Monday, September 28, 2009


Dear guys,

Knowing you guys is the one thing I never regret coming to work in this company. =) I'm bloody damn glad I knew you guys. I mean it guys. Tho I wonder how many of you will read my blog. I was in a emo state and thanks for the concern words given to me. Appreciate everything you guys said and done for me. Sorry for making you guys worried. Love you guys.



Last weekend was one of the fullest weekend I had. *grins* I had planned to actually slept myself through the day to make up for the prev working days where I've not been having enough sleep. Melissa started calling me at 10am on Sat morning. I was like OMG and ignored her call. Then Thomas started calling as well. Zzzzzzz. I manage to reply Mel's SMS at 2.30PM and she said she'd pick me up before sending her boo to work. Okay. It took me one hour to get prepared and Choy was nearly late to work. First stop, Sunway Pyramid @ Italiannies.

I've been to TRIF and Chillis but not Italiannies.

Camera shy konon. Mengada-ngada.

Melissa and I. My hand looked weird in this pic. Tsk!

Camwhore while waiting for food to come.

First served was a complimentary one. We returned it as none of us fancy it.

Strawberry shake. I ordered another one and I couldn't finish the 2nd order =( Too full.

Cheese Cake. I don't fancy cheese cake but all I can say is it tasted superb. Rich with cheese. But it was kinda wasted as we couldn't finish it. HAHAHAHA!

Spaghetti meatballs. The meatballs were humongous wtf. Not my order tho. Thomas couldn't even finish it lar. =.=

Seafood platter I guess. I don't know what is it called but only the squids were nice but not the balls. :P It tasted kinda sticky.

Mine mine!! Seafood Risotto. The rice was nice but I only manage to finish half as I gave half portion to Thomas. Wakakaka :P No wonder he cannot finish his own food :P After that, we started my mission - to shop clothes for my boo. Damn lazy he never want to get it himself.

Manage to get 2 Polo Tees for him from Jusco. Where after that, we head off to G2000 to get the rest which cost half of my one month's salary. There's this grey coat with a detachable hood which cost about RM450 wtf, a pants, tie and a shirt.

Next, Forever 21. Melissa and I were screwing around with sunnies. We kept trying all sorts of color and shapes and the shades kept falling off from the shelf. =.=

Got myself this piece of dress.

Taa Daaaa.

Thomas bought the Malay version of One Piece. But why? Whyyyyyyyyy is it called Budak Getah? Aren't they famous in direct translation? Satu Ketul perhaps? LOL! Next we went 1U, just to get a mouse for Mel's PC. =.= My hips were killing me then. I couldn't walk properly till I started crappin.

Before we left, Melissa saw stalls selling lanterns. She was dying to get it - as in non-traditional ones, with battery and music wtf. Everyone was queing up paying for mooncakes but... LOL

Camwhore @ carpark before heading to Murni. I guess that's all for today laaaaa. Too lazy to type. Moody >.<

Btw, food there tak sesedap macam dulu dah. Disappointed. Maybe due to huge crowd.

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