Thursday, December 22, 2011

sometimes I am not sure what love is. sometimes I would find myself asking is this how love is suppose to feel?

there used to be days I was really sure what it is. moment of first love that innocent fluttering feeling which comes out and lives within me with excitement made me confident this was probably was love was. Fresh and new and full of excitement. then in the midst of smiles and laughter, tears came along..with anger and pain. what seem to me like it was everlasting love,flew out of the window in just a blink of an eye. questions began to rise, isn't love suppose to be everlasting? or is it just a spur of the moment thing. can you really lose love with time?

second, third and fourth relationships ended up the same way. things such as 'I felt love in the beginning, but somehow I lost it with you... you'd be better off with another better guy' became a common quote. innocent image of love gets lost in the process. all you'd recall is just how 'love' doesn't last and that well maybe you just don't know what exactly love is.

Funny, how easy it is sometimes to forget all those happy moments you share with a person that you've build together for a period of time in just a blink of an eye... then later on only recall the pain which acts as the base for the defensive mechanism you unknowingly build around you.