Saturday, September 06, 2008

Imma Sick!!!

It all started yesterday, after my interview @ Cyberjaya, we went back to Sri Petaling when it started to rain. We had to look for a place where furkids are allowed. There's this Taj Mahal which allowed Bebe there.

Bebe caught everyone's attention with her cute-sie ness! lol and so before we could finish our food (it sarked btw) the rain got heavier and we did not have any umbrella with us =(

So much about wishing I could walk under the rain. This is more to running.

When I got home, nothing unsual happened. I took a short nap while waiting to *ahem* Moonlight Resonance 27. Halfway napping I felt so cold all of a sudden, but thinking that it could be the rain I continue sleeping.

But I couldn't sleep back as I have to feed Bebe. So up and awake I am. I could slowly feel the heat within me. And my bones are aching.

Am I having fever? I asked my boo. He touched my forehead and said yes.

OMG!! If I'm sick how am I gonna bring Bebe to the party tomorrow? Why sick now? Just a few drops of rain!!

It was torture. My bone...Urgh!! I didn't take any medication. Don't feel like taking Paracetamol anymore. Kidney damage. Scared.

But we managed to went out for Dim Sum @ Pan Ki later that night. But I didn't take much, only one "nai yao bao" and "har gao". That explains the gastric I had when I woke up this morning. I couldn't even sit up. The pain was intensed. *cry*

I wan hug hug.

But I think I still could manage to attend the party *grins*

Happy 3rd's Anniversary lougong =)

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  1. c ler.. play in da rain summore. sick de. haha:P


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