Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back in Ipoh

I was back in Ipoh on 2nd Day of CNY. Thank God. Hmm..What's next? Clubbin of course! and meeting up with friends. Went visiting. But this year wasn't as fun as last year. And din manage to meet some of my friends. Hmpf! Here's a photo of us @ Ice Ice Baby a newly opened cafe @ Ipoh Padang. The seafood baby noodle is nice man. Yummy :P

Chinese New Year

As usual went back to Kedah for Chinese New Year. Alot of food to eat especially my relative's laksa. It's super yummy I tell you. Can never get it from outside. I didn't manage to snap photos of the food. We just eat and sleep and watch TV. It was kidna boring. My uncle asked us if we'd like to drive out..we've no where to go man. We're bored. Snapped loads of photos. Here are my two little cousins in the TV room, thats where we sleep.

Watching Playing my Puzzle Bobble whole day till the battery exhausted. LOL!

Cute lil piggies @ my relative's house. We've got some in our house but it's in gold color.

My granny made a special tong yuen this year. It was not from flour. It's made of sweet potato. Very soft! Oishi!

My baby with her new outfit for the CNY. I din bring her to Kedah though. Thank god cause it was so many people and I think I couldn't even control her.

Valentine's Day

Finally I get to upload all the pics from my brother's phone. Tsk. I'd like to show this to you guys. It's neat! These are the pressies I bought for my boo. It comes in a parcel on 13th morning. I was sleeping soundly and nobody was at home. Suddenly soemone banged on the door so hard that it scared me. Tsk..with two little cute boxes..

Yummy strawberry sliced cakes :)~ is in pink another is in brown

It's actually a towel. I ordered from LYN. I got a special discount coz I'm a regular buyer. I was reluctant to open it just in case I can't fold it back. Pretty neat isn't it?

Okay the 2nd item I bought is also from LYN. The guy actually was nice enough to send it by hand to my condo. It comes in this pretty box.

A couple tee with the word Aishiteru behind.

Taa-dAaaa :)~

We actually wore the shirts the next day. Cause we planned to go steamboat in Sunway so we'd be sweaty, we don't wanna spoil the shirt and all. My bro tags along. He's been celebrating Valentine's Day with me for two years. Haha! I don't mind anyway. The more the merrier.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Do whatever you want - Happy CNY~~~

Happy CNY peeps!~ Haven't got the spare time to update my blog since Valentine's Day. I heard someone is attached with some girl. Congrats by the way. Valentine's Day was normal. Chinese New Year was boring man. Worse than last year. As usual I have to go back to Kedah (dad's hometown) until the 2nd day of CNY. We never fail to taste the laksa my relative cooked. It was the best! We just eat, sleep, watch TV (Thank god there's ASTRO), gamble (I just watch, I hate gambling), play games on my cousin's handphone (Puzzle Bobble :P), and go visiting. Took couple of photos, will be uploading tomorrow. No time now. It's already 4a.m.
On the 2nd day of CNY, went clubbin..for 3 days continously. y2K, Rum Jungle, y2K.
on the 3rd day, we went visiting. Kelvin, Teddy, Orange, Agnes, Eagle and I went to each other's house. We managed to take one photo at Ted's house - He's the one who suggested it cause he was wearing a nice outfit. Vain betul :P
Bla bla bla and that's about it. Today went out with Orange to yumcha, da gei then yumcha again. It was boring. Three more days and I have to go back. Boo hoo. I heard something bad from someone yesterday @ Rum Jungle. Nothing's gonna spoil my mood man. She can say and do whatever she wants. If she thinks I'm the one let her. I don't think she's far off better than me. Materialistic most of all. The worse thing is that she's revengeful. Dangerous. And I just knew that I could hack Friendster accounts. Haha Gossips are the fastest news that can spread around. Well I knew she has been asking people to come and warn me not to disturb her friends? I dunno who? So whoever who works with her, I just ignore. Since she's been introducing me to everyone, I don't see it a point that I keep this to myself right? hell with everything.
I'm getting my Queen size mattress soon ;P I hope! Man I'm so sleepy. Shall update again tomorrow.

