Friday, September 14, 2007

Updates on my babies :)

This pic was snapped the last time I was in Ipoh.

After grooming :)

My dad could hardly recognize her haha and everyone says she looked ugly.

But I think she's cute. BTW, the legs are not mine.

Maine girl sleeping on my bed

Penang, the place where the local food I craved for. Can't imagine how much we actually ate on this trip.

Penang Bridge View

The street where my uncle stays @ Greenlane

This is the place in Seri Bahari where we had our dinner. The food was fabulous. But all the photos were in my brother's phone. *Grrrr* Had a very satisfying meal here.

After dinner, we decided to go over for a walk @ Tesco -.- to buy toothbrush. But ended up buying 2 pints of Baskin Robins Ice Cream.

Queuing up to buy.

Then we went over to e-Gate's Starbucks for a drink. They have very nice sea view. One of my favourite spot. Btw, this is the first time I go starbucks with my dad and uncles. Haha! Here, you can see Jing and Yau yau taking 7 cups of plain water. LOL.


Uncles and my dad relaxing

Poser :P

The next day, we went to this Taman Free School's Food court if I'm not mistaken for dinner. The first thing I ordered was my favourite loh-mihun. Yum yum!

Next is Char Kuey Teow.

I don't know what is this called. But my uncle ordered. Pretty cheap 5 bucks only.

Oh~~ my favourite. This lala is bloody fresh I can tell you. 5 bucks per plate.

Last but not least I had Curry Mee. I was so so full by the end of the day.

Next, we headed off to Kedah. Paddy field view~

Shop lots + Houses along the way. Feels good to be back. I love kampung life. Can't wait to eat my Grandma's coooking!

One of the local food - Ulam.

Ulam as well. You eat it raw with sambal. You have all sorts of leaves, bamboo shoots, raw petai, etc, etc

Sambal :)~

Chopped and Fried Radish

Pineapple - my least fav haha. Somehow I find pineapple tickles my tongue. Can't bare with the feeling.

MY FAVOURITE of all. ROFLMAO. It was superb. I ate so much prawns :P

One of my fav soup as well...Pig Stomach soup

Roast Pork

Kerabu~ Yummy yum!

Mixed Vege

Fried Chicken..looked like prawn tho

All sorts of kuih

And pao...

And buns..

And home made jelly for dessert - I had 2 rows of it. My tummy felt like it was gonna burst. After eat we go sleep =P Haha that's what we do. It quite bored stayin there. My uncle's house doesn't even have astro =( Can't imagine how much weight I have increased. But luckily now I'm sick! I'm down wiht flu, cough, throat infection and fever since last Friday. Bummer!
Random cam whoring photos =P

My boo @ his own house haha

Tak sangka he oso cam whore :X

Chanel & Jeffery @ ER on Merdeka's Eve

Inside the vehicle with my bro

In front of La Queen

Leng Jai Jill with Leng lui nie..Wakakaka Took this upon reaching LOL

Fatty and I @ ER

Mayble and I @ ER

Practically on Merdeka's Eve..everyone's been acting so crazily. My cousin vomitted for the first time! Jeff went home halfway without even telling us. I wonder how he drove back! And lemon is one hell of a good thing to keep u sober. Met up with lotsa peeps that night. Anyway it was fun..with Martell, 20 buckets of beer and one Black Label. All I can say is chi 9 lan sin =P
Aloha~ It's been sometime since I blogged. Keke! Lazy..Busy..bla bla bla. Finally, the long awaited accessories for my 'Ninty' has arrived. Forgotten which date tho.

Jeng jeng jeng..

The pink multi pouch which has yet to be opened. Quite soft and it contains multi compartments inside.

Black Multi pouch for my boo.

Retractable pen - for easy grip

Screen protector, has yet to be stick-ed O.o I have no idea how to put it on. Bummer!


This is the hard pouch I'm using. I actually ordered a pink one. Lazy wanna wait anymore so changed to black.

Nintendo DS Lite in Pink :)


Go get one :P

US Charger, which can't be used here.

Went over to MV and bought myself one for RM30. Lcukily I din get it from Ipoh. The girl quoted me 40 bucks for this crap -.-