Saturday, November 27, 2010

From you, I shall learn..

Someone once said never ever put 100% feelin' towards a person. What more if you don't feel secure and doubtful. Humans are selfish and if you don't protect yourself, you're gonna get crushed like a glass panel.

Easier said than done.

I salute em'. Those who have actually managed to hide their feelings and not chokin it out. (Sounds familiar? I posted this on my FB shoutout. It was a retweet from daily quotes) I have friends who does that. And I don't know how on earth they manage to do that. Contollin and hidin their feelins and treat like everythin's okay. Sometimes I'd like to ask them, are you happy doin this? guess it's worth it to sacrifice own mentality to make the other half happy. Sounds stupid to me. Buryin all the disatisfaction and unhappiness deep down their hearts.

Who's gonna make you happy?

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