Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year

As usual went back to Kedah for Chinese New Year. Alot of food to eat especially my relative's laksa. It's super yummy I tell you. Can never get it from outside. I didn't manage to snap photos of the food. We just eat and sleep and watch TV. It was kidna boring. My uncle asked us if we'd like to drive out..we've no where to go man. We're bored. Snapped loads of photos. Here are my two little cousins in the TV room, thats where we sleep.

Watching Playing my Puzzle Bobble whole day till the battery exhausted. LOL!

Cute lil piggies @ my relative's house. We've got some in our house but it's in gold color.

My granny made a special tong yuen this year. It was not from flour. It's made of sweet potato. Very soft! Oishi!

My baby with her new outfit for the CNY. I din bring her to Kedah though. Thank god cause it was so many people and I think I couldn't even control her.

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  1. wah sweet potato tong yuen. ask grandma teach me :P

    ah maine just sit there let you dress her ar? so guai one. i haven let comet try his clothes hehe should try one day


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