To be continued.....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bye Pony

Got my hair cut before went back to Sunway last Sunday.

My faded, dry like grass ponytail has been cut away

Me waiting for my mum and aunt trying baju @ Sometset Bay while my bro playing with the camera. I was sitting at the trolley they use to push stocks in big boxes. There wasn't a single chair to sit at. Tsk!

Shopping Spree

We went to a shopping spree for 3 days in a row, shopping for the coming CNY. First day we went MidValley, bought a couple of working clothes and slacks from G2000. Thats it. Failed to get any CNY clothes. Second day, went to 1 Utama to walk. Goodness gracious, we got lost when leaving. We couldn't find our car. All my brother (who parked the car because he came later, we came by taxi first) remembered was the color of the walls. Tsk.

My stuff. Bling bling pumps from Zara.

Working bag :)~

Bed set I got for my Queen sized bed

On the following day, we went to MV again. My mum were to meet a friend of hers and she brought us shopping @ Esprit where she have this card u can get everything for 50%. I managed to grab a big sling bag and an umbrella. The total we (there were 6 of us) spent after discount was about 1K. Horrible. After that we went to have pan mee at the Oasis foodcourt. My aunt likes it alot. The sambal was good. My mum drank all the soup. LOL After tong finish work, we went to my favourite place first. Ikano Power Centre's Pet Safari. I grab a kimono for Germaine. I'm not posting any photos yet. This top is for her to wear for CNY. Why did I not get the Cheongsam? Firstly, I think the cheongsam is quite dark in color. You know, older generation pantang people who wears black during this festive season. Secondly kimono is nicer. Kawaii des! After that we rushed to Ikea.

Got myself a wardrobe. It was darn heavy.

And a table, table lamp and a document tray.

After that, we took bus to Petaling Street. Where my aunt and mum bought a couple of stuffs. Sigh it was a super tiring day. My legs were like...Grrr unexplainable.

Look like a pile of rubbish.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Back to Jail

-.- Tomorrow will be driving up back to Sunway *SIGHHH* Bringing pots and pans for cooking. Tagging along would be my mum, my aunt from Aus, my two brothers. Wish I could bring Germaine? o.O Should I?

My Pink Baby - 4G iPod Nano

Baby in silicon cover

The "incubator" for my baby

Micropack - an external charger -.-

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Two final Days with KaiMa

Sleeping together with kaima on the couch.

Kaiyeh make me sit for more than 15 seconds =( while KaiMa ignored me. She and her DotA.

Chewing on KaiMa's pants' drawstring.

Having a great time sleeping on KaiMa's chest.

* Growl~ Chew Chew~ Nibble Nibble~ Tearing it apart!~ * Waiting for mummy to come pick me up.

Closer view - KaiMa's pantyliner =P I managed to get it from her handbag on the floor. Ngek ngek!

Chewing on the pantyliner's cover -.-

Day 7 & 8 - New Room?!

Day 7

My pen was shifted into kaima's room eh? What happened?

Day 8

But I still love nibbling on blankets especially kaima's Liverpool blanket.

Nibbling on Kaiyeh's socks inside my pen. Kaiyeh's gone to work. Yeapy!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 4, 5 & 6

Day 4

Humping...Guess who's under the blanket? KaaKaaKaaKaa

Day 5

Gulping down water. Kai-Ma says I'm a water boy. Cause I drink alot.

Day 6

Resting inside the pen

Chewing on uncleJai's bag without his knowledge. Ngek ngek!

Day 3 - Ear Cleaning Day

Kai Ye cleaning mah ear...

Dig dig dig and dig. Hmmm..

Eeeeeeeee. So Dirty. Tsk!

Kai Ma let me into her room. There's a bed frame there. See me underneath? Hee Hee

Havign a great time nibbling on the mattresses. Chew chew chew =)~

Got spanked by a roll of paper. The same thing like mummy use one?!

Nature's Calling...Pee Pee Pee Pee

Done! Continue nibbling...Hee Hee

Tsk! Not even 5 minutes and I have the urge to poo!

Mummy say my poo very smelly wor!

=( KaiYeh says so too. BooHoo~