Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye reality, hello cruelty

I'd rather stay away than to listen to a heap of unsincere words...

You may leave it for someone else.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

From you, I shall learn..

Someone once said never ever put 100% feelin' towards a person. What more if you don't feel secure and doubtful. Humans are selfish and if you don't protect yourself, you're gonna get crushed like a glass panel.

Easier said than done.

I salute em'. Those who have actually managed to hide their feelings and not chokin it out. (Sounds familiar? I posted this on my FB shoutout. It was a retweet from daily quotes) I have friends who does that. And I don't know how on earth they manage to do that. Contollin and hidin their feelins and treat like everythin's okay. Sometimes I'd like to ask them, are you happy doin this? guess it's worth it to sacrifice own mentality to make the other half happy. Sounds stupid to me. Buryin all the disatisfaction and unhappiness deep down their hearts.

Who's gonna make you happy?

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Friday, November 26, 2010


how does it feel if a person you're talkin to with on a serious matter, but in return, nothin makes sense. It's that persons attention span is so fuckin short or that he just doesn't like listening to the truth. FML!

i used to have no problems at all eventho the communication side wise wasn't doin pretty well. At least I felt respected. And not always taggin along with someone else's instruction. I ain't a dog. FML!

Humans have limitation when comes to patience. you have yours. I have mine too.

I have my way of living and if I chose to follow yours, gave in a lil, doesn't mean I'm willing to do it for the rest of my life. Fuck it!

I'm fuckin pissed today and I'm even pissed not being able to choke it out. FML seriously.

I am totally not ready for all these craps.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Control freak

Do not want me to update you on my whereabouts because in the end you'll care less and lesser.Do not tell me that you love me every single day cos' as time passes it will defeat the meaning of this phrase.Do not do anything at all cos I felt suffocated and I need time to be on my own. Respect please.
They say time tells. I absolutely agree. Time shows how a person is. However, it's not that you'll know it within a short period of time. Some might take few years to be seen and human changes. This is the crutial part. Who? You? Him? Her? Oh it might be me.

I don't have the patient to wait and see..that's me.

Whatever makes you happy

You always think that you were perfect and that you did nothing wrong. You and your pretentious words. Blames were put on me and changes were required. If that's what you want and soon history will repeat itself. it's just the same old shits. With different opponent. Pretentiously change to please someone else is no difference with wearing a mask. Yeah it's a necessity to survive in the society you told me...

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Words are cheap..

There's no need for a person to tell you in the face that they hate you. It's just so easy to see thru actions. Example? People not replying your texts after multiple attempts and not even wantin to wish you on your birthday.

Hello? Wake up to sanity please. I ain't talkin bout me myself. But someone who thinks that by saying I miss you and I want to see you may trick me into the participation of my trip to Melaka plan. Hell no *grins*

That's so so lame that it makes me laugh. Here's a part of the conversation :-

A : who are you coming with oh?

Me : my friends..

A : Am I included in your plans tomorrow?

Me : no. Why should I?

A : do u need some tour guide to bring you guys around? I'm free tomorrow.

Me : no need bah

Thick face.

Undeniable, it was I who msn him first askin for some hot spots in search got good food. But never expect to induldge in such a oh-so-lame conversation. You just crap alot. I don't care what you gonna say but I ain't have anything to hide. Better not let me find out =) I don't hate you but perverts like you are better off alone. You can see it clearly when ones have intentions.

Till then.

My ass isn't burning after loadsa chillis for the dry pan mee, followed by steamboat for dinner. =)

Back to bed <3

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kung Fu Pan Mee @ Taman Sentosa

"Sau Lai Wat Pan Meen" (Hand Made Smooth Pan Mee). Idk why it's called Kung Fu pan meen btw.

Pan meen comes in two sizes. large and small. Looks ordinary from first glance...

Hand made pan's soft and smooth silky. A must try. Made me felt so homey. Just like my granny's hand made ones.

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Location:Jalan Seri Sentosa 9,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Thursday, November 04, 2010


What happens when things seemed too good to be true?

Is it a norm to give myself an excuse to find fault in it? The indifference between us that make things fail.

"oh I can't accept this"

"I'm not into this"

There's always a fear in me. An instinct asking me to stay away but part of me doesn't want to.

Good things doesn't happen to me. At least I don't believe so. When it does, it always ends up in disaster.

I tend to self-ruined things.

I don't know what will I be doing next.

It's drivin me crayzeeeeeee!!

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Monday, November 01, 2010


Sometimes I just feel like I'm such a fake that when I'm not okay, I talked and laughed as if I'm happy in front of everyone. But hey, isn't what everyone's doin? Puttin' up with different kind of masks everyday. Sometimes i feel scared not knowin which one is the real face. lol. I guess this is pretty essential in life. People survived by bein' fake. Even to people you love, families and friends. I totally don't get it.

And sometimes I think I'mma be lunatic. I couldn't be alone. Alone at home or alone doing things. Except for goin' to Starbucks :P (been a long time since i lepak there) Other than that, no way. Am I havin a serious problem here?

I think i need a shrink session.

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Location:Jalan 8/149d,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Utter BS

I've a feelin' that history is gonna repeate itself. I've had the same feelin'. The same fcukin' feelin' which I hate. I can't ignore it. I've tried. If ignorance is bliss, why is the feelin' still there? Me no likey.

Bottomline is I shall ignore.

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