Saturday, February 24, 2007

Valentine's Day

Finally I get to upload all the pics from my brother's phone. Tsk. I'd like to show this to you guys. It's neat! These are the pressies I bought for my boo. It comes in a parcel on 13th morning. I was sleeping soundly and nobody was at home. Suddenly soemone banged on the door so hard that it scared me. Tsk..with two little cute boxes..

Yummy strawberry sliced cakes :)~ is in pink another is in brown

It's actually a towel. I ordered from LYN. I got a special discount coz I'm a regular buyer. I was reluctant to open it just in case I can't fold it back. Pretty neat isn't it?

Okay the 2nd item I bought is also from LYN. The guy actually was nice enough to send it by hand to my condo. It comes in this pretty box.

A couple tee with the word Aishiteru behind.

Taa-dAaaa :)~

We actually wore the shirts the next day. Cause we planned to go steamboat in Sunway so we'd be sweaty, we don't wanna spoil the shirt and all. My bro tags along. He's been celebrating Valentine's Day with me for two years. Haha! I don't mind anyway. The more the merrier.


  1. hie there. just want to know, how do u purchase stuff from LYN ? Can i have the URL?

    pretty nice stuff they have there.


  2. er..u can go to garage sales there's a thread on that. :P


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