Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovely Sunday

It was a lovely Sunday when suddenly I was awakened by loud thud of thunder. *grunts* Can't you let me sleep a lil longer? My bro sent me an SMS to tapao food cause he thought I was out with my boo. *sigh* I texted him, "No. I'm still in the room half asleep. You wanna go lunch at MV? Cause I need to go G2000 to change coat size". Yes, the staff gave me a wrong size. Instead of M she have me L. We were freakin hungry by the time we got ready it was 3PM. We headed to swap coat size first before headin to Oh! Sushi.

After quick lunch, we headed home to prepare for the wedding dinner. Pictures below says it all.

Btw, in one of the pictures above is my boo's twin brothers. The one on left is still single I think. HAHAHA :P


Dear guys,

Knowing you guys is the one thing I never regret coming to work in this company. =) I'm bloody damn glad I knew you guys. I mean it guys. Tho I wonder how many of you will read my blog. I was in a emo state and thanks for the concern words given to me. Appreciate everything you guys said and done for me. Sorry for making you guys worried. Love you guys.



Last weekend was one of the fullest weekend I had. *grins* I had planned to actually slept myself through the day to make up for the prev working days where I've not been having enough sleep. Melissa started calling me at 10am on Sat morning. I was like OMG and ignored her call. Then Thomas started calling as well. Zzzzzzz. I manage to reply Mel's SMS at 2.30PM and she said she'd pick me up before sending her boo to work. Okay. It took me one hour to get prepared and Choy was nearly late to work. First stop, Sunway Pyramid @ Italiannies.

I've been to TRIF and Chillis but not Italiannies.

Camera shy konon. Mengada-ngada.

Melissa and I. My hand looked weird in this pic. Tsk!

Camwhore while waiting for food to come.

First served was a complimentary one. We returned it as none of us fancy it.

Strawberry shake. I ordered another one and I couldn't finish the 2nd order =( Too full.

Cheese Cake. I don't fancy cheese cake but all I can say is it tasted superb. Rich with cheese. But it was kinda wasted as we couldn't finish it. HAHAHAHA!

Spaghetti meatballs. The meatballs were humongous wtf. Not my order tho. Thomas couldn't even finish it lar. =.=

Seafood platter I guess. I don't know what is it called but only the squids were nice but not the balls. :P It tasted kinda sticky.

Mine mine!! Seafood Risotto. The rice was nice but I only manage to finish half as I gave half portion to Thomas. Wakakaka :P No wonder he cannot finish his own food :P After that, we started my mission - to shop clothes for my boo. Damn lazy he never want to get it himself.

Manage to get 2 Polo Tees for him from Jusco. Where after that, we head off to G2000 to get the rest which cost half of my one month's salary. There's this grey coat with a detachable hood which cost about RM450 wtf, a pants, tie and a shirt.

Next, Forever 21. Melissa and I were screwing around with sunnies. We kept trying all sorts of color and shapes and the shades kept falling off from the shelf. =.=

Got myself this piece of dress.

Taa Daaaa.

Thomas bought the Malay version of One Piece. But why? Whyyyyyyyyy is it called Budak Getah? Aren't they famous in direct translation? Satu Ketul perhaps? LOL! Next we went 1U, just to get a mouse for Mel's PC. =.= My hips were killing me then. I couldn't walk properly till I started crappin.

Before we left, Melissa saw stalls selling lanterns. She was dying to get it - as in non-traditional ones, with battery and music wtf. Everyone was queing up paying for mooncakes but... LOL

Camwhore @ carpark before heading to Murni. I guess that's all for today laaaaa. Too lazy to type. Moody >.<

Btw, food there tak sesedap macam dulu dah. Disappointed. Maybe due to huge crowd.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Love You

Everyones headin back to "kampung" but in six and a half hours time I'll hafta get my ass up to work. *frowns* I hated it as much as everyone do. Friends have been repeatingly askin why do I have to work? Yes I have cause it's stated clearly in the contract. I don't mind as long as they don't decline my CNY leave. Btw, it's approved! *grins* Yes. So I'll be off from 13th to 22nd Feb. And from 28th to 4th March for Redang Trip. I was excited but only for a while..but I'm back to my emo self. Whyyyyyyy? I find no answer. Someone tell me! I need a vacation. Desperately need one. I can't complain bout work. Firstly, it's unprofessional. Secondly, my boss might read this, yes, my AVP's in my FB! Tee Hee Hee...thirdly, I don't want to get fired. Followed by the fact that I don't like to think bout how Singaporeans have been messin my life for the past 12 months. For me, after work, I'll leave everythin in office. I have this tidak apa attitude which have it's pro and cons I guess. It leads to procastination but at least I'm not as stressed as the judges or programmers who need to crack their head figuring out codings. *Sigh*Life's a bore. I wanna go hiking at Brogha Hill like how JT did. Screw the height phobia. I wanna go fishing. I want paintball! Kelvin please plan one for my next trip. I wanna join doggy gathering! I wanna sing K all by myself with no one hoggin over the mic or song skipping. Unfortunately things doesn't always go the way I wanted it to be. I think I shoulda stop complainin and get a life. I'm damn lucky! I should appreciate whatever I have. But...but... :(

I love her. Whenever I look into her big brown eyes, they manage to sooth my anger. You're one of the reason I'm still alive today. WTF I'm talkin bout?

My face looked like shit lately. Whiteheads! Not that it looked perfect before but it's gotten worse. I hate applying this stupid charcoal mask! It hurts! Arghhhh I need you Dr Christina. But I don't know when I'd be free to go see you. :(

I got it. Finally got it. Love at first sight. My first pair from Charles and Keith. I wanted to get the beige one as well but no size. Pavillion! I'm gonna go hunt you there soon.

Germaine sibeh sampat want to wear the heels as well. Lol. Okay laaaa. Enough of showin off. Next I'd like to blog bout would be my hair. Should I dye my hair now or wait till CNY? The colors so ugly now. Half head black another half with faded dye.

Can see? Top part is plain black. I think I need to cut my fringe as well. I've so little hair for fringe. *grunts* so can't leave it long cuz it'd go so flat -____- Guess I'd grow it longer and leave it straight. I saw one particular girl who curled her hair and looked like aunty! OMG. She's only my age but looked like ah ma. Why go bihun curl the whole head? *faints* there I go again bitchin bout ppl's hair.

Btw, I wanted to tell you I really liked you. I had fun today :) I love you Coffee Jelly. You made my day. *hugs*

Okayla time to peel off my mask edi. Gua is sibeh sleepy! Taaaaaaa!

Xoxo =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009