettos that I bought - strawberry in flavor *yummy*

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