Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'd be away until 29th Sept.
Going to Bali :P
Oh, one more thing,
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drama Boiling

There goes a magnificent drama. I have finished it alone without waiting for my boo or brother :P Forgive me please. I'm too gan jeong. Can't wait can! I don't want to be spoiler lah! But am quite satisfied with the ending. Bosco was soooOoooooo yeng in the end. *swoons*

Fret not. Another series with loadsa "big cast" coming up, scheduled in October, 80 episodes!! *grins* My fav Ada Choi and Moses (he looked kinda weird here wtf with the drowsy eyes hahaha)

TaaaaDaaa~ The Gem of Life

Jay's new album titled "Capricorn" will be released in October <3

Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face =)

Love this final image the most *swoonss*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My doggy blog

Alot of ppl complain this bloggie of mine is more to a doggy's blog. Hence, I've decided to create another blog for my babies.

♥ Two.Lil.Miss.Wicked ♥

Please do support *grins*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pissed me off Day!

Have it ever occured to you guys, that, your parents or your siblings demand or remind you to do a certain task, by repeating it over and over again?

I'm sure you do. How do you feel?

I fucking hate it!

Be it my dad or my mum asking me to go shower, stop chatting online, bla bla bla. I hate it!! But because they're my parents, I need to respect them.

Even my boyfriend, is doing the nagging thingy especially when I'm driving. He'd instruct me to "put left signal light", "turn left", "turn right", "put right signal light", yada yada yada all the way.

Hello!!! Do not make noise when a woman is driving!!!

Don't be so noisy can? I'm not a 3year old kid. I am a lao niang, lao zha bor!! If I'm "hor mia" I'd be married with kids already goddammit!!

Well this post does not target my boo nor my lovely parents. This is to someone who really get on my nerves today!!! This does not happen once. He used to remind me a few times and I already returned his favour and now the nightmare has returned!!!

Sorry to say that no wonder nobody likes it even a bit!! Those who are nice to you, they just pity you. Do you see them always wanting to hang out with you? NoOooo!! They're the same as the rest, backstabbing you! Face the reality dude!

Well, prolly in your whole life, you do not have friends who are true to you. Grow up and stop pretending to be matured when the things you do are like a kiddo's!!!

Seriously, you don't need to remind me again and again can!!! Pissed me off kao kao!!

Gosh! I hate it when I get angry. What the hell happened to my anger management course? I'd passed it wat!!

*breathes in, breathes out, and in and out*

Never mind bout those, I'd forget it in no time. Plus, I got the job I wanted all along and I'm really happy for myself.

Plus, my mommy is coming home with loads of chocolates!! Darn I am so craving for chocs now.

nutty M&M's *drooling*

And my VS's dresses *squeals!!!*

I oughta go on diet. I'm so FAT liao! From 44kg to 48kg wtf wtf wtf. All my boo's fault. Always eat and eat and eat.

till then......

Tuesday, September 09, 2008



I got the job I got the job I got the job!!!!!

I'm so happy, after 2 trials, I succeeded.. *grins*


Starting on 2nd October. Means I can still enjoy 4 weeks of life.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Imma Sick!!!

It all started yesterday, after my interview @ Cyberjaya, we went back to Sri Petaling when it started to rain. We had to look for a place where furkids are allowed. There's this Taj Mahal which allowed Bebe there.

Bebe caught everyone's attention with her cute-sie ness! lol and so before we could finish our food (it sarked btw) the rain got heavier and we did not have any umbrella with us =(

So much about wishing I could walk under the rain. This is more to running.

When I got home, nothing unsual happened. I took a short nap while waiting to *ahem* Moonlight Resonance 27. Halfway napping I felt so cold all of a sudden, but thinking that it could be the rain I continue sleeping.

But I couldn't sleep back as I have to feed Bebe. So up and awake I am. I could slowly feel the heat within me. And my bones are aching.

Am I having fever? I asked my boo. He touched my forehead and said yes.

OMG!! If I'm sick how am I gonna bring Bebe to the party tomorrow? Why sick now? Just a few drops of rain!!

It was torture. My bone...Urgh!! I didn't take any medication. Don't feel like taking Paracetamol anymore. Kidney damage. Scared.

But we managed to went out for Dim Sum @ Pan Ki later that night. But I didn't take much, only one "nai yao bao" and "har gao". That explains the gastric I had when I woke up this morning. I couldn't even sit up. The pain was intensed. *cry*

I wan hug hug.

But I think I still could manage to attend the party *grins*

Happy 3rd's Anniversary lougong =)


Isn't she cute? Her name is Bebe. *grins* Her mommy had to travel outstation, so I am currently helping her to doggysit her baby. Enjoy pics.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I can't wait for 13th September.
Cause Imma finally goin back Ipoh. Tho only for few days but ...

I'll be back again the following week to attend Mayble sister's wedding *grins*

Ohh, btw, the pervert whom I chatted with in my previous post, noticed that I blogged about him. He nudged me in MSN saying "why you post it in blog?" Shocking!! HAHAHA. Finally, I blocked him.

I'd expect myself to be very tired, and busy for the next two months.

Might not have the time to blog as often (as if I am blogging that often)

So..I'm gonna wish two of my friends and my lovely little cousin a very happy birthday.




Ohhh...and this weekend will be Miki's (not me, it's Yen Lu's furkid) birthday and there's gonna be a party held at Yang's Place @ NZX.

6th of September

is a special date, not only for me, but my boo as well. It's the day of we first started dating *grins* It's our 3rd year together.

Three years on the love boat. Our love grew stronger everyday. I cannot deny that there are still arguements over the slightest issue, (you should ask my brother about it!!! he claimed that it was fun watching us argue wtf) but I have learn to give and take. What won me over was you were always there when dark times hit me, not giving up on me. Thanks for being such a sport darling.

xoxo, me

Okay, that's it. I don't think I'm gonna put up mushy mushy words to disgust you guys. I'll keep it private.

Here's a pic of him Dota-ing with his friends @ Point Extreme. I fell asleep watching him play the other day. Tho it was funny and exciting, but After 3rd round I fell asleep! PIG!!

yeng mou?